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Influence bonus and social interactions

posted Oct 17, 2015 19:19:28 by JakeBernstein
Did I miss something? I thought there were rules for using the Influence Bonus, but I can only find a reference to them for acquisitions.
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Nathan.Dowdell said Oct 18, 2015 10:43:12
That's their main purpose, at least as far as the rulebook goes. Other uses for it are under consideration for expanded elements of the game, but that's a little way down the line.
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Marcin.Skupnik said Oct 18, 2015 17:13:28
that's a little way down the line

It looks to me that the MC team has enough material for at least half a dozen of books "down the line". Which is nice.
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JakeBernstein said Oct 18, 2015 17:38:53
Yea, if you need someone to take a stab at drafting a "tactical combat supplement," I'm totally up for it.
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