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posted Oct 07, 2015 05:48:47 by ChrisBirch
Discuss the Quickstart, error corrections etc here
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DanielAJosephPipke said Jan 30, 2017 18:50:34
I'm late to this topic but I'm just about to run the starter adventure this week and I noticed one question wasn't answered or maybe I missed it? Regarding the Dog-Warrior, I saw that the transformation rules are not in the quickstart as mentioned earlier, but I was wondering what the assumption is for the quickstart. is the Dog-Warrior: 1)In human form and its just assumed he wont transform during this intro adventure. or 2) The Dog-Warrior profile represents a transformed dog warrior and its just assumed that he is always transformed.

Also on the heat/momentum system. I haven't played yet but I love the idea. As a GM i enjoy it as well. I have run the old Marvel Cortex plus game, with a similar doom system with the Doom pool (it gets larger and the Gm can spend it to cause complications or help enemies) and I loved it. It made me feel like we were playing a more collective game together because I as the GM was managing a resource as well so it wasn't all the GM Fiat (sometimes I had to do it for game purposes but for 90% of the campaign the doompool worked great)
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