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posted Oct 24, 2015 06:55:09 by Marcin.Skupnik
Welcome to the Homebrew thread, a place to post your own creations or find new materials for your games. This thread is dedicated to new careers, weapons, armor, vehicles and so on. You'll also find new or extended options for character creation. Below is an irregularly updated index of all the things posted here.
Feel free to make requests, post your own creations and/or comment on the materials posted here.

Thread Index (15.03.2017)

Eras - DS/Dark Symmetry, DL/Dark Legion, DE/Dark Eden)

-Bauhaus Student Corporation (DS, DL, DE)
-Police Academy (DS, DL, DE)

Primary Careers
-Farmer/Frontiersman (Fisherman) (DS, DL, DE)
-Freelance Mercenary (DS, DL, DE)

-Goumier Career (DL, DE)

-Criminal (Mafia Associate) Career (DS, DL, DE)

-Military (Blue Jacket) (DS, DL, DE)
-Military (Highland Clan Warrior) Career (DS, DL, DE)
-Military (Mourning Wolf) Career by Psyfer

Iconic Careers
-Anarchist (DL, DE)
-Free Shooter (DL, DE)
-Grenadier (DS, DL, DE)
-Hooded Judge (DS, DL, DE)
-Jaeger (DS, DL, DE)
-Jungle Kommando (DS, DL, DE)
-Legion (DL, DE)
-Spahi (DL, DE)
-Storm Zouave (DL, DE)
-Strike Kommando (DS, DL, DE)
-Toreador (DS, DL, DE)
-Ulfwerner (DE)

-Admiral Colby's Guard (DS, DL, DE)
-Antagon (DE)
-Assault Marine (DS, DL, DE)
-Barking Spyder (DL, DE)
-Desert Scorpion (DS, DL, DE)
-Filibuster (DS, DL, DE)
-Homesteader (DS, DL, DE)
-Made Man(DS, DL, DE)
-Martian Ranger (DS, DL, DE)
-Pathfinder Scout (DS, DL, DE)
-Polaris Trident (DS, DL, DE)
-Ranger (DS, DL, DE)
-Special Crimes Division (DS, DL, DE)

-Vector (DL, DE)

-Black and Tan (DL, DE)
-Black Heart (DL, DE)
-Bloody Beret (Variant) (DL, DE)
-Fallen Angel (DE)
-Ghillie (DS, DL, DE)
-Golden Lion (Variant) (DS, DL, DE)
-Her Serenity's Life Dragoons (DS, DL, DE)
-Highland Clan Chieftain (DS, DL, DE)
-Highland Swordmaster by Psyfer
-McKendrick's Irregular Flying Column (DS, DL, DE)
-Minotaur (DS, DL, DE)
-Mourning Wolf Alpha by Psyfer
-Rakshasa (DS, DL, DE)
-Rams (DS, DL, DE)
-Rams Air Cavalry (DS, DL, DE)
-'Rook (DS, DL, DE)
-Serenity's Guard ISC-9 (DS, DL, DE)
-Thorn (DS, DL, DE)

-Blue Banner Guard (DL, DE)
-Crimson Devil (DS, DL, DE)
-Geisha & Doboshu (DS, DL, DE)
-Hwarang & Shirabyoshi (DS, DL, DE)
-Jade Guard (DS, DL, DE)
-Lord Moya's Guard (DL, DE)
-Meka Pilot (DS, DL, DE)
-Montagnard (DS, DL, DE)
-Ozumo (DS, DL, DE)
-Tiger Dragon (DS, DL, DE)
-Yojimbo (DS, DL, DE)
-Wokou Raider (DS, DL, DE)
-Wu (DS, DL, DE)

Freelancer - All (DS, DL, DE)
-Mercenary Veteran
-Self-made Man

Bauhaus Orders
-Order of the Tankard (by BloodAxeKommando)
-Student Corporation (by BloodAxeKommando)

-Gunslinger (Ranged Weapons)

Ranged Weapons
Assault Rifles
-Capitol M50A4 Aquatic Assault Rifle
-Capitol M74A1 Assault Carbine
-Imperial Mk. LVI Farquhar-Hyte Machine Rifle
-Mishima No. 3 “Shinnyuusha” Battle Rifle

Civilian Rifles
-Bauhaus AG-14 "Hauswehr" Rifle
-Capitol M76 Liberty Rifle
-Capitol "Silverline" Rifle
-Imperial "Squire" Rifle
-Mishima No. 12 "Yumi" Rifle
-Trishula Banduk
-Trishula Toradar
-Whitestar “Samopal” Rifle

Grenade Launchers
-Imperial Wolfbane Howler Grenade Launcher
-Capitol Raven Type II

-Bauhaus vz.52 Autopistol
-Capitol Frontier Revolver
-Capitol Service Special Revolver
-Cartel Avalanche Pistol
-Imperial Howdah Pistol
-Trishula Tamanchah

-M25 Nerve Gas grenade
-Buckshot Load

-Bauhaus Bergdahl MP-95 “Hellreaver”
-Bauhaus vz.52 Artillery Carbine
-Capitol M28
-Imperial Mk. IIIc Vindicator
-Imperial Mk. IIIs Eliminator

-Capitol Wolf Shotgun
-Capitol Wolf Shotgun Sawn-Off
-Trishula Sherbachah

Sniper Rifles
-Trishula Jezzail

-Trishula Gingal

Rocket Launchers
-Trishula Taramandal

Melee Weapons
-Combat Knife
-Cybertronic CS600 Gigadeath Chainripper
-Imperial Clansman Broadsword
-Imperial Kukri
-Imperial Wolfbane Claws of the Wolf
-Imperial Wolfbane Headhunter Battleaxe
-Imperial Wolfbane Iron Bola
-Imperial Wolfbane Pick-Hammer
-Imperial Wolfbane Tangle Chain
-Imperial Wolfbane War Hound "Nepharite" Hammer
-Mishima Duskdealer Spear
-Mishima Nagamaki
-Mishima Naginata
-Mishima Tetsubo

