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posted Oct 24, 2015 06:55:09 by Marcin.Skupnik
Welcome to the Homebrew thread, a place to post your own creations or find new materials for your games. This thread is dedicated to new careers, weapons, armor, vehicles and so on. You'll also find new or extended options for character creation. Below is an irregularly updated index of all the things posted here.
Feel free to make requests, post your own creations and/or comment on the materials posted here.

Thread Index (15.03.2017)

Eras - DS/Dark Symmetry, DL/Dark Legion, DE/Dark Eden)

-Bauhaus Student Corporation (DS, DL, DE)
-Police Academy (DS, DL, DE)

Primary Careers
-Farmer/Frontiersman (Fisherman) (DS, DL, DE)
-Freelance Mercenary (DS, DL, DE)

-Goumier Career (DL, DE)

-Criminal (Mafia Associate) Career (DS, DL, DE)

-Military (Blue Jacket) (DS, DL, DE)
-Military (Highland Clan Warrior) Career (DS, DL, DE)
-Military (Mourning Wolf) Career by Psyfer

Iconic Careers
-Anarchist (DL, DE)
-Free Shooter (DL, DE)
-Grenadier (DS, DL, DE)
-Hooded Judge (DS, DL, DE)
-Jaeger (DS, DL, DE)
-Jungle Kommando (DS, DL, DE)
-Legion (DL, DE)
-Spahi (DL, DE)
-Storm Zouave (DL, DE)
-Strike Kommando (DS, DL, DE)
-Toreador (DS, DL, DE)
-Ulfwerner (DE)

-Admiral Colby's Guard (DS, DL, DE)
-Antagon (DE)
-Assault Marine (DS, DL, DE)
-Barking Spyder (DL, DE)
-Desert Scorpion (DS, DL, DE)
-Filibuster (DS, DL, DE)
-Homesteader (DS, DL, DE)
-Made Man(DS, DL, DE)
-Martian Ranger (DS, DL, DE)
-Pathfinder Scout (DS, DL, DE)
-Polaris Trident (DS, DL, DE)
-Ranger (DS, DL, DE)
-Special Crimes Division (DS, DL, DE)

-Vector (DL, DE)

-Black and Tan (DL, DE)
-Black Heart (DL, DE)
-Bloody Beret (Variant) (DL, DE)
-Fallen Angel (DE)
-Ghillie (DS, DL, DE)
-Golden Lion (Variant) (DS, DL, DE)
-Her Serenity's Life Dragoons (DS, DL, DE)
-Highland Clan Chieftain (DS, DL, DE)
-Highland Swordmaster by Psyfer
-McKendrick's Irregular Flying Column (DS, DL, DE)
-Minotaur (DS, DL, DE)
-Mourning Wolf Alpha by Psyfer
-Rakshasa (DS, DL, DE)
-Rams (DS, DL, DE)
-Rams Air Cavalry (DS, DL, DE)
-'Rook (DS, DL, DE)
-Serenity's Guard ISC-9 (DS, DL, DE)
-Thorn (DS, DL, DE)

-Blue Banner Guard (DL, DE)
-Crimson Devil (DS, DL, DE)
-Geisha & Doboshu (DS, DL, DE)
-Hwarang & Shirabyoshi (DS, DL, DE)
-Jade Guard (DS, DL, DE)
-Lord Moya's Guard (DL, DE)
-Meka Pilot (DS, DL, DE)
-Montagnard (DS, DL, DE)
-Ozumo (DS, DL, DE)
-Tiger Dragon (DS, DL, DE)
-Yojimbo (DS, DL, DE)
-Wokou Raider (DS, DL, DE)
-Wu (DS, DL, DE)

Freelancer - All (DS, DL, DE)
-Mercenary Veteran
-Self-made Man

Bauhaus Orders
-Order of the Tankard (by BloodAxeKommando)
-Student Corporation (by BloodAxeKommando)

-Gunslinger (Ranged Weapons)

Ranged Weapons
Assault Rifles
-Capitol M50A4 Aquatic Assault Rifle
-Capitol M74A1 Assault Carbine
-Imperial Mk. LVI Farquhar-Hyte Machine Rifle
-Mishima No. 3 “Shinnyuusha” Battle Rifle

