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posted Oct 24, 2015 06:55:09 by Marcin.Skupnik
Welcome to the Homebrew thread, a place to post your own creations or find new materials for your games. This thread is dedicated to new careers, weapons, armor, vehicles and so on. You'll also find new or extended options for character creation. Below is an irregularly updated index of all the things posted here.
Feel free to make requests, post your own creations and/or comment on the materials posted here.

Thread Index (15.03.2017)

Eras - DS/Dark Symmetry, DL/Dark Legion, DE/Dark Eden)

-Bauhaus Student Corporation (DS, DL, DE)
-Police Academy (DS, DL, DE)

Primary Careers
-Farmer/Frontiersman (Fisherman) (DS, DL, DE)
-Freelance Mercenary (DS, DL, DE)

-Goumier Career (DL, DE)

-Criminal (Mafia Associate) Career (DS, DL, DE)

-Military (Blue Jacket) (DS, DL, DE)
-Military (Highland Clan Warrior) Career (DS, DL, DE)
-Military (Mourning Wolf) Career by Psyfer

Iconic Careers
-Anarchist (DL, DE)
-Free Shooter (DL, DE)
-Grenadier (DS, DL, DE)
-Hooded Judge (DS, DL, DE)
-Jaeger (DS, DL, DE)
-Jungle Kommando (DS, DL, DE)
-Legion (DL, DE)
-Spahi (DL, DE)
-Storm Zouave (DL, DE)
-Strike Kommando (DS, DL, DE)
-Toreador (DS, DL, DE)
-Ulfwerner (DE)

-Admiral Colby's Guard (DS, DL, DE)
-Antagon (DE)
-Assault Marine (DS, DL, DE)
-Barking Spyder (DL, DE)
-Desert Scorpion (DS, DL, DE)
-Filibuster (DS, DL, DE)
-Homesteader (DS, DL, DE)
-Made Man(DS, DL, DE)
-Martian Ranger (DS, DL, DE)
-Pathfinder Scout (DS, DL, DE)
-Polaris Trident (DS, DL, DE)
-Ranger (DS, DL, DE)
-Special Crimes Division (DS, DL, DE)

-Vector (DL, DE)

-Black and Tan (DL, DE)
-Black Heart (DL, DE)
-Bloody Beret (Variant) (DL, DE)
-Fallen Angel (DE)
-Ghillie (DS, DL, DE)
-Golden Lion (Variant) (DS, DL, DE)
-Her Serenity's Life Dragoons (DS, DL, DE)
-Highland Clan Chieftain (DS, DL, DE)
-Highland Swordmaster by Psyfer
-McKendrick's Irregular Flying Column (DS, DL, DE)
-Minotaur (DS, DL, DE)
-Mourning Wolf Alpha by Psyfer
-Rakshasa (DS, DL, DE)
-Rams (DS, DL, DE)
-Rams Air Cavalry (DS, DL, DE)
-'Rook (DS, DL, DE)
-Serenity's Guard ISC-9 (DS, DL, DE)
-Thorn (DS, DL, DE)

-Blue Banner Guard (DL, DE)
-Crimson Devil (DS, DL, DE)
-Geisha & Doboshu (DS, DL, DE)
-Hwarang & Shirabyoshi (DS, DL, DE)
-Jade Guard (DS, DL, DE)
-Lord Moya's Guard (DL, DE)
-Meka Pilot (DS, DL, DE)
-Montagnard (DS, DL, DE)
-Ozumo (DS, DL, DE)
-Tiger Dragon (DS, DL, DE)
-Yojimbo (DS, DL, DE)
-Wokou Raider (DS, DL, DE)
-Wu (DS, DL, DE)

Freelancer - All (DS, DL, DE)
-Mercenary Veteran
-Self-made Man

Bauhaus Orders
-Order of the Tankard (by BloodAxeKommando)
-Student Corporation (by BloodAxeKommando)

-Gunslinger (Ranged Weapons)

Ranged Weapons
Assault Rifles
-Capitol M50A4 Aquatic Assault Rifle
-Capitol M74A1 Assault Carbine
-Imperial Mk. LVI Farquhar-Hyte Machine Rifle
-Mishima No. 3 “Shinnyuusha” Battle Rifle

Civilian Rifles
-Bauhaus AG-14 "Hauswehr" Rifle
-Capitol M76 Liberty Rifle
-Capitol "Silverline" Rifle
-Imperial "Squire" Rifle
-Mishima No. 12 "Yumi" Rifle
-Trishula Banduk
-Trishula Toradar
-Whitestar “Samopal” Rifle