Weapon upgrades
-Mishima Shikomizue

-Armored Leggings/Greaves
-DArk Eden Tribal Armor
-Imperial Mk. IIb Jungle Combat Armor
-Mishima Blue Banner Armor
-Mishima Crimson Devil armor (modified Sode battlesuit)
-Whitestar Armor creation system

-Grapnel Launcher
-Imperial Universal Entrenching Tool

Legacy Items
-Grey MD
-External Load Bearing Frame
-Reinforced Nanotube Plating
-Assisted Energy Projector – Ape Arm

-Bauhaus Licorne Combat Bike
-Bauhaus Panthere Wheeled Transport
-Bauhaus Strike Skimmer
-Cybertronic Eradicator Deathdroid by RickardFriskEngelbrektsson
-Imperial Hurricane Walker Loadouts
-Mishima Kobaya Hover Transport

Imperial Minor Clans
-Clan Amis (Rules only)
-Clan Bachleda
-Clan Bruce (Rules only)
-Clan Cavanaugh
-Clan Clarke
-Clan de Wet
-Clan Ellis
-Clan Empaya (Rules only)
-Clan Faulkner
-Clan Hidalgo (Rules only)
-Clan Iwi (+ Tiki creation rules)
-Clan Kingsfield (Dark Symmetry era)
-Clan Leary
-Clan Macrae
-Clan McArthur
-Clan McRobert (Rules only)
-Clan O'Connor
-Clan O'Shaughnessy
-Clan Rowan
-Clan Singh
-Clan St. John-Ross (Dark Symmetry era)
-Clan Taggart

Capitol Regional Origin (DS, DL, DE)

Bauhaus Noble Houses (DS, DL, DE)
-House Arenberg
-House Argyros
-House Belmon
-House d'Estaing
-House de Melo
-House Esterhazy
-House Gössinger
-House Halshany
-House Kolowrat
-House Kyburg
-House Savelli
-House Wolitzky
-House Vivero
-Generic Noble Houses

Career Development System
-Basic Careers
-Imperial Black and Tan Witch Hunter
-Imperial Wolfbanes

-Whitestar optional environments (Siberia, Ukraine, Caucasus)
-How to roll a character born into Cybertronic
-Bauhaus Noble family structure
-Alternate Military Ranks

Gaming Aids
-Wound Sheets by QBird

Original First Post
Some time ago while preparing my Fukido campaign I was asked by a player if he could play a highlander, I said "no problem". Then Nathan disabused me of the notion that I would see the career in the coming months. So I sat down and created my own, because I needed the career. So here's the Highland Clan warrior career for those interested:

Military (Highland Clan Warrior) Career
Strength – 2
Physique – 2
Agility – 3
Awareness – 1
Coordination – 1
Intelligence – 0
Mental Strength – 2
Personality – 0

Mandatory Skills - Athletics, Close Combat, Resistance.
Elective Skills - Acrobatics, Observation, Ranged Weapons.
Signature Skill - Acrobatics, Athletics, Close Combat, Resistance.
Talent - Select one talent from Mandatory Skills.
Equipment - Mk. II Medium Combat Armour, Lyon & Atkinson PSA Mk. XIV ‘Aggressor’ handgun, Punisher shortsword
Earnings – 2

I based the career on the info provided in the 1ed books, like the fact that they are the best swordsmen in Imperial and disdain Wolfbane tactics. The only thing that I didn't do is to give every single one of them a claymore as the 1ed suggested.

The next thing I did was to change how the Blood Beret and Golden Lions were depicted.
The Blood Berets never used plasma weapons in 1ed/Warzone, they were the Invader armed paratroopers. So I changed that:

Blood Beret (Classic)
Replace Mk. XLIII plasma carbine with Mk. XIb ‘Invader’ battle rifle.

Next up were the Golden Lions, and boy are they strange in 3ed. In 1ed/Warzone they were the experts in hostile takeover and fighting Cybertronic, armed with plasma guns that could drop a Cuirassier. In 3ed they are Imperial's version of the Bauhaus Ulfwerner/Capitol Wolverine, armed with claws. I think the idea is solid, but changing an established unit that has been around since forever isn't rocking my boat (I would have preferred a new unit).

Golden Lion (Classic) Iconic Career
Mandatory Skills - Athletics, Close Combat, Ranged Weapons.
Elective Skills - Resistance, Willpower, Unarmed Combat.
Signature Skill - Athletics, Close Combat, Ranged Weapons, Willpower.
Equipment - Mk. IV ‘Felis Pattern’ Combat Proximity Armour (replaces Mk. III), Dagger, Mk. XLIII plasma carbine
Earnings – 3

If anyone is interested in seeing more of the things that I'm working on, drop me line. Right now I'm writing up civilian hunting rifles and the Wolfbane armory of odd and deadly weapons.

PS: The Iconic Career picture for Blood Berets shows Sergeant Michael Mcbride, one of 1ed Imperial heroes akin to Sean Gallagher.
PPS: I'm also working on creating my own clans, got 3 already.
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Marcin.Skupnik said Sep 17, 2016 22:32:51
Two more Bauhaus houses, plus some typo corrections elsewhere...

House Arenberg
House Crest: Three golden cinquefoils within the Bauhaus cogwheel.

A long time ago house Arenberg faced extinction at the hands of the Dark Legion. After the Venusian Crusade the family counted only a few heads, the rest dead at the hands of the Legion. It took them a long time to rebuild their ruined estates and to regain their place in society. But from the start they added what influence they had to support the Brotherhood and the Cartel. They lobbied to have their family members as liaisons whenever Bauhaus dealt with either the Cartel or the Brotherhood, not for the prestige such positions entailed but for their ability to do good. Many other members join the Brotherhood when they come of age, knowing that it's the best hope humanity has against the darkness.

