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Crib Notes

posted Oct 09, 2015 17:25:43 by Carl Matthews
I made these notes to help me at the table (I was struggling to remember certain rules without book flipping). People are welcome to pinch them or point out errors:

Mutant Chronicles Reminder List
Roll 1D6 per DSP, only count 1s & 2s, (not 6s). Page 150/151.
Need to beat Reliability score.
6s generate extra effects, see page 152.
1-3 greater than Reliability = malfunction
4+ greater than reliability = malignancy

Corruption vs people
Earnings<=1 or Criminal background, Soak = 1
Brotherhood character, Soak = 2
Everyone else, Soak = 2

Response Actions
*Response actions must pay 1DSP to GM
PCs win all ties.
Covering fire, costs 1 reload, attacks at assisted character are at +1 difficulty.
Guard, D2 acrobatics (ranged) or D2 close combat, become new target
Dodge, opposed acrobatics vs attack
Parry, opposed close combat checks
Retaliate, close combat only vs enemies not taking Withdraw action.

All weapons with Blast also have Spread 1, each 6 hits a new location for 1/2 damage.
Blast, hits one extra target per momentum spent, starting from centre of blast
Damage is only rolled once and applied to all locations and targets. Spread locations take 1/2 damage, round down.
Blast can have Close or Med blast radius. Close is valid targets must be in same zone. Med is same and adjacent zones.

Weapon qualities, P210

Adversaries, P269
Troopers, Elites & Nemesis
Wounds P71
Troopers use Critical column
Elites use Serious column
Nemesis have hit locations and wounds as PCs.
Have wounds equal to total sum
Each wounds equal to a single unit kills one member
Damage spills over to injure/kill multiple members
Hordes make a single attack of 1d20+1d20 per member
The horde can spend 2 momentum to hit a 2nd target, causing 1/2 damage, round down
Squads are hordes led by an Elite
Elites are always the last ones to take spill-over damage
PCs must spend 2 momentum to target the Elite
DSP Spends
Troopers 1 Interrupt PC actions
1+ Reinforcements, +1 trooper
1 Ammunition, use one Reload
Elites 2 Interrupt PC actions
2+ Reinforcements, +1 Elite
1 Ammunition, use one Reload
Hordes & Squads
1 Interpose, become target of attack
2 Special Weaponry, -1d20 to normal attack, make second 2d20 attack with special squad weapon, P271.
Nemesis 3 Interrupt PC actions
3 Dark Chronicle, as CP
2 Ammunition, use one Reload

Slave to Symmetry (X) - spend X Momentum to add 1 DSP to pool.
Special Abilities, P272
Algeroth Legions, P301
UK gamer; I have more books than most game stores!
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Matthew Hoeveler said Oct 09, 2015 19:53:17
I actually made cards for all the actions and Weapon Qualities, so I could have them out on the table for everyone to reference...
If you want a PDF of the cards I have, PM me.

Once thing I would add is the Rules of Aquisition... PCs are always buying stuff:

Restriction & Cost rating
• Restriction
○ Acts as the DC for the Acquisition Test
○ Determines the time it takes to buy the item. (1 = an hour, 2 = a day, 3 = 3 a week, 4+ = a Month)
○ Determines if buying multiples of an item increases the Acquisition Roll Difficulty. Restriction 1-2 items = no increase, 3-4 = +1 Diff, 5+ = +2 Diff
• Cost
○ If (Cash Roll + Assets) >= Cost, its yours.
• Maintenance
○ If a maintenance cost <= PC's Earnings, ignore it
○ If maintenance cost > Earnings, the deficit must be paid in Assets every month.

Acquisition Roll
• Lifestyle check, DC = Restriction (modified by multiples, if any)
○ If purchase is Legal, can use Persuade instead
○ If purchase is Illegal, can use Theivery instead
• Can spend Chronicle Points or invest DS points for additional dice
• Momentum on Acquisition check:
○ Reduce cost by 1
○ Reduce time required by one step

Cash Roll
• DSI roll = Earnings + Influence
• DSIs rolled = 2, and burn one asset, successful or not
• If Cost <= Cash + Converted Assets, purchase is successful

Pooling Resources
• Other players can assist on Acquisition rolls
○ Roll 1d20, Lifestyle or appropriate alternate skill
○ Successes add to the successes of the person receiving the assistance
• Other players can spend Assets to increase another character's Cash roll in order to meet the Cost of the item
• The "main" buyer makes the Cash roll, using only their (Earnings + Influence)DSI

Selling\Fencing Loot
• Acquisition roll to find a buyer, DC = Restriction of item
○ Momentum can increase Base Price by the Restriction rating, but never higher than the normal Sale cost.
• Base price = 1/2 cost + restriction
• If the transaction is a Barter that both parties agree to, +1 Momentum, which can be used to increase the sale price or decrease the time required to perform the transaction.

Carl Matthews said Oct 10, 2015 09:30:42
I apologise, Matthew, but I don't know how to send a PM on here. I click on your name and instead of a little sub-menu with 'Send Private Message', it opens Google+. Perhaps the Dark Symmetry has already corrupted my PC?

And yes, I would appreciate the PDFs of the cards. Anything to speed up learning the system would be great.
UK gamer; I have more books than most game stores!
Carl Matthews said Oct 10, 2015 09:31:21
Does anyone else have any in-game helpers, like crib sheets or cards, that they would like to share?
UK gamer; I have more books than most game stores!
Matthew Hoeveler said Oct 10, 2015 21:50:21
No, I see the same thing if I click on your name.

Shoot me a message at Theodane <at>, and I'll send you the PDFs. I can't seem to upload them here, and I am loathe to post a Dropbox link on a public forum!
Carl Matthews said Oct 11, 2015 16:44:40
No worries. That's much appreciated!
UK gamer; I have more books than most game stores!
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