Civilian Rifles
-Bauhaus AG-14 "Hauswehr" Rifle
-Capitol M76 Liberty Rifle
-Capitol "Silverline" Rifle
-Imperial "Squire" Rifle
-Mishima No. 12 "Yumi" Rifle
-Trishula Banduk
-Trishula Toradar
-Whitestar “Samopal” Rifle

Grenade Launchers
-Imperial Wolfbane Howler Grenade Launcher
-Capitol Raven Type II

-Bauhaus vz.52 Autopistol
-Capitol Frontier Revolver
-Capitol Service Special Revolver
-Cartel Avalanche Pistol
-Imperial Howdah Pistol
-Trishula Tamanchah

-M25 Nerve Gas grenade
-Buckshot Load

-Bauhaus Bergdahl MP-95 “Hellreaver”
-Bauhaus vz.52 Artillery Carbine
-Capitol M28
-Imperial Mk. IIIc Vindicator
-Imperial Mk. IIIs Eliminator

-Capitol Wolf Shotgun
-Capitol Wolf Shotgun Sawn-Off
-Trishula Sherbachah

Sniper Rifles
-Trishula Jezzail

-Trishula Gingal

Rocket Launchers
-Trishula Taramandal

Melee Weapons
-Combat Knife
-Cybertronic CS600 Gigadeath Chainripper
-Imperial Clansman Broadsword
-Imperial Kukri
-Imperial Wolfbane Claws of the Wolf
-Imperial Wolfbane Headhunter Battleaxe
-Imperial Wolfbane Iron Bola
-Imperial Wolfbane Pick-Hammer
-Imperial Wolfbane Tangle Chain
-Imperial Wolfbane War Hound "Nepharite" Hammer
-Mishima Duskdealer Spear
-Mishima Nagamaki
-Mishima Naginata
-Mishima Tetsubo

Weapon upgrades
-Mishima Shikomizue

-Armored Leggings/Greaves
-DArk Eden Tribal Armor
-Imperial Mk. IIb Jungle Combat Armor
-Mishima Blue Banner Armor
-Mishima Crimson Devil armor (modified Sode battlesuit)
-Whitestar Armor creation system

-Grapnel Launcher
-Imperial Universal Entrenching Tool

Legacy Items
-Grey MD
-External Load Bearing Frame
-Reinforced Nanotube Plating
-Assisted Energy Projector – Ape Arm

-Bauhaus Licorne Combat Bike
-Bauhaus Panthere Wheeled Transport
-Bauhaus Strike Skimmer
-Cybertronic Eradicator Deathdroid by RickardFriskEngelbrektsson
-Imperial Hurricane Walker Loadouts
-Mishima Kobaya Hover Transport

Imperial Minor Clans
-Clan Amis (Rules only)
-Clan Bachleda
-Clan Bruce (Rules only)
-Clan Cavanaugh
-Clan Clarke
-Clan de Wet
-Clan Ellis
-Clan Empaya (Rules only)
-Clan Faulkner
-Clan Hidalgo (Rules only)
-Clan Iwi (+ Tiki creation rules)
-Clan Kingsfield (Dark Symmetry era)
-Clan Leary
-Clan Macrae
-Clan McArthur
-Clan McRobert (Rules only)
-Clan O'Connor
-Clan O'Shaughnessy
-Clan Rowan
-Clan Singh
-Clan St. John-Ross (Dark Symmetry era)
-Clan Taggart

Capitol Regional Origin (DS, DL, DE)

Bauhaus Noble Houses (DS, DL, DE)
-House Arenberg
-House Argyros
-House Belmon
-House d'Estaing
-House de Melo
-House Esterhazy
-House Gössinger
-House Halshany
-House Kolowrat
-House Kyburg
-House Savelli
-House Wolitzky
-House Vivero
-Generic Noble Houses

Career Development System
-Basic Careers
-Imperial Black and Tan Witch Hunter
-Imperial Wolfbanes

-Whitestar optional environments (Siberia, Ukraine, Caucasus)
-How to roll a character born into Cybertronic
-Bauhaus Noble family structure
-Alternate Military Ranks

Gaming Aids
-Wound Sheets by QBird

Original First Post
Some time ago while preparing my Fukido campaign I was asked by a player if he could play a highlander, I said "no problem". Then Nathan disabused me of the notion that I would see the career in the coming months. So I sat down and created my own, because I needed the career. So here's the Highland Clan warrior career for those interested:

