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posted Oct 07, 2015 05:48:47 by ChrisBirch
Discuss the Quickstart, error corrections etc here
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Paul Smith said Oct 07, 2015 05:56:05
The questions I've seen asked so far are:

1) Lower the contrast on iPads please

From Chris: This is being worked on with the update

2) How do checks against the NPC skills work?

From Chris: @James we're doing an update which adds in a description of the NPC stats that was missed in the cuts to get it down to size. As a rough guide:
Melee Combat: Brawn + Combat
Ballistics Combat - Co-ordination + Combat
Senses - Awareness + Senses
Talking to them - Personality + Social
Movement - Agility + Movement
Resist something - Willpower + Fortitude

3) Some examples of dice rolls and what they mean would be useful. e.g. Bookkeeper said: I think I understand if a player rolls 1+3[cd] and gets 2, 4 and 6 they deal 3 damage + an effect.

4) What are the d6 faces? Are they special dice, or normal d6 with a different symbol for the 6?
From Chris: The dice are 1 pip / explosion (1 damage), 2 pips / explosions (2 damage), 3, 4, 5 number faces, 6 is the N Symbol. This way they can be used as regular dice as well and to track momentum.
MikeM said Oct 07, 2015 06:10:52
How do the dice rolls work? the PDF is laid out to describe things as +[CD] 4. Does this mean we roll 4 combat dice and take the results?

Also is a 6 considered a value of 1 + any abilities to trigger off of it?

What are "Reloads" and when do they refresh?
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bookkeepergames said Oct 07, 2015 06:54:14
Also how does expert x work
Do you gain the momentum only on success, does it allow you to use x momentum on the skill (free so extra dice to another player /+1 damage, or is it only usable to break ties (I assume it is the first)
Also does momentum already obtained count for breaking ties?
JustinAlexander said Oct 07, 2015 07:35:01
@MikeM: +[CD]4 = roll 4 Combat Dice

@bookkeepergames: Good question. You only get bonus Momentum if the check was successful in the first place, but otherwise it works just like normal Momentum (and can even be saved).
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bookkeepergames said Oct 07, 2015 20:34:16
@mikem: reloads give you a bonus 1d20 on attack and cd for damage you can spend up to the burst of a weapon in an attack, there doesn't appear to have a refresh in the quick start see black box pg 15
ChrisBirch said Oct 07, 2015 22:15:22
@MikeM - Reloads, imagine this: you're shooting through clips with each fire action, or blasting off a burst or some carefully placed shots. Every so often you get to the point where you've used up all the ammo within easy reach and have to reach in to your pack, get the clips of the belt on your back etc. Using up a Reload represents using up your easily available ammo. Characters tend to have different amounts of Ammo Reloads. Soldiers tend to have more, expecting more firefights or trouble. A civilian with a gun is likely to have maybe one or less. A cop might have a couple, a soldier several. Reloads do not refresh during this adventure unless you come across a potential source of ammo - such as downed security or Morats (if the character's have taken their weapons)
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AlbertoMosqueraVillarino said Oct 08, 2015 04:10:51
I don't know if it's an error or not, but the hassasin can't communicate with the other players. None of it's two languages are in common with the rest of the characters.

It would be good that the number of reloads available for each weapon to be listed in the weapon itself. like the heavy pistol on the moira.

It'll be sweet to see special names and minor diferences on weapons and equipment from each facction. weapons like combirifle or HMG being like a category of weapon instead of a concrete weapon.

excuse my poor level of english ;)
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bookkeepergames said Oct 08, 2015 06:00:54
Also posted on the Kickstarter without thinking

The current version looks much better, a complete combat example including a reaction (so face to face/opposed roll) damage (using the combat dice) and using momentum ( modify a combat die?) would be nice but I can see you are lacking in space. Also is there a profile for the ambassador? Assumably equipped with a price of voodoo tech to make the assassination attempt not succeed first shot. i don't mind auto failing the assassination but I want pressure to keep her safe on the way to the ship. Also minor grammatical issue with the speculo killer's change for can the last few words read "the attack" instead of "it's next attack" as it sounds like the attack after it's revealed not the attack being made from hiding
OisinO'HigginsBenton said Oct 09, 2015 10:40:02

I too seem to have trouble understanding the 'reload' ability.

So as i understand it thus far it works like this, I'll use the assault pistol as an example that the Bosozoku has.

So the PC makes an attack roll, Two D20's are normally rolled but the player decides to 'reload' for some extra kick.
Looking at the Assault pistol it has 'burst 2' meaning he could reload twice per attack. So the PC ticks off two of the reload boxes out of the six that the Bosozoku has.

So now the PC as four D20's to the attack roll and 1+5CD for damage and much havoc was wrought.

But what happens once the reload boxes are ticked off, its been stipulated that the reloads are at least in game 'Ammo at hand' and that at least for the adventure they do not get to replenish. But does that mean at least mechanically the reload boxes clear at the dm's digression? or will players need to keep a tab of how much Ammo they have brought with them so they could self replenish, eg. take a five min break to rummage though bags and such to restock ammo belts and bandoliers ect?.

But then if there is no ammo counter and the Group assumes for the most part that they are trained enough to know how much ammo to take for the mission so they don't need to count, wouldn't that make the reload feature redundant? and just use the burst rating per attack?. Or to curb the constant bulletstorm that the PC's would become, make they can replenish once per extended rest or equivalent of.

