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Straffar Gatan 39- A Play by Post Adventure

posted Oct 12, 2015 00:30:15 by Nicholas Simpson
Straffar Gatan 39

Have this on while you read for Maximum Enjoyment:

The players are a pair of Luna Detectives, VALERY and JINGORO--sent to investigate a routine call from Straffar Gatan 39--as well as a Capitol Executive who has negotiated a deal with the Luna PD to test out a new monitoring product on the officers. This comes in the wake of a recent Officer Involved Shooting in the squad, and this monitoring tech promises greater accountability of the officers. The executive has demanded that he accompany the officers, so as to ensure the success of his product, and squad Lieutenant VORDACH has allowed this. The Executive does not know that VALERY has been investigating him off the clock for months, as VALERY believes that he is engaged in illegal activity. JINGORO, on the other hand, has been placed in this squad and tasked with monitoring VALERY, who is suspected of being involved in corruption due to his secretive after-hours investigations of the executive; this reason for JINGORO's placement is not known to Lieutenant VORDACH. None of these men are aware of these existing relationships to each other, but each has his own agenda.

As Luna PD Detectives, JINGORO and VALERY are tasked with sorting out what happened at a crime scene after an initial response by patrol officers. Luna PD is under-funded, pulled between the conflicting desires of its participating organizations, and occasionally must use untested and unknown Freelancers to pick up the slack. Luna PD officers typically join the force due to a desire to do meaningful work and feel less tied to a single corp's influence. Some days, Luna Cops can feel like they've made a difference. So far, this has not been one of those days.

It is a pretty typical night at Luna PD, and the call to Straffar Gatan appears to be fairly routine for the detectives. Residents have been calling and reporting screaming from the third floor, and after 6 different calls came in, a Patrol Unit was finally dispatched by the Luna PD. Within the tenement, the Patrol Unit found three apartments with their doors wide open, but no signs of struggle or theft inside. Blood stains were found, however. Other residents in the building were spoken to and reporting seeing nothing other than the screams they heard. The Patrol Unit had to leave the scene due to a high priority call. VALERY and JINGORO have been tasked with investigating the building and finding out what happened. There is a possibility, however, that one SANDRINE PETERSON may be hiding out in the building. SANDRINE is a daughter of a high-ranking Imperial Executive, FRANCOIS PETERSON. VORDACH has made it clear that finding SANDRINE is the number one priority of this investigation.

Straffar Gatan itself is a rundown tenement located in the Nines, a nastier section of the Perimeters. The Nines are the turf of the Croaks, a violent street gang known for going out of its way to make attacks against police. The Croaks also control drug trade in the area. The Perimeters themselves are the section of Luna City housing either the lowest paid factory workers, or persons eking out a living on public assistance. Some residents spend their entire lives in their apartments, eating cheap delivery food, and spending all of their time watching Corp-controlled television. Police usually only come to areas like this in large numbers with the purpose of making big drug busts. The only thing differentiating the Nines from any other Perimeter neighborhood is that Bauhaus is building a freight line directly through the neighborhood, and after buying out residents' homes for insultingly low prices, is in the process of bulldozing through the buildings. Straffar Gatan is located directly across from an excavation site, and a large section of the tenement has literally been torn from the building during construction; two apartments on each floor of Straffar Gatan are now gone. Due to this construction, the entire building has begun to list and sink toward the excavation site; it is only a matter of time before the entire thing collapses and falls into the black earth below it.

The Adventure Begins

Your group pulls up to the outside of Straffar Gatan 39. You can smell rot and hear the creak of the unstable building even from inside of your patrol car. Your eyes glance nervously back and forth between each other. You all have a job to do. There is a steady pulsing beep emitting from the monitors being worn by each of you.

Please describe in your first post what your character looks like, what equipment you are going to have on you, and any kind of dialogue. After everyone introduces themselves, feel free to exit the vehicle and start things out.


For the player's benefit, here are the pictures that have so far been posted:

EDIT as of 12/20 7:35PM EST

Straffar Gatan 39:

Map of Straffar Gatan 39 from Police Report:

10 DSP

Player Traits:
MR JOHNSON: Industrial Hay Fever
VALERY: Under Surveillance
JINGORO: Workaholic


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JakeBernstein said Oct 12, 2015 05:48:02
"My real name is unimportant. You may call Mr. Johnson. Let's get this started. I have work to do."

((Mr. Johnson wears a high quality suit with tie. The suit is made of ballistic nylon, though that may not be obvious. He is young, but not youthful--a highly capable and ambitious Capitolian who drinks too much coffee and smokes too many cigarettes. His face already has stress lines and he has some grey streaking along his temples.))

Mr. Johnson carries his Bolter handgun in a shoulder rig. He wears some tactical webbing over his suit--not a standard look, but suitable for this mission. The Waldo holds a basic automed, Mr. Johnson's cell phone, and an advanced camera.

Total Encumbrance: 2+2+3+3+3 (reloads)-3 = 7.

Mortagon said Oct 12, 2015 21:25:32
Valery looks over the big shot in front of him with clear skepticism. Sending a suit down to the Nines sounds like a bad idea to him, but at least he seems to come prepared.