Military (Highland Clan Warrior) Career
Strength – 2
Physique – 2
Agility – 3
Awareness – 1
Coordination – 1
Intelligence – 0
Mental Strength – 2
Personality – 0

Mandatory Skills - Athletics, Close Combat, Resistance.
Elective Skills - Acrobatics, Observation, Ranged Weapons.
Signature Skill - Acrobatics, Athletics, Close Combat, Resistance.
Talent - Select one talent from Mandatory Skills.
Equipment - Mk. II Medium Combat Armour, Lyon & Atkinson PSA Mk. XIV ‘Aggressor’ handgun, Punisher shortsword
Earnings – 2

I based the career on the info provided in the 1ed books, like the fact that they are the best swordsmen in Imperial and disdain Wolfbane tactics. The only thing that I didn't do is to give every single one of them a claymore as the 1ed suggested.

The next thing I did was to change how the Blood Beret and Golden Lions were depicted.
The Blood Berets never used plasma weapons in 1ed/Warzone, they were the Invader armed paratroopers. So I changed that:

Blood Beret (Classic)
Replace Mk. XLIII plasma carbine with Mk. XIb ‘Invader’ battle rifle.

Next up were the Golden Lions, and boy are they strange in 3ed. In 1ed/Warzone they were the experts in hostile takeover and fighting Cybertronic, armed with plasma guns that could drop a Cuirassier. In 3ed they are Imperial's version of the Bauhaus Ulfwerner/Capitol Wolverine, armed with claws. I think the idea is solid, but changing an established unit that has been around since forever isn't rocking my boat (I would have preferred a new unit).

Golden Lion (Classic) Iconic Career
Mandatory Skills - Athletics, Close Combat, Ranged Weapons.
Elective Skills - Resistance, Willpower, Unarmed Combat.
Signature Skill - Athletics, Close Combat, Ranged Weapons, Willpower.
Equipment - Mk. IV ‘Felis Pattern’ Combat Proximity Armour (replaces Mk. III), Dagger, Mk. XLIII plasma carbine
Earnings – 3

If anyone is interested in seeing more of the things that I'm working on, drop me line. Right now I'm writing up civilian hunting rifles and the Wolfbane armory of odd and deadly weapons.

PS: The Iconic Career picture for Blood Berets shows Sergeant Michael Mcbride, one of 1ed Imperial heroes akin to Sean Gallagher.
PPS: I'm also working on creating my own clans, got 3 already.
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Marcin.Skupnik said Dec 30, 2015 00:48:31
Here's a small preview of the table on which lesser clans will be rolled, with the Earth origin in brackets:

1 Amis (Canada - Quebec?)
2 Bachleda (Polish)
3 Bruce (Australian)
4 Cavanaugh (Irish)
5 Clarke (English)
6 de Wet (South African Boer)
7 Ellis (Canadian - Nova Scotia)
8 Empaya (Nepali)
9 Faulkner (English)
10 Hidalgo (Spanish?)
11 Iwi (New Zealand Maori)
12 Leary (Irish)
13 Macrae (Scottish/Welsh/Cornish)
14 McArthur (Scottish)
15 McRobert (Australian)
16 O'Connor (Scottish)
17 O'Shaughnessy (Irish)
18 Rowan (English)
19 Singh (Indian)
20 Taggart (Scottish)
MC3 homebrewer. Check the thread!
CA-138 Deathlockdrum - when you want to put a grenade launcher on a grenade launcher, so you can launch grenades when launching grenades.
Marcin.Skupnik said Jan 14, 2016 17:45:09
Returning after a break, here are some Freelancer ICs.