Grenade Launchers
-Imperial Wolfbane Howler Grenade Launcher
-Capitol Raven Type II

-Bauhaus vz.52 Autopistol
-Capitol Frontier Revolver
-Capitol Service Special Revolver
-Cartel Avalanche Pistol
-Imperial Howdah Pistol
-Trishula Tamanchah

-M25 Nerve Gas grenade
-Buckshot Load

-Bauhaus Bergdahl MP-95 “Hellreaver”
-Bauhaus vz.52 Artillery Carbine
-Capitol M28
-Imperial Mk. IIIc Vindicator
-Imperial Mk. IIIs Eliminator

-Capitol Wolf Shotgun
-Capitol Wolf Shotgun Sawn-Off
-Trishula Sherbachah

Sniper Rifles
-Trishula Jezzail

-Trishula Gingal

Rocket Launchers
-Trishula Taramandal

Melee Weapons
-Combat Knife
-Cybertronic CS600 Gigadeath Chainripper
-Imperial Clansman Broadsword
-Imperial Kukri
-Imperial Wolfbane Claws of the Wolf
-Imperial Wolfbane Headhunter Battleaxe
-Imperial Wolfbane Iron Bola
-Imperial Wolfbane Pick-Hammer
-Imperial Wolfbane Tangle Chain
-Imperial Wolfbane War Hound "Nepharite" Hammer
-Mishima Duskdealer Spear
-Mishima Nagamaki
-Mishima Naginata
-Mishima Tetsubo

Weapon upgrades
-Mishima Shikomizue

-Armored Leggings/Greaves
-DArk Eden Tribal Armor
-Imperial Mk. IIb Jungle Combat Armor
-Mishima Blue Banner Armor
-Mishima Crimson Devil armor (modified Sode battlesuit)
-Whitestar Armor creation system

-Grapnel Launcher
-Imperial Universal Entrenching Tool

Legacy Items
-Grey MD
-External Load Bearing Frame
-Reinforced Nanotube Plating
-Assisted Energy Projector – Ape Arm

-Bauhaus Licorne Combat Bike
-Bauhaus Panthere Wheeled Transport
-Bauhaus Strike Skimmer
-Cybertronic Eradicator Deathdroid by RickardFriskEngelbrektsson
-Imperial Hurricane Walker Loadouts
-Mishima Kobaya Hover Transport

Imperial Minor Clans
-Clan Amis (Rules only)
-Clan Bachleda
-Clan Bruce (Rules only)
-Clan Cavanaugh
-Clan Clarke
-Clan de Wet
-Clan Ellis
-Clan Empaya (Rules only)
-Clan Faulkner
-Clan Hidalgo (Rules only)
-Clan Iwi (+ Tiki creation rules)
-Clan Kingsfield (Dark Symmetry era)
-Clan Leary
-Clan Macrae
-Clan McArthur
-Clan McRobert (Rules only)
-Clan O'Connor
-Clan O'Shaughnessy
-Clan Rowan
-Clan Singh
-Clan St. John-Ross (Dark Symmetry era)
-Clan Taggart

Capitol Regional Origin (DS, DL, DE)

Bauhaus Noble Houses (DS, DL, DE)
-House Arenberg
-House Argyros
-House Belmon
-House d'Estaing
-House de Melo
-House Esterhazy
-House Gössinger
-House Halshany
-House Kolowrat
-House Kyburg
-House Savelli
-House Wolitzky
-House Vivero
-Generic Noble Houses

Career Development System
-Basic Careers
-Imperial Black and Tan Witch Hunter
-Imperial Wolfbanes

-Whitestar optional environments (Siberia, Ukraine, Caucasus)
-How to roll a character born into Cybertronic
-Bauhaus Noble family structure
-Alternate Military Ranks

Gaming Aids
-Wound Sheets by QBird

Original First Post
Some time ago while preparing my Fukido campaign I was asked by a player if he could play a highlander, I said "no problem". Then Nathan disabused me of the notion that I would see the career in the coming months. So I sat down and created my own, because I needed the career. So here's the Highland Clan warrior career for those interested:

Military (Highland Clan Warrior) Career
Strength – 2
Physique – 2
Agility – 3
Awareness – 1
Coordination – 1
Intelligence – 0
Mental Strength – 2
Personality – 0

Mandatory Skills - Athletics, Close Combat, Resistance.
Elective Skills - Acrobatics, Observation, Ranged Weapons.
Signature Skill - Acrobatics, Athletics, Close Combat, Resistance.
Talent - Select one talent from Mandatory Skills.
Equipment - Mk. II Medium Combat Armour, Lyon & Atkinson PSA Mk. XIV ‘Aggressor’ handgun, Punisher shortsword
Earnings – 2

I based the career on the info provided in the 1ed books, like the fact that they are the best swordsmen in Imperial and disdain Wolfbane tactics. The only thing that I didn't do is to give every single one of them a claymore as the 1ed suggested.