Attribute Bonus: Agility and Mental Strength
Skill: Lifestyle
Other Notes: Gain a contact in either the Cartel or the Brotherhood. The contact is a member of house Arenberg.

House Argyros
House Crest: A silver snake surrounding the Bauhaus cogwheel.

Standing like a bulwark against Bauhaus enemies, the estates of house Argyros protect the western approaches to the mountains of Fire on Venus. The lords of the house have long ago divided their lands into military districts, from which vast amounts of soldiers are recruited. Every member is required to serve in the units raised by the house, at least for a time. This makes them used to the tedium of military service and provides them with an unique insight into military matters. Additionally the house provides every member with an access to the family armory, one of the best collections of military materiel outside of the Ministry of War.

Attribute Bonus: Coordination and Physique
Skill: Command
Other Notes: Gain the following equipment for free – MP-105 pistol, sword, ballistic nylon uniform, combat helmet, bulletproof vest, medium military shoulder pads.

Here's also a replacement table for the one on page 26 of the Bauhaus book.
Noble House
1 Karlstein
2 Rathausen
3 Piquarde
4 Sternberg
5 Valmonte
6 Borgia
7 Arenberg
8 Argyros
9 Belmon
10 de Melo
11 d'Estaing
12 Esterhazy
13 Gössinger
14 Halshany
15 Kolowrat
16 Kyburg
17 Savelli
18 Vivero
19 Wolitzky
20 Choose One
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JakeBernstein said Sep 20, 2016 19:06:44
Hey Marcin, do you happen to have all this stuff in a Word file or something? I'd like to compile it into a homebrew file for my personal use. I'd be happy to share it with you, of course! I also want to incorporate the weapons into my Excel sheet. Thanks!
Marcin.Skupnik said Sep 20, 2016 23:01:24
Well I have those things sorted in several files, based on the category. But not a single one, since this would be impractical. There is a plan to gather it in a PDF when I'm done, but it's a long way from here since a lot of the stuff isn't 100% yet.

I could send you those working files, but on the condition that you keep them for personal use. I don't want to post stuff that's incomplete, or which will be collated into a larger file.
MC3 homebrewer. Check the thread!
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Marcin.Skupnik said Sep 22, 2016 00:21:37
Two more Bauhaus families and two new weapons. I'm on a roll.

House Halshany
House Crest: Lightning bolt on Bauhaus cogwheel.

Even though they can prove ancient origins, the house of Halshany is overlooked by many of its equals. Their distant domain is tucked away in the deep south of Venus, far from any large Bauhaus city. With their reliance on local resources and a knack of staying outside of conflicts that shake Venus, they are an afterthought to the great lords of Bauhaus. In addition the members of the house tend to stay out of the limelight by pursuing mundane interests and hobbies, with none of the scandals that are so common to other houses. This allows the family to become social shadows, passing unnoticed by others.

Attribute Bonus: Strength and Awareness
Skill: Animal Handling
Other Notes: When attempting a Stealth test to pass as a noble of another family or a person of high status, a Halshany may roll one additional d20 if he scores at least one success.

House Savelli
House Crest: A robin within the Bauhaus cogwheel.

Mistakes can ruin a house, bad investments can ruin a fortune, and the Savellis have learned that the hard way. Their family fortune was tied into companies that were taken over in an Imperial raid. Overnight the family was left with nothing more than some worthless stocks, an estate that generated only costs, and nothing else. To save themselves from becoming paupers, they sold all they could, from family heirlooms to their estate. Now they try to get back by working for whatever ministry they can get in. And they do a good job, compared to all the nobles who work with them. But the one thing always following them is the shame that they have to work so hard to just remain where they are.

Attribute Bonus: Personality and Resistance
Skill: Education
Other Notes: Use the Retainer entry for social status equipment, replacing the “old wrench (cudgel)” with a “well-used dueling sabre”. Gain two additional promotions to use during character creation.

Bauhaus Bergdahl MP-95 “Hellreaver” (SMG)
The largest SMG on the market, exceeding with its weight the heaviest Imperial designs, the Bergdahl MP-95 is a unique weapon created to fight the Dark Legion. Designed to offer a compromise between the ability to quickly dispatch Dark Legion beasts, with mobility and large ammo capacity. The Hellreaver marries proven designs from other weapons created by Bauhaus, from the Bergdahl patented water cooling jackets, to the large drum magazine filled to the brim with caseless ammunition.
Damage – 1 + 5d6
Encumbrance – 5
Rate – Automatic
Range - C
Size – 2H
Reliability - 3
Qualities – Ammo (AP 1, Spread 1)
Restriction - 4
Cost – 11

Imperial Mk. LVI Farquhar-Hyte Machine Rifle (Assault Rifle)
The F-H Machine Rifle was an attempt to create a transitional weapon between the Invader Battle Rifle and the Destroyer LMG. The designers envisioned the deployment of the Mk. LVI with highly mobile units like the Wolfbanes and the Highlanders, units which have a need for mobile support weapons. While the preliminary tests were promising, the units were of the opinion that they had little need for such a new weapon. Undaunted by this the designers finished the rifle and offered it on the open market, there the Mk. LVI has become a moderate success selling to both mercenary outfits and clan regiments.
Damage – 1 + 7d6
Encumbrance – 7
Rate – Burst
Range - M
Size – 2H
Reliability - 3
Qualities – Ammo (Spread 1)
Restriction - 3
Cost – 8
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Marcin.Skupnik said Sep 24, 2016 05:13:45
House Esterhazy
House Crest: Golden eagle on Bauhaus cogwheel.

The Esterhazys are an example of a successful rise from small beginnings to high status. The family legend tells about the ancient progenitor of the family, Malachi Esterhazy, who gained the eye of the Romanovs during the colonization of Venus. Rising from a mere commoner to the position of a valued retainer and then to nobility, has proven to the Esterhazys that a family can by their deeds alone rise in Bauhaus society. And they keep telling it to everyone, working hand in hand with the Ministry of Truth to show the faithful citizens of Bauhaus how far they can go, if they do their duty.