(Valery turns to Mr. Johnson and introduces himself speaking in a RussoMandarin accent)-"Lt. Kackzynski, this is my partner Jingoro (nudging his head in the direction of Jingoro)."

Valery then shifts his focus over to the building while drawing a small metal flask out from his trenchcoat taking a huge sip before he puts it back.


Valery is a big man in his late thirties/early forties standing nearly 2 meters tall with broad shoulders and a heavy build. He wears a well-worn trench coat with in-sewn shoulder pads and a hat. He has an unkempt look to him and smells of cigarette smoke and alcohol although his steel blue eyes seems focused and alert. Under his trenchcoat is an auto pistol carried in a shoulder holster and a steel baton secured to his belt. An alert eye may also notice a Pirhana handgun hidden in one of his coat pockets.


Valery carries his Iron hand autopistol in a shoulder holster, his Pirhana handgun is hidden in the inside pocket of his trenchcoat along with a flask of vodka, a packet of cigarettes and a pair of brass knuckles. He has four reloads for his guns on his belt along with a steel baton. His trenchcoat and hat is made of ballistic nylon, and his trenchcoat also has a pair of in-sewn heavy civilian shoulder pads. Apart from this he also carries his badge, a pen and a notepad.

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JakeBernstein said Oct 12, 2015 21:47:30
Here's what I look like:

Not the orc. That's Shadowrun. :-)
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JeffSmith said Oct 12, 2015 23:25:34
But the orc has the shoulder pads.

Jingoro greets Mr. Johnson with a polite nod and a friendly hello. He is dressed in a plain mishiman suit with his daisho on his belt, and his ronin pistol in a shoulder holster. His suit is made of balistic nylon and he wears his miltary shoulder pads.

"Well gentleman should we head in and finish what the patrol started?" Holding a hand out to show the other two gentlemen inside.
Mortagon said Oct 12, 2015 23:50:20
Valery nods to his partner, pulls out his autopistol and starts walking towards the building.

(speaking in RussoMandarin accent)-"You should probably stay behind us Mr. Johnson. This is a dangerous neighborhood"
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Nicholas Simpson said Oct 13, 2015 00:33:24

You step out of the car into a drizzling rain. Thunder rumbles several miles away from you. There is a flash of lightning that illuminates the dark building ahead of you. Any character who has been sizing up the tenement can make a 1 Difficulty Observation check now.
Mortagon said Oct 13, 2015 00:45:16
Valery sizes up the building:

Awareness 10 Skill 5 Focus 2

Observation roll: 1 and 9; success and two momentum

Anything interesting I can spend momentum on?
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Nicholas Simpson said Oct 13, 2015 09:28:43


As lightning illuminates the building, you get a clear view of the entire structure, including the large array of antennae atop the building. VALERY notices that the antenna structures atop this building are larger than antennae on any of the surrounding buildings.

You may spend your momentum to notice things that seem useful, to try noticing anything specific about your environment, to have another PC notice the exact same thing you do, or other things you can think of.

If you're hard pressed, here's a list of 5 things each costing 1 momentum you can pick from (some of these may be red herrings/marginally useful:
1) Building Windows, 2) Surrounding neighborhood, 3) Building structure, 4) Excavationsite beside building, 5) Building Antenna
Mortagon said Oct 13, 2015 18:01:24
I try to see if I can see any activity nearby and check the building windows to see if I can see anything inside.
Nicholas Simpson said Oct 13, 2015 19:59:52

You catch a glance at the Windows of the building. None of them are lit past the third floor. Even though there are screens covering all of the lit windows, you still get the feeling like someone is watching you.

As you look in the surrounding neighborhood, you notice that things seem to be unusually quiet, even for a rainy night. Another flash of lightning, and you can see that the street is devoid of any people or moving vehicles as far as you can see. You can hear sirens going off in the distance before a loud crack of thunder hits. The storm is getting closer.

What are JINGORO and MR. JOHNSON doing?

JakeBernstein said Oct 13, 2015 21:08:09
Rolling real quick: Observation 11/1 --> 19 + 1 = 2 successes, 1 momentum generated.

Mr. Johnson gets out of the car and nods slightly at Valery's advice. He then studies the tenement for a few moments and idly wonders what he did to deserve least the two men who are with him seem capable of handling themselves. Thank the Cardinal for small favors.
Nicholas Simpson said Oct 13, 2015 21:10:17
Do you want to spend your momentum as well or say you spent it on the same thing as VALERY?
JakeBernstein said Oct 13, 2015 21:12:20
As an aside, I often use this for PBP games. Not because I don't trust anyone, but just because it's cool.

I have set up Log 381 for use in this game.
JakeBernstein said Oct 13, 2015 21:13:20
I'll check out the surrounding neighborhood. Seems like something Mr. Johnson would do.
Nicholas Simpson said Oct 13, 2015 21:26:22

MR. JOHNSON looks around the neighborhood. He sees much the same as VALERY, and hears nothing other than the rain. MR. JOHNSON'S and the other monitors all beep. MR. JOHNSON gets a feeling that VALERY is being watched.

Unless JINGORO wants to take a look around, you can head inside.

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