The next thing I did was to change how the Blood Beret and Golden Lions were depicted.
The Blood Berets never used plasma weapons in 1ed/Warzone, they were the Invader armed paratroopers. So I changed that:

Blood Beret (Classic)
Replace Mk. XLIII plasma carbine with Mk. XIb ‘Invader’ battle rifle.

Next up were the Golden Lions, and boy are they strange in 3ed. In 1ed/Warzone they were the experts in hostile takeover and fighting Cybertronic, armed with plasma guns that could drop a Cuirassier. In 3ed they are Imperial's version of the Bauhaus Ulfwerner/Capitol Wolverine, armed with claws. I think the idea is solid, but changing an established unit that has been around since forever isn't rocking my boat (I would have preferred a new unit).

Golden Lion (Classic) Iconic Career
Mandatory Skills - Athletics, Close Combat, Ranged Weapons.
Elective Skills - Resistance, Willpower, Unarmed Combat.
Signature Skill - Athletics, Close Combat, Ranged Weapons, Willpower.
Equipment - Mk. IV ‘Felis Pattern’ Combat Proximity Armour (replaces Mk. III), Dagger, Mk. XLIII plasma carbine
Earnings – 3

If anyone is interested in seeing more of the things that I'm working on, drop me line. Right now I'm writing up civilian hunting rifles and the Wolfbane armory of odd and deadly weapons.

PS: The Iconic Career picture for Blood Berets shows Sergeant Michael Mcbride, one of 1ed Imperial heroes akin to Sean Gallagher.
PPS: I'm also working on creating my own clans, got 3 already.
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ChristofferLundberg said Oct 24, 2015 10:28:25
Great work! Love to see more :)
Nathan.Dowdell said Oct 24, 2015 12:15:42
Next up were the Golden Lions, and boy are they strange in 3ed. In 1ed/Warzone they were the experts in hostile takeover and fighting Cybertronic, armed with plasma guns that could drop a Cuirassier. In 3ed they are Imperial's version of the Bauhaus Ulfwerner/Capitol Wolverine, armed with claws. I think the idea is solid, but changing an established unit that has been around since forever isn't rocking my boat (I would have preferred a new unit).

Wasn't really my choice:

The current Golden Lions that Prodos produce are these guys:

I was following that precedent (it's also why most factions have some form of power armour).

So, part of it is me wanting to use the newest imagery where I could (it wasn't a requirement, more a matter of preference
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Marcin.Skupnik said Oct 24, 2015 18:00:08
Great, will post more.

That explains a lot. I will probably make a clan built around the idea of the claw-wielding special forces, most likely based on South African Boer diamond mining (not De Beers, cough, I hate De Beers).
Oh and about power armor, Warzone had a lot of troops in what appeared to be power armor. Like the Mishiman Tiger Dragons.

Civilian Rifles
3ed has no civilian rifles. Interesting enough, civilian rifles in the 30s and 40s were either dedicated hunting rifles, range rifles for outdoorsmen (look up Marlin firearms), or civilian versions of military rifles (M1903 Springfield).
In Warzone it would be hard to reason why Cybertronic or the Brotherhood would produce such rifles. And until their splatbook comes out I'm not touching Whitestar, I just don't feel them. So I limited myself to the old 4 corporations.
Capitol and Imperial follow the hunting rifle idea, Capitol with a mass-market rifle sold through the MC version of Walmart and Imperial with a Purdey-style bespoke high-caliber rifle. Mishima and Bauhaus go the military-turned-civilian route, Mishima with the No. 15 'Archer' in assault rifle caliber and Bauhaus with the AG-17 toned down for militia and shooting-clubs.

Imperial "Squire" Rifle
The Squire is a catchall term for imperial heavy hunting rifles. These bespoke weapons are custom made to fit a specific shooter and his intended game. The large caliber and a heavy furniture make the rifles very stable but also hard to fire for the unprepared. With the ability to take down a Venusian water bull with one shot these rifles are the heaviest ordnance a civilian can acquire on the open market.
Damage – 2 + 4d6
Encumbrance – 6
Rate - Semi-Automatic
Range - M
Size – Unwieldy
Reliability - 3
Qualities – Unforgiving 2
Restriction - 2
Cost - 15