Also just another note, does the reload action have to be against the same target?, So the primary attack is 2d20 plus 1+3cd and then the pc able to choose another target within range and sight for 1d20 plus 1CD damage?

Again not sure if i am missed something or am onto something but still hella keen for the game and having fun thus far.
All the best.
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Nathan.Dowdell said Oct 09, 2015 13:38:36
Characters are assumed to be using their ammo carefully most of the time, so a normal attack costs no Reloads (unless the weapon has the Munitions quality). When attacking, the character may spend one or more Reloads to improve his attack as an alternative to buying extra d20s with Momentum or Heat, but a maximum number of Reloads may be spent equal to the weapon's Burst. Using a Reload isn't a distinct action, so much as a resource that can be used to make an action more effective - because it's a limited resource, it's more effective than just using Heat or Momemtum. You can't split the dice off to different targets, but those extra dice are likely to generate Momentum that could be used to hit secondary targets or make additional attacks.

Once used, spent Reloads are gone - that ammo has been expended. You gain more Reloads by buying them, finding them on enemies, etc - so, as you've said, at GM's discretion. In essence, each Reload represents a portion of the character's total ammunition, and higher Burst weapons can consume that ammunition more quickly.
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Vladimir said Oct 09, 2015 18:31:22
Liked the quickstart document. One of the things I thought was odd is that it looks like melee damage is based solely on the weapon used, without any addition from the characters Brawn. Will it be the same in the complete game, or is it a peculiarity of the quickstart?

Seems strange that a sword swung by a Father Knight (who, I know, is not a slouch in melee) and a Dog Warrior (let's face it, he's at least half as big and burly as the FK) deal the same damage.

Maybe the difference of 2 Brawn is just not significant enough to warrant a damage change? Or maybe FK power armor gives him a bonus not noted in the character sheet?

Also, on the matter of the doggy. Is it considered that he's in his burly dogface form all the time? Will the full game have rules for transforming?
JustinAlexander said Oct 09, 2015 23:10:28
@Vladimir: That's a peculiarity of the Quickstart. The full game will have a system for dealing bonus damage based on attributes.

Re: Doggies. There are are a lot of transhuman, half-human, and non-human character options in the Infinity universe. We're working to cram as many of them into the core rulebook as we possibly can, but we haven't worked out exactly what's going to make the final cut and what's going to get pushed to a supplement. Dogfaces are pretty high on the priority list, though, so they'll probably be in there. And, yes, there'll be rules for transforming. Not really dogfaces if they can't rage out, right? ;)

Re: Reloads. One thing to keep in mind is that reloads aren't an ability, they're a type of equipment. And when they get used up you have to buy new ones. They're also an abstract mechanic for handling ammunition so that you don't have to track every single bullet: Instead, the GM can burn them off as complications or the PC can burn them off by using them (as described on pg. 15 of the QS). You can run out of ammunition only if you trigger a complication and the GM requires a Reload when you don't have one to spend.

Limited equipment options is another peculiarity of the Quickstart. Getting more reloads will make more sense when you've got a whole chapter full of awesome Gear to shop from. For the purposes of the QS adventure, though, PCs could probably resupply through Corporal Yorgos if they have the opportunity. (Although by the time bullets start to fly, they probably won't have time.)
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Vladimir said Oct 09, 2015 23:32:40
Thanks for the answers.

If I'm not mistaken, the rulebook will have optional rules for more classical tactical combat. Will it be using some kind of grid, or will it be just measurements, as per the minis rules?

If this tactical combat option is a thing, will it list effective ranges for the weapons? Though I like the zones, I also like precise information. For example, how far a sniper will set up his position to have the best chance of success, and so on.

Also, I did not have a chance to run the quickstart yet (planning to do it though). Wanted to ask how deadly the game turn out? Can the characters tank damage like crazy, or is every shot a threat (again, as per the war game)? What about NPCs?
Nathan.Dowdell said Oct 10, 2015 12:58:39
If I'm not mistaken, the rulebook will have optional rules for more classical tactical combat. Will it be using some kind of grid, or will it be just measurements, as per the minis rules?

If this tactical combat option is a thing, will it list effective ranges for the weapons? Though I like the zones, I also like precise information. For example, how far a sniper will set up his position to have the best chance of success, and so on.

As with Mutant Chronicles (the previous 2d20 game, and also one tied to a setting where a miniatures wargame already exists), we're wary of leaning into the territory of the miniatures game. The wargame already provides a form of tactical combat beloved by the Infinity community, so an in-depth tactical/miniatures combat ruleset in the RPG would be superfluous - there's already a way of playing out tactical combats in Infinity.

Zones as already used in 2d20 can easily be used for grid-based combat (in essence, the zones are already a form of irregular grid, and they're designed to allow for a decent degree of tactical decision-making, albeit in a somewhat abstract manner.
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AbhishekRay said Oct 10, 2015 13:35:41
There is something I like to know about the damage system. Aren't there supposed to be hit locations? I couldn't find it anywhere in the character sheet. Am I missing something? So I was wondering how the wounds for any particular location is determined? Or does the wound represent a pool which takes hit from all the locations? Also, I wanted to make sure if I understand the rules properly, if you take 5 or more wound, that's a harm right? So after ticking 5 wounds any damage you take (even if it is 1) would count as a harm? Or is it that you have to take 5 or more wounds from a single hit in order to count it as a harm?
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