Attribute Bonus: Intelligence and Personality
Skill: Education
Other Notes: Gain an additional point of Momentum for the first success when using the Persuade skill on Bauhaus characters of Retainer status or lower.

House Vivero
House Crest: A red bridge on the Bauhaus cogwheel.

There is nothing that holds together a family than a shared interest. While unusual, the Vivero family is fascinated with tools of war. Their house is known as Gunsmith's Hall for a reason. Generation after generation of the family has been involved in the creation and design of Bauhaus weapons of war. From simple pistols to massive ship cannons, the Viveros had their hands in the design process. With such specialization, they had however gained a name for themselves as people of limited interests. Their preoccupation with guns has left them unable to rise any farther, than just being a small noble house.

Attribute Bonus: Awareness and Coordination
Skill: Mechanics
Other Notes: When rolling a Repercussion with a firearm a member of house Vivero cannot suffer from Attrition. The Repercussion works as normal otherwise.

And with these two entries the Bauhaus Noble families reach a full 19 entry spread. I might one day return with some more, but not now. In other news I only need to work out 5 tiki effects, so chances are that I will post them this weekend. No promises though.
MC3 homebrewer. Check the thread!
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Marcin.Skupnik said Oct 14, 2016 20:13:06
Good thing I haven't promised any tikis, I'm rewriting the rules to be actually more useful in play.
To compensate you for it here a few things. First, two new weapons:

From the small tools used by farmers to the combat axes of elite units, hatchets are widely used by humanity. Their universal appeal lied in the multitude of uses they provide, from combat to construction. In a pinch they can be used as hammers or adzes, and even thrown thanks to their balanced construction.
Damage – 1 + 4d6
Encumbrance – 2
Size – 1H
Reliability - 4
Qualities – AP 1
Restriction - 1
Cost – 4

Polearms are ancient weapons of war, and like many of those simple but effective designs have seen a revival since the coming of darkness. The greatest users of polearms in the solar system are the Samurai of Mishima, with many specialized schools devoted to their use. But others too have found use for these old arms, thanks to the reach and greater power compared to one handed weapons.
Damage – 2 + 5d6
Encumbrance – 5
Size – 2H
Reliability - 4
Qualities – AP 1, Reach, Vicious 1
Restriction - 3
Cost – 8

The polearm is contemporary in power with the Naginata and Tetsubo posted earlier. It represents things like halberds and glaives.

Second, I have tackled the non-existent Trishula weapons from the Cartel book. Jake and Steve have discussed it a bit in a topic, and I looked through my stash of books to get inspired. I decided to experiment with the system a bit and would love for some feedback, but looking back at this topic I'm not optimistic.

Trishula Weaponry
Bespoke – The weapon is a one-of-a-kind. It has been made to fulfill specific demands of a single customer. To represent this when the weapon is created pick as many traits from the following list as the number in brackets indicates. A single option can be picked only twice, the effects stack.

Heavier caliber - +1d6 damage
Improved action – change Semi-auto to Burst, Burst to Automatic
Enhanced barrel – increase range by one step
Armor Piercing 1
Spread 1
Vicious 1

Trishula Tamanchah (Handgun)
Rarely produced, the Tamanchah is a masterpiece of artistic design fitted into a small frame. Built around a conservative pistol frame, the handgun shines in its ability to be decorated to the buyer's taste. Combined with the Trishula's abilty to accomodate design wishes it offers one of the best guns on the market.
Damage – 1 + 4d6
Encumbrance – 3
Rate - Semi-Auto
Range - C
Size – 1H
Reliability - 4
Qualities – Bespoke (3)
Restriction - 3
Cost – 18

Trishula Sherbachah (Shotgun)
Trishula shotguns are beautiful combinations of anachronistic appearance and efficient functionality. Many of them incorporate the obsolete flared muzzle, which in the case of the Sherbachah hides the modern choke. Depending on the customer's needs the artisans of Trishula can build the gun as a full-sized military grade weapon or a large pistol, perfect for home-defense.
Damage – 1 + 5d6
Encumbrance – 5
Rate - Semi-Auto
Range - C
Size – 2H
Reliability - 3
Qualities – Spread 1, Bespoke (3)
Restriction - 3
Cost – 20

Special – The Sherbachah has an additional Bespoke trait to choose from:
Cut-down – Change size from 2H to Unbalanced, Unbalanced to 1H.

Trishula Jezzail (Sniper rifle)
Most users describe the Jezzail as a handsome weapon, combinig a high quality of material with an efficient design. Very few of the sniper rifles reach civilian hands, since the gun is only made for trusted customers with deep pockets. Often paired with superior Bauhaus optics, the Jezzail is one of the most precise rifles in existence, made even more deadly with the ability to be built around anti-materiel rounds.
Damage – 2 + 5d6
Encumbrance – 7
Rate - Semi-Auto
Range - L
Size – 2H
Reliability - 4
Qualities – Bespoke (3)
Restriction - 3
Cost – 25

Trishula Banduk (Civilian rifle)
The least expensive and complicated Trishula rifle in production is still coveted by customers, and has a waiting list for those interested in ordering one. Thanks to its simplicity the Trishula corporation can offer the Banduk in a myriad of variants, from all wood full-shaft hunting rifle decorated with silver to a small handgun-sized all-metal construction.
Damage – 1 + 5d6
Encumbrance – 3
Rate - Semi-Auto
Range - M
Size – 2H
Reliability - 4
Qualities – Bespoke (2)
Restriction - 3
Cost – 15

Special – The Banduk has an additional Bespoke trait to choose from:
Cut-down – Change size from 2H to Unbalanced, Unbalanced to 1H. Reduce range to close.