Mishima No. 12 "Yumi" Rifle - Tambu
The No. 12 rifle was designed for the education of young samurai in the arts of marksmanship. A modification of the No. 15 Archer, the No. 12 Yumi uses a small caliber bullet together with the solid construction of its older sibling. After being released to the wider public the rifle has gained a reputation as a good sporting rifle for those on a budget.
Damage – 1 + 5d6
Encumbrance – 4
Rate - Semi-Automatic
Range - L
Size – 2H
Reliability - 3
Qualities – None
Restriction - 2
Cost - 6

Bauhaus AG-14 "Hauswehr" Rifle
Together with the AG-11 and the SG-35 the AG-14 is used to to defend Homebuilder settlements across Venus. With its thumbhole grip and the antique full stock the Hauswehr is a weapon designed for the civilian user, with enough power to take down an armored soldier or a raging beast. Sold in a decorative case it also serves well as a decoration, for those who want to appear martial to friends and visitors.
Damage – 1 + 5d6
Encumbrance – 5
Rate - Semi-Automatic
Range - M
Size – 2H
Reliability - 4
Qualities – Unforgiving 2
Restriction - 2
Cost - 8

Capitol Silver-line Rifle – Wiley Rifleworks
A Capitolian classic, the Silver-line rifle variants have been sold on every planet over the last few hundred years. Their solid finish and affordable price, coupled with a caliber perfect for game hunting, have provided Wiley Rifleworks with a steady stream of income.
The rifle itself is a simple bolt-action box-fed design, offered either with a black walnut or a synthetic stock. The simplicity of the inner mechanisms make the rifle more reliable than anything the competition can offer.
Damage – 2 + 4d6
Encumbrance – 5
Rate - Semi-Auto
Range - L
Size – 2H
Reliability - 4
Qualities – None
Restriction - 2
Cost - 7

PS: Comments more than welcome!
PPS: Next up - two or three Imperial clans.
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JakeBernstein said Oct 26, 2015 03:58:41
THis is a great thread, I shall subscribe and contribute as I come up with stuff!
Carl Matthews said Oct 26, 2015 11:23:49
If you check out the Adventure Seeds thread, you can see some of the stuff I have been creating for my home games.
UK gamer; I have more books than most game stores!
Nathan.Dowdell said Oct 26, 2015 11:53:37
It won't reach you for a while, but there is actually a civilian hunting rifle in the Bauhaus book. It's mainly for Homebuilders and other frontier types.

The lightweight Hana-bi 50 in the Mishima Book also fits that category in terms of size and hitting power.
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Marcin.Skupnik said Oct 28, 2015 17:07:32
Nice, they fit in nicely with my own creations. An aside, the placement of equipment in the Mishima book was not the best.

And now for something completely different, four Imperial clans.

Clan Bachleda
Home: Bachleda Freeholds in the mountains south of Strathgordon, Mars

Not every populous clan is wealthy or powerful. Some possess just enough numbers to keep them from slipping towards oblivion. Clan Bachleda is such a clan, it has been created as a union of families that wished to combine their resources to join Imperial. They barely made it before Earth was lost, and even then they had sacrificed much in the process. The clan never figured prominently in Imperial history, its members worked mostly the family business unbothered by larger competitors. No corporation has ever tried to attack them, the reason is simple the Bachleda Clan has all of its lands in the shadowy mountains south of Strathgordon and instead of joining the Imperial military the members of Clan Bachleda serve in the Highlanders. Due to their longstanding association Bachleda Highlanders are exempt from wearing a kilt, instead they wear embroidered woolen pants with broad leather belts. Their chieftains and leaders also wear tall woolen hats, to better stand out from among the highlanders. Many members of Clan Bachleda join the Brotherhood, with several families sending their second sons and daughters to become members.
The family business of Clan Bachleda lies in shepherding, with small business interests in production of woolen clothes, cheese and meat products. Most of their woolen clothing goes directly to Strathgordon, to replace uniforms damaged in battle. Most clan members spend at least part of their life tending to the massive flocks of sheep grazing on the mountain slopes. This makes them hardy and inured to weather and discomfort.

Appearance: The Bachledas tend to look swarthy and rugged, a heritage of the mountain life they all grow up in. When not dressed for pasture or work, they become a whirlwind of lace and embroidery all contained in the finest wool Imperial has to offer. Both men and women prefer to wear their hair short, with men seldomly wearing a mustache or a beard.

Roll Family
1-7 – Bachleda Family
8-20 – Affiliated Family

Social standing: Bachleda 3, Affiliated Family 2.
Earnings rating: Bachleda 2, Affiliated Family 1.
Attribute bonuses: Agility, Strength, Physique
Skills: Animal Handling, Athletics, Survival

Trappings: Belt buckle or shoulder pad with clan emblem, decorative mountaineer's axe, broad leather belt studded with silver, an old painting of a highlander victory.