Freelancer Vigilante
The Yellow Stinger, the Morningmist Associates Inc., the Cavalier Clansman, these names are standard fare to any pulp adventure fan. Capitol presses run hot trying to deliver the magnificent adventures of these heroes to young boys all over the solar system. But truth is stranger than fiction, for legends have a tendency to become true. Criminals in hidden speakeasies tend to whisper that there are people out the hunting them, vigilantes not bound by law or morality. These men and women seek revenge on those who have wronged them and often posses the right amount of luck and skill to survive. Wearing disguises as a nod to their inspirations, they prowl the dark corners of the world, while living off the ill-gotten gains of the criminals they defeated.
Prerequisites: None.
Difficulty: 3
Mandatory Skills – One combat skill (Close Combat, Ranged Weapons or Unarmed Combat), Observation, Willpower.
Elective Skills – Insight, Lifestyle, Persuade.
Signature Skills – Chosen Combat Skill, Insight, Observation, Willpower
Talents – One talent from chosen combat skill, one talent from Insight, Observation, or Willpower.
Equipment – One weapon from the corporate, Brotherhood, or Cartel weapons list excluding heavy weapons; appropriate costume.
Earnings – 5

Special –
-Capitol characters entering this career gain a Fame rating of 4 when wearing their vigilante disguise.
-If the weapon chosen requires ammunition assume the character has secured a source for it which sells it at the standard price.

Freelancer Bohemian
For all its refinement the fine society lacks panache, no amount of gilding can cover incest and idiocy. The true elite of the worlds lives in garrets and basements, sustaining themselves with stimulants and discussions, forever caught between the fantasy and reality. These people, the Bohemians are the poets and writers, the critics and actors of the urbane urban society. To become one of them is to accept certain hardships in return for belonging to the most intellectual group in existence. The membership is varied and comes from all corporations and walks of life, from the haiku-writing sake-swilling Mishiman peasant poet to the flamboyant Imperial noble actor in a velvet suit, everyone can become a Bohemian. As long as he can measure up to the standards of the society.
Prerequisites: Education Expertise 2.
Difficulty: 1
Mandatory Skills – Education, Linguistics, Persuade.
Elective Skills – Insight, Lifestyle, Observation.
Signature Skills - Education, Lifestyle, Linguistics, Persuade.
Talents – Two talents from Education, Lifestyle, Linguistics, or Persuade.
Equipment – A wardrobe of bespoke avant-garde clothing, standing invitation to all local clubs and venues.
Earnings – 2

Freelancer Mercenary Veteran
The life of a mercenary is often harsh and short, he is disposable since his only loyalty is to his paycheck. Those mercenaries who manage to survive tend to become hardened warriors, who have the same skills and abilities as the best of the corporate special forces. Their employers know that the high price tag comes with a guarantee that the task set before them will be done, come hell or high water. The Mercenary Veteran can expect to be provided with access to the best weapons and armor on the market, with the employer often giving them a discount as part of the deal. When not acting alone they often serve as commanding officers for groups of less experienced mercenaries.
Prerequisites: Close Combat Expertise 1, Ranged Weapons Expertise 1.
Difficulty: 2
Mandatory Skills – Close Combat, Ranged Weapons, Resistance.
Elective Skills – Athletics, Heavy Weapons, Survival.
Signature Skills - Close Combat, Heavy Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Resistance.
Talents – Two talents from Close Combat, Heavy Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Resistance.
Equipment – One ranged weapon from the corporate armory (with a total sum of Restriction and Cost not exceeding 15 points), one armor from the corporate armory (with a total sum of Restriction and Cost not exceeding 25 points), bayonet or sword.
Earnings – 3.

And now for some Bauhaus stuff, two ICs based on Warzone.

Bauhaus Jaegers
The Jaegers are recruited from those Homebuilders which have been raised in the Venusian jungles. These men and women are experts in jungle survival, stealth and ambush tactics. Jaeger squads operate similar to a wolf pack, circling the enemy, forcing him to flee and then attacking when their chosen prey has found itself in an exposed location. Jaeger training includes extensive preparation in traversing vertical obstacles and dangerous terrain, making them the best ambush units in the Bauhaus military.
Created to
Prerequisites: Bauhaus, Military (Hussar) primary career, Stealth Expertise 1, from Venus.
Difficulty: 2
Mandatory Skills – Athletics, Ranged Weapons, Stealth.
Elective Skills – Acrobatics, Close Combat, Survival.
Signature Skills - Athletics, Ranged Weapons, Stealth, Survival.
Talents – One talent from Stealth, one talent from Athletics, Ranged Weapons, or Survival.
Equipment - Climbing gear.
Earnings – 3

