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Feedback wanted.

posted Oct 11, 2015 21:17:53 by ike2k
Hi guys, I have just started to write the first adventure for Mutant Chronicles. I have the intro bit written up as a basic draft, it kinda is just a little bit of basic background to the adventure. I am wanting a bit of feedback on it really, see if I have the tone done well, the characterisation, any advice on it or just where people would like to see this campaign go. I have a few idea in my head I just want to see what others thing.. I am not worried about spelling or grammar they will be sorted out. Anyway here goes... be nice :) :

Is Humanity worth saving?
“This is the question you must ask yourselves. It could be argued that the dark symmetry is something which resides in each and every human. Is this something that could be true? Could the presence of the corrupting force of the dark symmetry be caused by something which dwells in our souls? Could that moment in time when an imperial conquistador unlocked the seal which let the darkness out have been a just a symbolic gesture?” The Cardinal stepped out from behind the podium and continued his address to the masses. “Or is what I am saying too close to Heresy?” at that word a ripple of unease flowed through the crowd. Inquisitors looked through the populace for suspicious reactions to the cardinals sermon. “How do we fight something inside of us I hear you ask.” He looked up to the ceiling of the cathedral. “You must have faith, faith that the light will purge the darkness from our souls. Faith that humanity will prevail, that we will survive these dark times like we have before. It is something that you all can help with, be vigilant, seek out those who embrace the darkness and show them the light! Go out into the city seek out the darkness wherever it may lay and shine the light of the virtuous upon the unworthy, burn away the SIN!” With that last word yelled he stepped down from the podium to cheering masses and left through the back of the cathedral to his personal space.

The crowd dispersed after the cardinal left and people were in high spirits. That night there were 70 fires across the city, so called heretics burned out of house and home. Maybe some of them were heretics, maybe some weren’t, no one was really sure but the inquisition were on it. The distraction allowed other elements to work unhindered within the great Luna city.

One such group met in a dusty derelict bar down the bad part of town. No one was around and two men waited for the third. They sat in silence drinks on the table. One a black haired man with salt and pepper grey hairs at his temples and a stern look on his face kept glancing to the door to the establishment. The other a Blonde gentleman with a clipped styled beard his fingers wrapped around the glass a gold ring tapping it to count the seconds as they passed. Wind blustered outside battering the shutters to the bar. Suddenly the door burst open and a figure wrapped in layered clothing a poncho over bulky armour.

“At last…” The Blonde haired man stood up sharply his chair clattering to the floor. “Gabriel you are finally here, only a day late.” His accent was sharp the words carefully formed.

With the look of disdain the newcomer stormed up to the table and sat down. Dust billowed out he grabbed the blonde man’s drink and sank it in a few gulps. The dark haired man took his arrival in his stride.

“I assume you were successful, you located it.” He said tot he newcomer his voice gruff, worn out.

“Earth.” Was all he said and with that he got up and stormed towards the door pushing the blonde out of the way and slamming the door behind him. The dark haired man watched the newcomer leave.

“Assemble a team and secure transport. It seems that the motherland is going to receive some visitors.” With that the blonde man nodded and also left. The dark haired man got up and walked over to the bar. He picked up a phone dialled a number. The call was received but no one spoke. “Progress is being made.” He placed the phone back on the receiver and left the bar turning the light off as he went, darkness descended as the door closed.
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Carl Matthews said Oct 15, 2015 21:37:27
Sounds interesting. The PCs being out of easy contact with shops, etc, will make reloads and other consumable equipment very difficult to get hold of.

Let us know how you get on.
UK gamer; I have more books than most game stores!
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