Trishula Toradar (Civilian rifle)
The most expensive and coveted hunting rifle in existence, this weapon is a masterwork of craftsmanship. Made out of fine woods like lacquered mahogany or rosewood, and with a trademark octagonal barrel made of wootz steel, the rifle is worth more than a single life. Thanks to the Trishula approach to craftsmanship no single Toradar is the same, with some being utilitarian and simple and others lavish and ostentatious.
Damage – 1 + 6d6
Encumbrance – 4
Rate - Semi-Auto
Range - M
Size – 2H
Reliability - 5
Qualities – Bespoke (5)
Restriction - 3
Cost – 30

Trishula Gingal (Autocannon)
This oversized rifle has been created by the Trishula gunsmiths in response to their customers inquiries for a cross between a hunting rifle and a portable cannon. These customers also insisted for the Gingal to be produced with a vehicle clamp, for easy transport and firing from a carrier. As to why they desired the weapon to be made in the first place is not considered important by the Trishula.
Damage – 2 + 7d6
Encumbrance – 15
Rate - Automatic
Range - M
Size – Unwieldy
Reliability - 3
Qualities – Bespoke (4)
Restriction - 4
Cost – 20

Special – The Gingal can be mounted on a vehicle as a Standard action. If mounted the weapon is considered as always braced.

Trishula Taramandal (Rocket launcher)
Made directly for the Cartel, the Taramandal marries several design elements present in other rocket launchers, without infringing on any patents. In a surprising twist Trishula offers the weapon with a full suite of decorations and materials to choose from, an option unheard of other weapons in this class. Nevertheless the Taramandal is an excellent choice for the discerning customer, as the generously padded shoulder rest and the easy to reload ammo cylinder provide comfort sorely lacking on the battlefield.
Damage – + 2d6
Encumbrance – 14
Rate - Munition
Range - L
Size – Unwieldy
Reliability - 3
Qualities – Bespoke (2)
Restriction - 4
Cost – 21
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Marcin.Skupnik said Oct 17, 2016 09:56:01
Imperial McKendrick's Irregular Flying Column (DS, DL, DE)
If you play fair you've already lost, that's what Owen McKendrick tells every man he recruits for his mercenary warband. And he recruits a lot of them since most don't stay long, as not everyone has the stomach to work for McKendrick or the endurance to risk his life every day. His methods are ruthless, his troop is not above acts of terrorism and pure mayhem. Whenever a clan wants to hurt a competitor they hire McKendrick's men. From firebombing hospitals to poisoning water supplies, they are willing to go whole hog on the target. Their anarchic attitude is controlled only by two rules, payment in Sterlings only and no Imperial targets. Other than that, you're welcome.
Prerequisites: Imperial, Close Combat expertise 1
Difficulty: 2
Mandatory Skills – Close Combat, Ranged Weapons, Stealth
Elective Skills – Athletics, Mechanics, Unarmed Combat
Signature Skills – Close Combat, Ranged Weapons, Stealth, Unarmed Combat
Talents – Two talents from Close Combat, Ranged Weapons, Stealth, Unarmed Combat
Equipment – Mk. IX Diemansland Shotgun, 2 Gas grenades, 2 Incendiary grenades, Slicer, Bulletproof vest, Medium military shoulder pads
Earnings – 3

Special – If you posses a criminal record the difficulty to join is lowered by 1.
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Marcin.Skupnik said Oct 24, 2016 16:42:47
A few older projects I've finished up over the weekend, when not reading the Dark Eden guide.

Bauhaus Strike Kommando (DS, DL, DE)
Masters of hit-and-run tactics aimed at the enemy flanks and rear, the Strike Kommandos are the epitome of Bauhaus mobile tactics. Their rapid advances have disrupted many advances of corporate foes, which became bogged down through harassment by the Strike Kommandos. The main tactic used by these mobile troopers is to rapidly attack the enemy with their heavily armed Strike Skimmers, and then melt into the jungle from whence they came. In other operations the Kommandos are used to range forward and deny the enemy the use of bridges and rail lines by demolishing them. Because of this a select cadre of the Strike Kommandos undergoes demolitions training with Hussar units.
Prerequisites: Bauhaus, Military (Dragoon) Primary career.
Difficulty: 2
Mandatory Skills – Pilot, Ranged Weapons, Survival.
Elective Skills – Heavy Weapons, Mechanics, Resistance.
Signature Skills - Heavy Weapons, Pilot, Ranged Weapons, Survival.
Talents – One talent from Pilot, one talent from Heavy Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Survival.
Equipment – MP-105GW, Gas Mask, Strike Skimmer
Earnings – 3

Bauhaus Strike Skimmer
Restriction: 3 Cost: 30
Maintenance: 5 Reliability: 3
A hybrid attack/reconaissance hovercraft, the Strike Skimmer has been effectively used in Venusian jungles by Bauhaus mobil forces. With its heavy armament and the ability to deploy small numbers of Strike Kommandos, the Strike Skimmer has become the standard hit and run vehicle used to harass the enemy's flanks and rear. The only real drawback of the Strike Skimmer lies in its heavy armor, which slows down the otherwise superb construction.

Qualities – Agile, Exposed, Hover
Cruising Speed – 85 kph
Combat Manouvrability - 2
Crew – 1 Commander, 1 Gunner
Carrying Capacity – 2 Passengers or 40 Enc
Soak 7
Surface Damage 6
System Damage 4
Structural Damage 2

Motive System
Soak 4
Surface Damage 4
System Damage 2
Structural Damage 1

Soak 3
Surface Damage 4
System Damage 3
Structural Damage 1

Impact Damage – 2 + 4d6
Armaments -
MG-80 Heavy Machine Gun: Range L, 2+ 6d6, Automatic, Spread 2 (9 Reloads)

Notes – Crew and passengers have 4d6 cover soak. Disembarking the /vehicle is a restricted action.