Bauhaus Grenadiers
The military tactics of Bauhaus are simple, the Dragoons in their vehicles create a breach and the Hussars secure it. This tactic however doesn't work when Bauhaus installations are attacked. The solution to this problem was to create units specializing in defensive warfare, which would be staffed with the most experienced Hussars and equipped with the heaviest weapons available. These units became infantry troops integrated with Dragoon units chosen for defensive operations. Today the Grenadiers are the best heavy infantry Bauhaus has in its military.
Prerequisites: Bauhaus, Military (Hussar) primary career, ten or more years in military careers.
Difficulty: 2
Mandatory Skills – Close Combat, Ranged Weapons, Willpower.
Elective Skills – Gunnery, Heavy Weapons, Mechanics.
Signature Skills - Close Combat, Heavy Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Willpower.
Talents – Two talents from Close Combat, Heavy Weapons, Ranged Weapons, or Willpower.
Equipment - AG-19 Kampfkanone, Guardsman Mk. III Armor
Earnings – 2

The Jaegers are from 2nd Edition of Warzone and the Grenadiers were called Dragoons in Warzone, now they needed a new name.

As always, if you see something not right write it here. I have written the basics of 13 Bauhaus noble families, but I just can't find the time to do more with them.
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Marcin.Skupnik said Jan 16, 2016 01:18:10
Here's a bit of non-crunch lore that I've created for my games. If you want to see more of such stuff, compared to just crunchy ICs and equipment, tell me.

The Hereditary Knights
The serenity has a series of representative functions, as the highest member of the Imperial corporation. She or he is not able to be everywhere at the same time, to fulfil its role the Paladine serenities have established the role of Hereditary Knights, chosen clansmen who can represent the serenity during ceremonies. The title and duties are passed from generation to generation, from parent to child. A family chosen for this role from Imperial citizens is exalted above their compatriots in honour and status, but does not receive supplemental money or support for maintaining the privilege of representing the Serenity. While the Serenity can choose its representatives at will and transfer the honour to someone more deserving, it's only done in two cases, the first being a complete disgrace of the line and the second being the line's demise.

The Knight of the Black – Mercury – Sir Charles Armand FitzClaire of clan Kingsfield
The position of the Knight of the Black is the most rakish and wild one, representing the Serenity on Mercury is like playing with matches in a puddle of gasoline, a game not for the faint hearted. Charles FitzClaire loves every minute of it, he is young, attractive and cuts a striking figure in the papers. He's also a drunkard, gambler and prefers his bed companions male and shameless. The press adores him for it.

The Knight of the Red – Mars – Her Honour Lady Minerva Breville of clan Murdoch
Representing the Serenity on Mars combines the two things Imperial does best, warfare and business. For the Imperials on Mars lady Minerva is the personification of Imperial. Just like her fellow clansmen the lady Minerva is an extremely conservative traditionalist, and as the Knight of the Red she is perfect for the position being a former military judge advocate.

The Knight of the Green – Venus – Sir Timothy Wemyss of clan MacGuire
Timothy Wemyss looks like the wrong man for the job, he is a frail bespectacled academic who looks ridiculous in his robes of office. Whenever he has to discharge his duty people tend to snicker. What they fail to understand is that Timothy wants them to, he's a crafty liar who has dedicated his life to serving Semai. He slowly undermines Imperial's presence on Venus, hoping that one day it will collapse, then he will be the one who'll snicker and laugh.

The Knight of the Blue – Asteroids and Ganymede – Vacant (Previously Sir Reginald Gallagher of clan Gallagher)
The position of the Knight of the Blue has remained open after the death of Reginald Gallagher, and for now it doesn't seem that a likely candidate will present himself in the future. The role of the Blue Knight is to constantly wander between the asteroids to show every single clan at home there, that they are a part of something greater than a company.

The Knight of the White – Luna – Lady Kelynen Pengalion of clan Paladine
Since the Serenity resides on Luna the role of the Knight of the White is different from the others, he or she is the Master/Mistress of the Robes and a senior official of the royal household. This role has been discharged by the elderly Lady Kelynen Pengalion for more than forty years now, whose statuesque presence is felt by everyone wishing to intrude upon the privacy of the serenity. There are talks that soon she will relinquish her position for a life of retirement, with many speculating which of her many children will be chosen for the position.