Galway (Standard)
Galway (Standard)
Langfrey (Standard)
New Bristol (Standard)
Paxton (Elite)
Choose One

Family Business: Farmer/Frontiersman or Highland Clan Warrior.

Adolescent Event table
Military Heritage
Weapons Fanatic
You Are Of The Land

Mountaineer's Axe (Melee Weapon)
A simple cane-like weapon with a small axehead that can be used as a climbing tool. Can be easily carried in polite society as a cane.

Damage: 1 + 4d6
Encumbrance: 2
Size – 1 handed
Reliability - 4
Qualities – AP 1
Restriction - 2
Cost – 4

Special – Counts as a tool for Athletics checks made while climbing, but not for sheer surfaces.

Inspired by the other highlanders of Europe.

Clan de Wet
Home: Johannstad, asteroid belt (241 Germania)

When the Murdochs created Imperial they offered membership to their best paying customers, Johann de Wet's diamond mining company was among them. Besides their wealth de Wet's expertise in mining proved to be of great benefit to the new corporation. With the colonization of the asteroid belt and the securing of the largest source of diamonds in the whole solar system de Wet's future was secure, or it should have been if not for the Sad Struggle. Clan de Wet was hit by bombings and assassinations, their mines were destroyed by Kingsfield terrorists while the peaceful clan could do little to protect itself. To turn the tables on their enemies, clan chief Martin de Wet created the Diamond Dogs, the most expensive military unit Imperial ever saw. Armed with experimental weapons they brought the fury of the clan against the Kingsfields and their allies. After the Struggle ended the clan rebuilt, only to be again attacked during the first corporate war, this time by Bauhaus. The clan barely survived and only because its deep coffers could pay for the losses. The constant attacks hardened the clan and made it one of the toughest around, just like the diamonds they mine. Then came the Loughtons and their ambition to subsume the small clan, with every move the larger clan tried to manipulate clan de Wet to surrender, and in response the de Wets reacted as they were taught to by history. They kidnapped the Loughton heir, cut off his index finger and sent it to the Loughton clan chieftain with a simple message, "stop or we'll send him back in pieces". The message worked, even though the Loughtons hate the de Wets to this day.
Clan de Wet has only one interest, precious stones. Their expertise in mining, working and selling them is second to none. For a time they almost controlled the flow of diamonds in between the planets. Even today the clan can throw its weight around to make sure the profits don't drop, but since the market is lucrative to everyone involved they rarely have to.

Appearance: The de Wets are mostly tall and blond, a sign of their heritage. They like to dress in expensive and understated clothes, the family being extremely dismissive of people wishing to flaunt wealth instead of living well. Contrary to the Murdochs the de Wets wear their hair short and their beards long and bushy, women often wear their hair tied into a ponytail.

Roll Family
1-12 – de Wet Family
13-20 – Affiliated Family

Social standing: de Wet 4, Affiliated Family 3.
Earnings rating: de Wet 5, Affiliated Family 2.
Attribute bonuses: Awareness, Intelligence, Mental Strength
Skills: Lifestyle, Sciences, Vacuum

Trappings: A diamond studded clan pin or ring, a Diamond Dog beret belonging to an ancestor, membership in an exclusive club, a collection of mining texts (personal library, sciences)

Langfrey (Standard)
IIT (Standard)
Wexford (Elite)
Babbage (Elite)
Paxton (Elite)
Choose One

Family Business: Corporate Executive.

Special: For Special Forces unit use the entry for Golden Lions in the Imperial book. Rename them as Diamond Dogs.

Adolescent Event table
Military Heritage
Tunnel Rat
Resistant to Pain

The promised replacement clan to use with the claw wielding special forces AKA "not my vision of Golden Lions".

Clan Faulkner
Home: Faulkner Compound, Luna City

There is no glory in being a shopkeeper and there are no statues of grocers around, but the elders of Clan Faulkner know that sooner or later every honest Imperial clansman will enter one of their businesses. And when the door bell rings and the register is tallied, Clan Faulkner will be more than pleased by the coin spent by their fellow man. Clan Faulkner is just another necessity of Imperial life, they are their business and nothing more. Whether one enters their flagship store on Luna or one of the lesser department stores spread around Imperial holdings, the 'Faulkners' always offer the same level of solid and dependable service. From bespoke clothing for the wealthy to the work clothes of the masses, they offer it all. And to cater to the other needs of the Imperial populace they also control a wide net of supermarkets and smaller grocery stores, offering the necessities which no Imperial citizen could live without.
The family history is simple, they were always grocers and mercers, and they will remain such until humanity gasps its last. Since before the founding of Imperial Clan Faulkner has run department stores, and it never took sides in the internal conflicts, since it knew that everyone will sooner or later buy from them. Members of Clan Faulkner do not bother with military service and science, they know there are enough clans to cover those fields. Instead they concentrate on being the best general merchants in Imperial, protecting the market and the populace from other corporations strong-arm tactics.