Mishima Kobaya Hover Transport – Kirin Automotive
Restriction: 3/4 Cost: 25/35
Maintenance: 4 Reliability: 3
Fast and lightly armored the Kobaya Transport has been used by the Mishiman military and by civilian transport companies. Perfectly suited for swamps, bogs, jungles, and other humid environments the Kobaya Hover Transport offers a perfect compromise between carrying capacity and protection.
The military version comes armed with a bow turret armed either with rockets or machine guns, the civilian version is equipped with a hydraulic crane to speed up the loading of cargo.
A special version with low freeboard is used by the Jade Guard for rapid troop deployment, it also comes with special accomodations for the battlesuit armored Samurai.
The costs given are for the civilian and the military version respectively. The Jade Guard version cannot be bought on the open market.
Qualities – Agile, Exposed, Hover
Cruising Speed – 105 kph
Combat Manouvrability - 1
Crew – 1 Commander, 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner
Carrying Capacity – 20 passengers or 9 battlesuits or 600 Encumbrance
Soak 6
Surface Damage 12
System Damage 8
Structural Damage 3

Motive System
Soak 5
Surface Damage 7
System Damage 5
Structural Damage 3

Soak 3
Surface Damage 5
System Damage 3
Structural Damage 2

Impact Damage – 3 + 4d6
Armaments -
Dragonstorm Turbocannon: Range M, 2+5d6, Automatic, AP 2, Spread 2, Vicious 2 (8 Reloads)
Twin Demonfang Rocketguns: Range L, 2+6d6, Semi-auto, Unforgiving 3 (8 Reloads)
Special: When using the Twin Demonfang Rocketguns the cost to use the Secondary Target Momentum spend is lowered by 1 to 1 momentum.

Notes – Crew has 4d6 cover soak. Passengers on the civilian and military version have 4d6 cover soak. The Jade Guard version has a 2d6 cover soak for passengers.
Disembarking the civilian and military version is a restricted action, diembarking the Jade Guard version is a free action.

Generic Noble Houses
If a 9-10 is rolled during decision three (Status) for Bauhaus characters the player can choose any one of the following generic house archetypes. If he decides to roll a specific house proceed to page 26 of the Bauhaus source book.

Rural Landowners
Your family belongs to the vast group of nobles possessing large estates outside of the great Bauhaus cities. You have been raised far away from the hustle and bustle of the urban centers of industry. Your life has been spent on horseback riding, hunting and outdoor fun and games. Thanks to this upbringing you are healthier and more comfortable outdoors than your peers.

Attribute Bonus: Awareness and Physique
Skill: Animal Handling
Other: You use the next highest row when determining your wounds

Barons of Industry & Science
Your family either owns a large company or is renowned for its scientific genius. You have been raised among men and women who earned their position by the sheer force of will and intellect. Since you were a small child, your family encouraged you to excel and use your talents to rise above your position in life. All this hard work is paying off now.

Attribute Bonus: Intelligence and Mental Strength
Skill: Science
Other: Raise your Earnings rating by 1.

Militaristic Bluebloods
Honor and duty were hammered into you since you could talk. Your childhood is a flash of mock duels with siblings and friends, strict discipline, and pride in being born a noble of Bauhaus. Where other nobles waste their life pursuing pleasure, you were taught to lead and take responsibility for others. And now that you are an adult, you aspire to be the same paragon of honor your parents and teachers were to you.

Attribute Bonus: Agility and Strength
Skill: Command
Other: Start the game with a pair of light military shoulder pads and a dueling sabre or rapier (your choice).

Urban Elite
Whether in your family palace or the court of the Duke Elector, you grew up in the midst of the dazzling pageantry that is a noble court. Living in a large city added to that a cosmopolitan streak the country bumpkins can never match. One day you can dance the night away at a reception and the next day drink tea with a Mishima envoy, all without missing a beat.

Attribute Bonus: Coordination and Personality
Skill: Lifestyle
Other: Gain a contact either in Bauhaus, another corporation, the Brotherhood or the Cartel. The contact is also a noble if applicable.

Ennobled Administrators
For generations your family has served the corporation as a part of the administration. You grew up among the true movers and shakers of Bauhaus, at their feet you learned whom to speak to and how to make things happen. Where others pride themselves with wealth or achievements, you take more pride in the address book of all the people you can call upon.

Attribute Bonus: Awareness and Personality
Skill: Education
Other: You can re-roll one d20 when making Persuade attempts dealing with Bauhaus bureaucracy. The new roll must be kept.

Highborn Scions
You were born to an average noble family. You are well educated, both in matters of etiquette and honor, you are also healthy and your allowance covers most of your needs pretty well. The only thing you lack is a direction to pursue, but since you can apply yourself almost anywhere something will turn up, sooner or later.

Attribute & Skill: Use Nobility entry on page 25 Bauhaus Social Status table.
Other Choose one of the following trappings – court dress; dueling sabre; membership in an exclusive club; or a favor from a local artist.

Have a very Bauhaus day everybody!
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Marcin.Skupnik said Nov 07, 2016 21:17:54
Have some completely overpowered additions to the game:

Imperial Hurricane Walker Loadouts
The Slayer
The first mass-produced variant of the Hurricane Walker, the Slayer provides heavy support against infantry and light vehicles by combining a heavy machine gun with an autocannon.
Megacharger - Range M, 2 + 6d6, Automatic, Spread 2, Vicious 1 (15 Reloads)
Deathlockdrum - Range M, 2 + 7d6, Automatic, Armour Piercing 1, Spread 1 (9 Reloads)

The Lancer
Created to engage heavy vehicles over heavy ground, the Lancer has been built around the massive Tankbuster cannon. This nose-mounted monstrosity can destroy a Bahaus tank with a well placed shot. And to keep infantry at bay the Lancer is also equipped with a Gehenna Puker.
Bartholomew & Grendel Tankbuster - Range L, 3 + 5d6, Munition, Armour Piercing 2, Vicious 3 - 8 Reloads
Gehenna Puker – Range C, 1 + 6d6, Munition, Incendiary 4, Torrent, Vicious 1 - 10 Reloads

The Stinger
Designed to offer long-range anti-personnel support to Imperial regulars, the Stinger is armed with twin-linked Southpaw launchers and a nose-mounted Mandible shotgun. When needed the Southpaws can be loaded with armor piercing rockets.
Two Linked Southpaw Rocket Launchers - Range L, 2 + 7d6, Munition, Blast (Close), Split Fire - 12 Reloads
Mandible Shotgun - Range C, 1 + 6d6, Burst, Knockdown, Spread 1 - 8 Reloads
Special - When loaded with armor piercing rockets, replace the Blast (Close) quality in the Southpaw entry with Armor Piercing 2 and Vicious 1.

