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Achtung! Cthulhu Skirmish Playtest

posted Oct 19, 2015 13:24:24 by ChrisBirch
Please post your comments and discussion of the ruleset and stats here
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Doctor-Warlock said Oct 21, 2015 19:28:19
I've noticed under "Exploding Dice" -

BLACK 6 = ONE Success

BLUE 6 = TWO Successes

BLACK 6 = TWO Successes AND Roll Another Red D6

I assume that its an error - and the last "Black" should be "Red".
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ChrisBirch said Oct 22, 2015 15:18:47
lol yes!
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Projectmanhaten5 said Nov 06, 2015 10:27:41
I like the system, I play DL a lot so it is easy for me ;)
1 thing and maybe I just didn't saw the rule but I figured that the rating of your spellbook allows that kind of spell levels? So if I have a level 2 Spellbook I can cast level 1 & 2 spells but not level 3 right?

Also some of the cards and spells are incomplete. Their text isn't fitting and this makes it hard to understand the spells, cards and effects.
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NickFallon said Nov 17, 2015 14:34:16
Hi Projectmanhaten5,
We have just updated the files to make them a bit more clear. You spell book determines the total number of spells you know so for a Spellbook Level 2 you can learn either two Level 1s or one Level 2.
Projectmanhaten5 said Jan 25, 2016 08:42:54
Thanks Nick
Sorry for the late reply I had it too busy but I played a Game last week and I came up with some points of notice.

Points of Notice
*You are using the Dystopian Legions rules but as I'm also a playtester for Legions I noticed that the current AC Rulebook is "incomplete", I advise you guys to take a look at the Dystopian Legions FAQ because there are a lot of mistakes, flaws and differences in the rulebook which need to be removed to gain a better rulebook ;)

*Professor Richard Deadman has an artefact spellbook or 3 but he can also purchase a spellbook between 1-3. Does this mean that he can have a max spellbook value of 6?
*Maybe make grenades as a 1D6 only scatter because it will be weird that a grenade of 8" max range can scatter up to 18"

*Maybe make the Servitors 20 points each because Fearless is pretty good for 15 points

*In the Heroes ORBAT I see that Corporal Akhee ‘The Eye’ Singh can have Ghurkas as command section but there are no Ghurkas in the ORBAT (Or I haven't saw them....)
*The Commandos are pretty expansive compared to other models. I think that the MAD should be increased to Blue and that they should have the Steadfast or Scout MAR. That will represent there Commando Training compared to others.
*Commando Assault troops maybe should note that it cost 5 points per model to gain a Sten SMG. And Is there a reason why only 2 models can have a Sten? Mostly the Commandos got fully equipped with Sten Guns.
*The Investigators can purchase Artefacts but is states that they can buy TACs there.
*Why is the 2,5 Ton truck 150 points in the Heroes ORBAT but 100 points in the Allied ORBAT

*Maybe place the New MARs in the Rulebook, is more easy.

I hope you guys can do something with this. I will try to play more games in the upcoming future. And will there be an ORBAT for more "Axis" forces? I would love to play the Nazi Villians Assault Troops and such :)

Kind Regards,
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NickFallon said Feb 02, 2016 17:47:50
Hi Lorenzo,
Thanks for your feedback, we will take a look at their FAQ to make sure our rules are upto date. There should be a new update to the play test rules coming out this week, and some more unit stats too.
Thanks again
Projectmanhaten5 said Feb 09, 2016 09:27:48
Hey Nick,

Thanks for the Update! It really looks awesome and I will certainly try to play some games with the Axis Forces :)
I have a couple of things I noticed in the newer version.

*The Scenario Generator example is written in the Spartan Version (With Derek, James & DL forces). This should be changed ;)

*M4 Sherman Tank, name the Fire Arcs of the weapons. It will remove confusion.
*For me the Commandos are still pretty overpriced for what they do. Compared to other sections I would never take Commandos on the moments. The only slim reason for me to take commandos would be for the Blevin weapons if I can spare the points.
*The T34 Calliope Rocket Launcher has no stats.

*I still think the Servitors should be 20 points for their Fearless MAR ;)
*Black Sun Troopers NCO, maybe give the options for an StG44?
*Wehrmacht Line Section, Heavy Weapons are the US Forces weapons
*We have a 75mm KwK gun but no model with there a Tank coming Nick? ;)

*There is no consistency in the orders of the Officers, Line sections etc. I would say to order everything in the following way: 1. Generic Officers, 2. Heroes and Characters, 3. Line Sections, 4. Elite Sections, 5. Support Sections & 6. Heavy Support sections. This way it is easier for players to look trough the ORBATs to find the sections they need.

