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Print issues

posted Oct 02, 2015 21:22:15 by Russell Watson
Been trying to upload my copy to Lulu to have it printed and bound and all that happens is that it times out during the upload. Had a friend with much more experience with Lulu try and he has the same problems. He says there is something about the pdf that is preventing things. Anyone got any ideas?
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Russell Watson said Oct 02, 2015 21:55:38
Correction: It is NOT an upload issue but a "conversion" issue. Lulu converts the pdf to something else when they prepare to print and that is where the hang up is.
JaySun said Oct 10, 2015 12:16:10
I am not entirely sure what you are trying to do is legal in the first place.
Nicholas Simpson said Oct 10, 2015 13:11:57

I wondered about that too, but one of the PDF files is literally labeled "print friendly." I know that edge of the empire and the fantasy flight Star Wars games has a big notice under certain pages authorizing them for reproduction. I don't see any kind of notice either way in the core book so this seems like something to ask the devs about.
RussellWatson said Oct 10, 2015 23:01:58
It is completely legal. Lulu is a print on demand service and as long as I am printing this for my own personal use, there is nothing illegal. I OWN the pdf in question, I paid for it, it is watermarked with my name and order number. All Lulu will do is print and bind it in hard or soft cover. Nothing illegal about this at all, in fact it will cost me more, 105 dollars plus shipping, if I have Lulu print it while these guys want me to pay for the book twice, once as a pdf file and again as a hard copy that was supposed to ba available 6 months ago.
JaySun said Oct 11, 2015 22:42:28
I am not arguing printing for personal use. I am arguing that Lulu would allow you to sell copies of that book to others on demand.
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