Avalanche Pistol – Cartel Arms
A powerful pistol designed primarily for forces fighting with the Dark Legion. Used predominantly by Brotherhood Mortificators and Elite Troopers, it has also found its way into the hands of Doomtroopers and other trustworthy individuals. The tremendous stopping power of the pistol comes at a price, very few Avalanche pistols survive more than a few missions.
Damage – 1 + 5d6
Encumbrance – 4
Rate - Semi-Auto
Range - C
Size – Unbalanced
Reliability - 2
Qualities – Close Quarters, Vicious 2
Restriction - 5
Cost – 9

Bauhaus vz.52 Autopistol
Mass produced to the highest standard, the vz.52 Autopistol is commonly bought by civilians living in the Venusian wilderness. Its solid construction and the ability to rapidly fire heavy bullets, make it stand out from among other handguns commonly produced by Bauhaus. The drawbacks of the design, blocky appearance and large weight, prevented it from gaining much traction with the military.
Damage – 1 + 4d6
Encumbrance – 3
Rate - Burst
Range - C
Size – 1H
Reliability - 3
Qualities – Close Quarters, Ammo (Vicious 1)
Restriction - 3
Cost – 9

Bauhaus vz.52 Artillery Carbine- SMG/PDW
Designed parallel with the Autopistol, the Artillery Carbine's main users are soldiers manning the massive ordnance guns used by the Bauhaus military. With the addition of a stock and lengthened barrel the handgun was changed into an effective Personal Defense Weapon.
Damage – 1 + 4d6
Encumbrance – 4
Rate - Burst
Range - C
Size – Unbalanced
Reliability - 3
Qualities – Ammo (Vicious 1)
Restriction - 3
Cost – 7

Mishima Nagamaki
The Nagamaki is a weapon as old as the Katana and as honorable and august. Originally a tool against mounted Samurai, it has become a powerful weapon against heavily armored enemies and beasts of the Dark Legion. The hilt of the Nagamaki is as long as the blade and made in the same style as the hilt of a Katana. With a static grip on the hilt the weapon forces its user to commit himself fully to an aggressive way of fighting.
Damage – 1 + 5d6
Encumbrance – 4
Size – 2H
Reliability - 4
Qualities – Parry 1, Vicious 2
Restriction - 3
Cost – 7

Whitestar Armor
Whitestar is in a terrible position to mass produce anything, especially armor. Even the Sons of Rasputin are better equipped than the soldiers protecting the Tsarina. Because of this, very few standardized types of armor have been created in the Whitestar bunkers, with the Streltsy armor being the only model commonly found everywhere. Whitestar personnel in need of protection has to get creative when looking for armor. Most commonly they use scavenged armor pieces as a baseline with home-made additions filling in the gaps.
To represent the home-made armor worn by Whitestar warriors use the following list:

Base Armor (Pick one, the complete armor has a Reliability of 3)
- Scavenged Breastplate (Torso: 2 Enc: 4 Res: 3 Cost: 5)
- Reinforced Breastplate (Torso: 3 Enc: 6 Res: 4 Cost: 6)


Arms (Pick one entry)
- None
- Light Shoulder Pads (Arms: 1 Head: +1 Enc: +1 Res: 1 Cost: 5)
- Heavy Shoulder Pads (Arms: 2 Head: +1 Enc: +3 Res: 3 Cost: 7)
- Military Shoulder Pads (Arms: 3 Torso: +1 Head: +1 Enc: +4 Res: 4 Cost: 9)

Legs (Pick one entry)
- None
- Light Greaves (Legs: 1 Enc: +1Res: 1 Cost: 4)
- Heavy Greaves ( Legs: 2 Enc: +2 Res: 2 Cost: 6)
- Military Greaves (Legs: 3 Enc: +3 Res: 3 Cost: 8)

Head (Pick one entry)
- None
- Light Helmet (Head: 1 Enc: +1 Res: 1 Cost: 3)
- Military Helmet (Head: 2 Enc: +2 Res: 3 Cost: 5)

Special add-ons
- Survivor Helmet Package (Add built-in respirator to the helmet) Encumbrance: 1 Restriction: 1 Cost: 2 Maintenance: 1
- Resector Package (Add a radiation meter and a chemical detection kit to the Shoulder Pads) Encumbrance: 4 Restriction: 2 Cost: 8 Maintenance: 1
- Spelunking Kit (Add climbing gear with no Encumbrance to your Breastplate) Restriction: 2 Cost: 1
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Nathan.Dowdell said Nov 28, 2016 12:24:24
Marcin, could you email me at, please; I have something to discuss with you that concerns these homebrew rules.
Game Development - 2D20 System
System Design - Star Trek Adventures

Rules questions and playtest feedback to
Marcin.Skupnik said Nov 28, 2016 12:54:53
I've sent you a mail.
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Marcin.Skupnik said Dec 12, 2016 18:10:16
Getting back on track, here's the first installment of the Career Development/Promotion system I promised you all a long time ago. It works as part of Decision Six of character creation (consider it Decision 6.5), as it allows the player to create a decent character without switching careers to get skills and talents. The career development represents the fact that people actually advance in their job, the ranch hand might one day end up a foreman in charge if he has the skills. Many jobs actually force people to advance, militaries have often an up-or-out system. The career developments are divided into two groups, the first is posted below and represents some self-explanatory advances like police detectives, medical doctors, military officers etc. The second group will be posted at a later date, these will be developments for Iconic Careers like Wolfbane specialists or elite Mishima samurai.