Appearance: The Faulkners all dress simply and conservatively, unless they are trying to sell the newest fashions. Combined with a small stature and unimposing presence they are the most harmless looking people in Imperial, until someone tries to cheat them in a deal or rob them at gunpoint that is.

Roll Family
1-12 – Faulkner Family
13-20 – Affiliated Family

Social standing: Faulkner 3, Affiliated Family 2.
Earnings rating: Faulkner 4, Affiliated Family 2.
Attribute bonuses: Awareness, Intelligence, Personality
Skills: Lifestyle, Linguistics, Persuade

Trappings: Clan pin, belt buckle or tie clip with clan emblem; bespoke leather notebook; a list of all local Clan Faulkner agents; one perfectly tailored business suit.

Galway (Standard)
Langfrey (Standard)
Hampshire (Standard)
Stratford (Elite)
Wexford (Elite)
Choose one

Business: Corporate Worker (Salesman), Capitol page 18. Replace M8 Slingshot with .45 Serenity Pistol.

Adolescent Event table
Business Heritage
Slick Talker

Aldi meets Harrods. The horror...

Clan O'Shaughnessy
Home: O'Shaughnessy Estate, Venus.

The O'Shaughnessy are opportunists and cunning survivors. They were one of the last clans to pledge allegiance to Imperial during the Founding. They had more ties and common interests with Capitol, but quickly realized that joining it would mean being absorbed by a larger conglomerate and in the end destroyed through reorganization. So they decided to make a deal with the Kingsfields for protection and joined Imperial. Their allegiance to Clan Kingsfield ended with the Sad Struggle, while paying lip service to their professed side the O'Shaughnessy clan packed up and left with the Bartholomews. Almost beating them to the door during the meeting, as the family legend says. Today the O'Shaughnessy clan enjoys a good name as a largely apolitical clan that minds its own profits and doesn't meddle with others, making their representative in the House of Lords highly bribable.
The main source of profit for clan O'Shaghnessy lies in wine. Only alcoholics and Drougans drink whisky with their lunch, and only the most pedestrian of Imperials go for an ale with their dinner. While their wines cannot compete with Bauhaus vintners they enjoy a good name among their consumers, the lower price helps too. A side business developed parallel to their wineries as the O'Shaughnessies produce fine haute cusine products that go well with wine like cheese, exotic fruit and cured meats, which are all offered together to supplement their wine range.

Appearance: One can easily distinguish members of the O'Shaughnessy clan from other Imperials, their hair is either pitch black or more often flaming red, combined with an extremely pale complexion they appear striking to observers. Surprising for an Imperial clan they rarely wear kilts, preferring to dress more like Capitolians with a simple suit being the attire of choice.

Roll Family
1-12 – O'Shaughnessy Family
13-20 – Affiliated Family

Social standing: O'Shaughnessy 3, Affiliated Family 2.
Earnings rating: O'Shaughnessy 3, Affiliated Family 2.
Attribute bonuses: Agility, Awareness, Personality
Skills: Education, Observation, Sciences

Trappings: Belt buckle or pin with the clan emblem, a set of sommelier equipment, a bottle of well aged wine, a small well-stocked pantry.

Galway (Standard)
Langfrey (Standard)
Hampshire (Standard)
Stratford (Elite)
Wexford (Elite)
Choose One

Family Business: Farmer/Frontiersman.

Adolescent Event table
Military Heritage
Slick Talker

Did you know that the Brits have an old wine vocabulary that is based upon their previous excessive consumption of wine? Yup, they drank that stuff as if there was no tomorrow.

That's it for now, I came up with 11 other clans today, but I will take my time writing them up. The idea is to have a choice of 20 lesser clans to go with the 20 major ones.

In other news, my Black Hearts IC will have to wait until I have rules for explosives, I'm working on translating Her Serenity's Own Heresy Suppression Force AKA Black and Tans into MC3 from Warzone. Also in the works Tiger Dragons, Lord Moya's Guard, and a modified version of Capitol Rangers from Warzone 2ed.
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Marcin.Skupnik said Oct 31, 2015 20:17:59
I really hope someone's reading this (enjoying it too).