I had some additional ideas for TACs & Progression Skills
*For the Progress Chart System some ideas for skills:
-Section gains the Adamant MAR
-A Character/NCO/Officer improves their Spellcaster MAR by 1 (Gain Spellcaster (Militia) MAR when not having the MAR)
-Make a section able to re-draw 1 Mythos Card per game
-Section changes their Model Type to Mythos Creature and gains the Adamant MAR (or the Fearless MAR when already having the
Adamant MAR)

*Additional TACs:
-Control it!: Regain instant Control of an Uncontrolled Model, CP Cost: 2, When: Use when a model becomes uncontrolled.
-Life Power Spell: Model can instantly pass a spell cast but losses a LP, CP Cost: 1, When: before or after rolling a Spell
Cast Check
-Resisting the Mythos: Cancel one Mythos effect for the rest of the game, CP Cost: 3, When: when the Mythos level is
increased and a new effect takes place. This is done before drawing a new Mythos Card if this is the effect.
-Sacrifice to the Dark Lords: The Mythos level is increased by 1, CP Cost: 2, When: During any TAC phase

I hope this helps a bit for you. I will try to play a game in the next week or so

Kind regards,
NickFallon said Feb 12, 2016 12:11:40
great stuff Lorenzo! thanks for all the input.
there may indeed be some vehicles coming but more along the line of Nachtwolfe creations or shoggoth war machines. You should probably get your tanks from Warlord!
Projectmanhaten5 said Feb 12, 2016 12:31:34
Hey Nick
No Problem, I love the game so the Input is the least I can give ;)
Maybe if I have time I will play a game tomorrow evening.

Then I have the advantage of also playing Bolt Action....To bad two factions who have no tanks yet hahahaha (Finnish/German and Great Britain).
Projectmanhaten5 said Feb 29, 2016 07:30:51
Hey Chris,
I played a small game last weekend and everything feels really balanced. We didn't played with the new monsters but the older ORBATs feel good. This week we will play a game of AC and bring some additional Feedback. I will look trough the documents today or tomorrow and give some feedback on them if I find some.

Looking forward for the Release of the GAME! People are really excited in our Wargame Club for this game, I think we already have 5 players who are into it :)

Paweł Janiak said Aug 15, 2016 07:45:54
Hi, I am a little confused with shooting rules and the example from page 69. Below is step-by-step shooting as I understand it.

Commandos A-F are in open terrain. Black Sun troops 1-2 are behind a wall, 3 is in open terrain, 4-6 are in building looking out the windows.

No cards are played.

Commandos declare Black Sun Infantry as a target and 'Open Fire!' Shooting Action.

A has Open LOS to: 1*, 2*, 3.
B has Open LOS to: 1*, 2*, 3.
C has Open LOS to: 1*, 2*, 3, 4*, 5*.
D has Open LOS to: 1*, 2*, 3, 4*, 5*.
E has Open LOS to: 1*, 2*, 3, 4*, 6*.
F has Open LOS to: 1*, 2*, 3, 4*, 6*.
* models have Cover Saves

Commandos are shooting with Sten SMG so ER = 0-9" and LR = 10-18".
A has 1, 2, 3 in ER.
B has 1, 2, 3 in ER.
C has 1 , 2 , 3 in ER and 4, 5 in LR.
D has 1 , 2 , 3 in ER and 4, 5 in LR.
E has 1 , 2 , 3 in ER and 4, 6 in LR.
F has 1 , 2 , 3 in ER and 4, 6 in LR.
So according to the rules (one or more targets in ER = 2 blues; one or more targets can only be reached by LR = 1 blue):
A = 2 blues (3 targets in ER)
B = 2 blues (3 targets in ER)
C = 1 blue (3 targets in ER and 2 targets can only be reached by LR)
D = 1 blue (3 targets in ER and 2 targets can only be reached by LR)
E = 1 blue (3 targets in ER and 2 targets can only be reached by LR)
F = 1 blue (3 targets in ER and 2 targets can only be reached by LR)
TOTAL = 8 blues
but in the example Commandos are firing using 12 blues.

Am I reading the rules correctly and example is wrong or examples is right and the rule about determine range should rather say that: If one or more Valid Targets may be reached by LR and there are no Valid Targets that can be reached by ER then use 1 blue?

Rest of the shooting is clear to me.
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Matthew Hope said Sep 21, 2016 21:30:36
Hi Pawel, thanks for the question!

The example is correct, each attacking model will contribute 2 Blue since they have at least a single enemy model in ER.

The wording on the second bullet-point is a little tricky, but you are correct that it only applies if no valid targets are in ER.
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