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2d20 changes in Infinity?

posted Oct 09, 2015 20:16:54 by Matthew Hoeveler
I was reading the Infinity quick-start the other day, and I came across something about Actions that seems significantly different than MC3e, and thought perhaps I misunderstood a fairly fundamental point in MC.

Essentially, in Infinity, each round it says a PC can take a Standard, Minor AND free action. I also like the idea of moving inside your Zone is a Free action, moving to an adjacent zone is a Restricted action, and moving 2 zones is a Standard action, but you can only make one move action per round. This, if I understand it, is not the case in MC3e.

In MC3e, you get a Standard action per turn (barring Chronicle Points and momentum spends). If you chose to not take one, and instead take a Restricted action, your Free actions are reduced to 1. If you only took free actions, you can take as many as you like.

So essentially:

Case Std Res Free
a 0 0 inf
b 0 1 1
c 1 0 0

Is that right?

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Matthew Hoeveler said Oct 10, 2015 04:36:25
Sorry, I found what I needed, page 100 of the player's guide...

"On his turn, a character can perform any number of Free Actions, and one Standard Action, or one Free Action, one Restricted Action, and one Standard Action. Outside of his turn, a character may perform one Response Action."

So... Yeah. Nevermind, I suppose?
Carl Matthews said Oct 10, 2015 09:50:57
I'll add that to the crib sheets! Lol.
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