Two Imperial ICs today, the Capitol Rangers and the Mishima Tiger Dragons are also almost done (Rangers need fluff, Tiger Dragons stats for the Duskdealer Spear).

Imperial Black Hearts Iconic Career
The newly reformed Black Hearts know that no matter how much they do for Imperial they will always be despised because of who they are, Kingsfields. The unfair treatment they receive at the hands of the regular military only exacerbates this. But the Black Hearts don't really care, Imperial needs a terrorist unit and Imperial has one in them. They excel in setting up explosives and traps, and they love to see the security forces of other corporations running in utter panic like headless chickens, as the explosions disable and destroy what they were tasked to protect. And then of course comes the fact that clan Kingsfield gets royally paid for the use of the Black Hearts, deniable terrorists don't serve in the ISF and can't be bought with platitudes.
Prerequisites: Imperial (Clan Kingsfield), Mechanics Expertise 1, Stealth Expertise 1
Difficulty: 2
Mandatory Skills – Mechanics, Ranged Combat, Stealth
Elective Skills – Acrobatics, Athletics, Unarmed Combat
Signature Skill – Athletics, Mechanics, Ranged Combat, Stealth
Talents – Two talents from Athletics, Mechanics, Ranged Combat, or Stealth.
Equipment - SMG Mk. III Interceptor with attached Silencer, Mk. III Heavy Combat Armour, <Military Grade explosives, when the rules come out>
Earnings - 3

Imperial Black and Tan Iconic Career
Her Serenity's Own Heresy Suppression Force or the 'Prodigal Sons' is Imperial's premier urban anti-heretic unit. It was created during the Venusian Crusade as a penal battalion for the worst military criminals, to be used for clearing houses. Their service was so exemplary that the soldiers earned a general pardon and the unit the honor of being named 'Serenity's Own'. Today the unit is a penal unit no more, though a tradition of preference for applying troublemakers remains. The unofficial name 'Black and Tans' refers to the brown and black penal uniforms worn by the unit to this day, the unit also uses different names for its soldiers due to it being part of the IDF's Provost Marshal's office. The units troopers are known as Magisters, the NCOs as Proctors and the few officers of the unit are designated as Witch Hunters. Due to the previous history of getting shot by their criminal underlings, both Proctors and Magisters wear the same uniform as the common troopers while in combat.
The Black and Tans have a rotten reputation for an anti-heresy unit, this is based on the extensive collateral damage and body count they tend to leave in the city they are fighting in. Most Imperial citizens fondly wish for the Heretics and the Prodigal's to wipe each other out, instead of destroying their homes. The Black and Tans are usually deployed besides K-9 Iron mastiff units, especially those from ISC-22 Foxhounds. When the unit is not tasked with eradicating heretics its expertise in urban combat makes it the perfect choice for hostile takeovers of installations belonging to another corporation.
Prerequisites: Imperial, Military Primary Career
Difficulty: 2
Mandatory Skills – Insight, Ranged Weapons, Willpower
Elective Skills – Acrobatics, Close Combat, Observation
Signature Skill - Acrobatics, Insight, Ranged Weapons, Willpower
Talents – One talent from Willpower, one talent from Acrobatics, Insight, or Ranged Weapons.
Equipment - Mk. XIB Invader Battle Rifle, Mk. II Medium Combat Armour, Bayonet, Gas Mask, Black and Tan uniform.
Earnings - 3
Special – Lose any criminal record you possess when you enter this career.

The Black Hearts are mine, the Black and Tans were published as a Warzone unit in the Chronicles #10.
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ChristofferLundberg said Nov 02, 2015 11:50:18
Read it. Love it!

Would love to see more.

Admiral Colby's Guard
Desert Scorpions

for Capitol
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Marcin.Skupnik said Nov 02, 2015 15:51:50
Ok, I'll do those two (I could have sworn that the ACG was in the Capitol book, it wasn't). In addition I noticed that Capitol is missing two important careers, the Mafia Associate Primary Career and the Made Man Iconic Career. Working on them right now.