Clan Structure
The clan structure in Imperial is both easy and complicated, contrary to the nobility of Bauhaus the members of a clan are roughly equal to each other with the exception of the families of the chieftains, who can be ousted from their position by their fellows.
The clan is ruled by two principles, that of hospitality and one rule. The clan has to provide for its members, there is no greater shame to a chief than to have his clan members begging on the streets because he cannot provide for them. If a chief fails to care for his clan his days are numbered, he will most likely be banished on the spot by the enraged clansmen. The clan is ruled by one chief, there are few exceptions to this rule in Imperial. The chief is seen as the owner of all clan lands and companies, he is the clan personified before the law and within the clan his word is law.
The position of clan chief is hereditary, passed along members of the main clan line in an ancient system called the tanistry. In this system the clan chieftains choose the clan chief from eligible heirs to the title, similar to how a CEO of a company is chosen by the board of directors. Most of the time the choice is simple, the chiefdom being passed between two generations of the same family, sometimes however it is a political free-for-all in which lines are drawn and grudges made. The chosen heir is called the Tanist.
Beneath the clan chief are the chieftains, they are the heads of the other families in the clan and represent their septs or extended families. They represent both the people of their families and the specific elements of the family business. Some families, like the Grendels of clan Bartholomew, are so integrated into a single field of expertise that it defines their role in the clan. The sept chieftains are chosen in a similar way to the clan chief or inherit their position from their parents, depending on the particular system preferred by the family.
The rest of the clan is made up out of ordinary clan members, who toil in the name of the clan they are part of, receiving in return the loyalty and service of their chiefs who are there to care for them.

Example clan structure:
Clan Taggart
Clan Chief: Marchioness Imelda Taggart
Tanist: Baron Christopher Taggart of Mars, Imelda's youngest brother
Clan Chieftains
Clan Taggart has a total of 28 families, the chieftains of the ten largest ones which make up 60% of the clan are:
Chieftain Lionel Taggart of the Taggarts of Venus
Chieftain Preston Taggart of the Taggarts of Mars
Chieftess Elianor Bostwick
Chieftain Bruce Skeene
Chieftess Colonel Kathryn Munro of the Munros of Mars
Chieftain William Munro of the Munros of Venus
Chieftain Robert Tovie MSCP
Chieftess Morag O'May
Chieftain the Honourable Rhys Lamont
Chieftess Catriona Young
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RickardFriskEngelbrektsson said Jan 16, 2016 09:08:19
By request:

Eradicator deathdroid:
Str: 16 (+2)
Phys: 16 (+2)
Ag: 8
Aw: 9
Int: -6

Head: 8
Arms: 10
Torso: 14
Legs: 12
Critical: 9
Serious: 13

Soak: Armoured Chassi (all: 7)

Melee attack as Cybernetic fist when striking opponent with a firearm.
Twin linked SSW6000
Two choices of:
Titan megablaster

All weapons equipped with guncam, safe target system and Combat software (Basic target computer)

Special rules:
Supernatural Strenght 2
Supernatural Physique 2
Monstrous creature

This Chassi is made for a Cuirassier and follow the normal rules for Curassier bodies.

I´m not entirely sure about not having some kind och chainsaw as a choice for close combat but time will tell.
ShadowWalker said Jan 16, 2016 09:47:48
I have no Cyber book so do not know rules from it but it is weird that you wrote ED as you would a living monstrous creature (like Legion ones) rather than walker type vehicle controlled by A.I. Also Gigadeath Chainripper is a must have ;)
[Last edited Jan 16, 2016 09:56:52]
RickardFriskEngelbrektsson said Jan 16, 2016 10:13:22
Well it's because it's not a vehicle. I was debating either vehicle or chassi but decided chassi was the more logical option. The Cybertronic book uses the Attila units as chassis and I thought it proper that the deathdroid also functions as a chassi. The Monstrous creature rule just helps the deathdroid avoid the brace rules.
I agree to some point abou the chainripper but haven't had the time too invent it since it isn't in the Cybertronic book.
Marcin.Skupnik said Jan 16, 2016 10:17:32
I´m not entirely sure about not having some kind och chainsaw as a choice for close combat but time will tell.

