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DSP pool between session

posted Oct 14, 2015 21:45:53 by Matthew Hoeveler
As I understand it, DSPs reset to be equal to the total number of Chronicle Points at the table at the start of each session. That being the case, I am reading FoVH, and there are repeated mentions of saving up DSPs between scenes in order to have enough for the Boss Battle.

So essentially, I can't run the Boss Battle in its own session, because i wont have a sufficient supply of DSPs, or is there some kind of cliffhanger provision?
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Nicholas Simpson said Oct 15, 2015 00:00:43

That sounds like a good case for you to just save them up between sessions.

The current rules on DSPs are meant to encourage sessions that each have a big climax, but you obviously don't have to follow that if that's not how your sessions are panning out. If it's less an issue of you having time to fit everything in and more just a GMing preference, I'd encourage you to try out the "climax in every session" method and see how you and your players like it.
ChristofferLundberg said Oct 15, 2015 04:51:49
I've actually skipped this and accumulated all DSPs, saving them between sessions. Makes up for more interesting stuff in the end.
ike2k said Oct 15, 2015 19:18:16
This sounds like a good idea. I think I may have to keep this approach in mind when I run my game. Although I intend to run 6 hour sessions on a Sunday so I might not need to run them over.
Alakhai said Feb 27, 2016 11:44:26
Instead of sessions I use the DSP in "chapters". Sometimes we have more time for a session and other days less time.
The same for the Chronicle Points, because my players started to use their Chronicle Points only when we where close to ending the session, they write down how many Chronicle Points used.
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