Career Developments (DS, DL, DE)
A career development builds upon a pre-existing career and functions as a middle way between an extension of a career (See main book page 50) and an Iconic Career. A career development has a difficulty of D1. To qualify for a career development you must test against one mandatory skill from your previous career, which you use to qualify for a development or use a Life point to qualify without a roll.
The career development counts as a normal career for the purpose of possessing two careers at the start of the game. If the development is the third or fourth career slot, taken and paid for with a Life point, the player does not need to test whether he achieves the development.

Primary careers:

Prerequisite: Any military career.
Mandatory Skills – Command, Education, Willpower.
Elective Skills – Close Combat, Personality, Ranged Weapons.
Signature Skills - Command, Education, Willpower.
Talents – Choose one talent from your signature skills.
Earnings – 3 or +1 if the character's earnings from the qualifying career are equal to 3.

Mishima – Only samurai can be officers.

Prerequisite: Any military career.
Mandatory Skills – Command, Resistance, Willpower.
Elective Skills – Athletics, Close Combat, Ranged Weapons.
Signature Skills - Command, Resistance, Willpower.
Talents – Choose one talent from your signature skills.
Earnings – 2 or +1 if the character's earnings from the qualifying career are equal to 2.

Prerequisite: Any military career.
Mandatory Skills – Athletics, Close Combat, Ranged Weapons.
Elective Skills – Lifestyle, Heavy Weapons, Survival.
Signature Skills - Athletics, Close Combat, Ranged Weapons.
Talents – Choose one talent from your signature skills.
Earnings – No change.

Prerequisite: Any police career.
Mandatory Skills – Insight, Observation, Persuade.
Elective Skills – Ranged Weapons, Resistance, Willpower.
Signature Skills - Insight, Observation, Persuade.
Talents – Choose one talent from your signature skills.
Earnings – 3

Prerequisite: Any academic career.
Mandatory Skills – Education, Mechanics, Sciences.
Elective Skills – Lifestyle, Observation, Persuade.
Signature Skills - Education, Mechanics, Sciences.
Talents – Choose one talent from your signature skills.
Earnings – 4

Prerequisite: Any medical career.
Mandatory Skills – Medicine, Psychotherapy, Treatment.
Elective Skills – Observation, Resistance, Willpower.
Signature Skills - Medicine, Psychotherapy, Treatment.
Talents – Choose one talent from your signature skills.
Earnings – 4

Special – Playing a Veterinarian – Replace Psychotherapy entries with the Animal Handling skill.

Ship Officer
Prerequisite: Ship Crew career.
Mandatory Skills – Command, Gunnery, Pilot.
Elective Skills – Lifestyle, Mechanics, Vacuum.
Signature Skills - Command, Gunnery, Pilot.
Talents – Choose one talent from your signature skills.
Earnings – 4

Gang Boss
Prerequisite: Any criminal career.
Mandatory Skills – Lifestyle, Persuade, Thievery.
Elective Skills – Command, Stealth,
Signature Skills - Lifestyle, Persuade, Thievery.
Talents – Choose one talent from your signature skills.
Earnings – 3

Prerequisite: Any of Farmer/Frontiersman, Technical, or Corporate Worker career.
Mandatory Skills – Special
Elective Skills – Command, Lifestyle, Observation.
Signature Skills - Special
Talents – Choose one talent from your signature skills.
Earnings – 3 or +1 if the character's earnings from the qualifying career are equal to 3.

The Mandatory and Signature skills for the Foreman are dependent on the entry career as follows:

Farmer/Frontiersman – Animal Handling, Resistance, Survival.
Technical – Mechanics, Resistance, Willpower.
Corporate Worker – Education, Persuade, Willpower.

Senior Agent
Prerequisite: Any Intelligence Operative career.
Mandatory Skills – Observation, Stealth, Thievery.
Elective Skills – Lifestyle, Linguistics, Willpower.
Signature Skills - Observation, Stealth, Thievery.
Talents – Choose one talent from your signature skills.
Earnings – 4
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ErichAndersson said Dec 16, 2016 07:35:00
I like what you've come up with so far. Been in a rush so I haven't been able to read the entire thread. I like what you've done with the career advancement concering NCO's and Officers. Have you thought about rank increase during active duty? I remember in 1st edition for example that you started as an Ensign (Capitol armed forces officer) and after the first 2-year career repetition if you succeeded your re-hiring roll you advanced one rank (critical success you gained 2 ranks) etc. This would be hard to implement due to differences in ranks between the corporations, of course.(Capitol having something like 20 ranks, while Imperial only has 5 NCO, 5 Officer and 5 General ranks).
QBird said Dec 16, 2016 15:39:27
Hey all,

Not sure if this if this is the right venue for this, so let me know if it needs to be posted elsewhere.

My table recently got into playing MC, and one of our players was nice enough to make some "battle sheets," to track wounds on a separate piece of paper. We got the idea because my last character sheet for 5E literally got holes in it from adjusting HP all the time, and we thought this was a good way of keeping our sheets nice and clean. She made quarter and half page formats, so you have options to choose from if you like the idea. If you have any suggestions for improvements to it, let me know and I'll pass them along to the creator and see what she thinks.
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Marcin.Skupnik said Dec 16, 2016 20:34:17
Have you thought about rank increase during active duty?

Yes, but I realized that the system doesn't offer room for it during play and the character creation would be too complicated to do so. The whole rank system in MC was/is borked since 1ed.
If I get cracking on a career/rank table I will probably overhaul the ranks for all corps.

Not sure if this if this is the right venue for this

It is the right place for it.
MC3 homebrewer. Check the thread!
CA-138 Deathlockdrum - when you want to put a grenade launcher on a grenade launcher, so you can launch grenades when launching grenades.
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