I've got your back:

Cybertronic CS600 Gigadeath Chainripper
The Gigadeath is the largest chainripper on the market. It is a massive collection of synthetic diamond teeth able to cut through anything. The Gigadeath's size precludes it from being wielded by a normal human, but if Cybertronic ever produces a man-portable version it will corner the chainripper market in seconds. The CS600 is normally mounted on an Eradicator Deathdroid, otherwise it is used as a cutting tool in Cybertronics mining operations.
Damage – 2 + 5d6
Encumbrance - 20
Size – Unwieldy
Reliability - C
Qualities – AP 2, Vicious 3

I have no Cyber book so do not know rules from it but it is weird that you wrote ED as you would a living monstrous creature (like Legion ones) rather than walker type vehicle controlled by A.I.

The write up is good, looks like the one in the CB book, sans fluff. The only thing that is missing is the Mental Strength entry.
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RickardFriskEngelbrektsson said Jan 16, 2016 10:25:37
Nice, then just add the cs600 to the options of the two choices.

Mental strength is govenred by the core, not the chassi. Hence no MS value.
Marcin.Skupnik said Jan 16, 2016 10:29:07
Every Cuirassier entry has "Mental Equal to Mental Strength", I prefer to keep to the pattern from the books to avoid guesswork later on.
MC3 homebrewer. Check the thread!
CA-138 Deathlockdrum - when you want to put a grenade launcher on a grenade launcher, so you can launch grenades when launching grenades.
ShadowWalker said Jan 16, 2016 10:29:35
It is not vehicle per se but it has more similarities with Meka than Attila androids. That is why it would be in my opinion better to treat it as walker type vehicle. Also I would add at least Armour Piercing 1 to Gigadeath Chainripper ;)
[Last edited Jan 16, 2016 10:34:27]
RickardFriskEngelbrektsson said Jan 16, 2016 10:51:35
The reason I chose to write it as a chassi is that the vehicle rules make it hard for the pilot to shoot in the same turn as moving. While the chassi with the monstrous creature rule gets to move and shoot as a npc would. This, with the basic target system lets the ED put out an enormous amount of firepower each round at decent accuracy. It will however move quite slow. That's my view of the ED. A slowmoving weaponsplatform. Not a "fast" oneshot vehicle. Maybe it's just my enterpretation of the rules but vehicles feel less effective than soldiers.
Marcin.Skupnik said Jan 16, 2016 13:07:53
Changed the stats on the CS600, now closer to what it should be.
MC3 homebrewer. Check the thread!
CA-138 Deathlockdrum - when you want to put a grenade launcher on a grenade launcher, so you can launch grenades when launching grenades.
Marcin.Skupnik said Jan 25, 2016 04:01:51
Just a small post with the converted Lord Moya's Guard.

Mishima Lord Moya's Guard
A thousand Samurai serve Lord Moya as a special unit, they are used whenever the darkest tunnels and caverns of Mercury need to be cleansed. They remain in those lightless tunnels for months at a time, until their mission is done. This hard duty would drive a lesser men insane, this is why the Guard takes only the best. The volunteers must pass a series of test to be admitted to the Guard, one of such test sees the prospect locked in a room devoid of light and sound, only after a month spent within is a samurai deemed worthy of continuing with the other tests.
Besides tunnel warfare the Guard is used as a flanking force and a tool of retribution against the Dark Legion. Many temples of heretics have been destroyed by a stealthy attack performed by Lord Moya's Guard.
Prerequisites: Mishima (Any Samurai), from Mercury, Willpower Expertise 1.
Difficulty: 3
Mandatory Skills – Close Combat, Ranged Weapons, Willpower.
Elective Skills – Acrobatics, Stealth, Survival.
Signature Skills – Close Combat, Ranged Weapons, Survival, Willpower.
Talents – One talent from Willpower, one talent from Close Combat, Ranged Weapons, or Survival.
Equipment – Climbing gear, Night vision goggles. Add the following if previously unowned Daisho, No. 1 Shogun assault rifle, Sode battlesuit.
Earnings – 4
MC3 homebrewer. Check the thread!
CA-138 Deathlockdrum - when you want to put a grenade launcher on a grenade launcher, so you can launch grenades when launching grenades.
Psyfer said Jan 31, 2016 06:09:25
This is an interesting thread to follow, do you mind if other people add careers to it?
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Marcin.Skupnik said Feb 04, 2016 00:41:50
Hey, no I don't mind. In fact it would make me happy.

MC3 homebrewer. Check the thread!
CA-138 Deathlockdrum - when you want to put a grenade launcher on a grenade launcher, so you can launch grenades when launching grenades.
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