And if someone wants to play as Walker, Martian Ranger:

Capitol Martian Ranger Iconic Career
The remote locations of the Freedom Lands and the Great Rust Desert all need law, but Capitol doesn't have the manpower and resources to provide every settlement and group with law enforcement officers. Instead it created the Martian Rangers, hardy men and women with extensive experience in both dispensing law and outdoor survival. These men and women bring law among the lawless, roaming between villages and farms waiting for a call that their service is needed. Most of the time it is a lone Ranger on patrol which finds invasion forces form other Corporations or signs of the Dark Legion.
Prerequisites: Capitol, Survival Expertise 1, Observation Expertise 1
Difficulty: 2
Mandatory Skills – Education, Observation, Survival.
Elective Skills - Persuade, Pilot, Ranged Weapons.
Signature Skill - Education, Observation, Ranged Weapons, Survival.
Talents – One talent from Survival, one talent from Education, Observation, or Ranged Weapons.
Equipment - .45 Revolver, ‘Harbinger’ Survival Sword, Hardback Armour, Long Duster
Earnings - 3

I may modify the fluff later on. Inspired by the Texas Rangers and those gorgeous Warzone 2ed Ranger figures.
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ShadowWalker said Nov 02, 2015 17:01:03
Your stuff is read and appreciated (Black and Tan, eh old good days from 1st ed. of WZ). More please, especialy from Mishima (cannot wait for Tiger Dragons)!
P.S Bachleda clan? I guess there are more Polish people here than I thought.
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Marcin.Skupnik said Nov 02, 2015 18:13:07
You don't have to wait for the Tiger Dragons anymore:

Mishima Tiger Dragon
The Tiger Dragons were created on Venus to take advantage of the newly developed powersuits, and the abilities they offered to the samurai. The strongest, tallest and most imposing samurai were chosen to train with masters of Sojutsu, the ancient art of using a spear. Their skills with the spear combined with the awesome power of the powersuit made them into some of the greatest warriors in the history of Mishima. Sadly the very things that made them so effective also prevented the Tiger Dragons from becoming the mainstay of the armed forces, the prohibitive cost of both armor and weapons allows only the Lord Heirs to field the Tiger Dragons, and even then mostly as individuals and not units.
The Tiger Dragons won their greatest fame stalking the Venusian jungles in search of Dark Legion beasts, like the Mercurian Maculator. In epic duels the Tiger Dragons have cleansed the domain of such solitary monsters, bringing great honor to the Prince of the Oceans.
Prerequisites: Mishima (Samurai, Low Shareholder or better), Athletics Expertise 2
Difficulty: 3
Mandatory Skills – Athletics, Close Combat, Stealth.
Elective Skills – Acrobatics, Ranged Combat, Willpower.
Signature Skills – Acrobatics, Athletics, Close Combat, Stealth.
Talents – Two talents from Acrobatics, Athletics, Close Combat, or Stealth.
Equipment – Duskdealer Spear, No. 4 ‘Windrider’ SMG, Kote Powersuit
Earnings - 4

Duskdealer Spear
This massive weapon is a development of the traditional Naginata polearm used in some Mishiman monasteries. The enlarged version is able to cleave even the greates Dark Legion beast in two. The weapon however is too large to be used by an unarmored man.
Damage – 2 + 6d6
Encumbrance - 5
Size – Unwieldy
Reliability - 4
Qualities – Armor Piercing 3, Reach
Restriction - 4
Cost – 12
Special – Cannot be used without a Powersuit

Damage – 2 + 5d6
Encumbrance - 5
Size – 2 Handed
Reliability - 4
Qualities – Armor Piercing 2, Reach
Restriction - 3
Cost – 8

PS: If anyone wants to know how a Tiger Dragon looks like, look at the cover of the Mishima splatbook. Yup, that's a Tiger Dragon (and I mean the guy with the spear not the blue thing).

PPS: Chris or anyone at Modiphius who reads this, if you like what I'm posting and would like to make it official, drop me a line. I would love to work with you on making MC3 bigger and better.

PPS: The inspiration for the Bachleda clan came from stories about Klimek Bachleda and Juraj Jánošík.
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ShadowWalker said Nov 02, 2015 18:32:32
I would suggest to change Elective Skill: Ranged Combat for Mysticism or Resistance.
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Marcin.Skupnik said Nov 02, 2015 18:45:22
I would disagree, here's why:
-Mysticism is a bad choice since obtaining Ki Powers is already covered in the Mishima book. A Tiger Dragon would most likely study under a Ki master, instead of learning about the Light.
-Resistance is also a bad choice, since the rules in the Warzone book state that the Tiger Dragons are stealthy and immune to panic.

Remember this is homebrewed stuff, if want to use it, great! If you want to change it for your game, fine by me!
MC3 homebrewer. Check the thread!
CA-138 Deathlockdrum - when you want to put a grenade launcher on a grenade launcher, so you can launch grenades when launching grenades.
ShadowWalker said Nov 02, 2015 18:56:59
Resistance: I suggested it because TG are big and hardy men so also tough to damage. You would think that monster slayer would need to be 'resistant' ;).
Anyway keep inventing! Maybe some Crimson Devils next?
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