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posted Sep 22, 2015 08:22:31 by ChristofferLundberg
Hi folks!

We have moved the Mutant Chronicles Character Creator over to its own site. It can now be found at You'll find that the Mishima and Imperial stuff from the source books are implemented. Next up, Capitol :)
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ChristofferLundberg said Feb 16, 2016 06:53:15
Thanks. MC has a complex system. Been working on a similar application for Infinity, and that one was much easier (so far).
ChristofferLundberg said Feb 16, 2016 07:27:19
When creating an Imperial character, the stats for the various 'Clan Special Forces' Iconic careers get replaced by Heretic.

This has now been fixed.

Vestal Iconic career unavailable even if prerequisites met.

This has also been fixed.

Mishima heritage characters cannot get a Brotherhood Apprenticeship.

From what I gather in the Mishima book, this education is not available to them. But, this is where things are confusing. If I choose Mishima as a Heritage, and say Freelancer as my Faction, on what terms do I continue? Do I continue using the Mishima book, or do I continue using the Core Book? I'd say Mishima book, because up until some point in the character's life, he or she was a member of Mishima, at least during the childhood/adolescence. I think that Freelancher, Criminal and Microcorp shouldn't have been factions because they are confusing.

Characters can only join the Brotherhood as an education result (they should be able to join at any career point)

Can you quote the page for this please? Don't have the Brotherhood book in front of me.

Cartel weapons/armour not available to Doomtroopers when selecting their free weapons and armour.

I've actually removed the whole equipment sections from the character creator as they were more work than necessary.

Random bug with signature skills preventing spending of points for Focus above 3 on iconic careers.

I'll keep my eye out for this one, not seen it yet.

Also, the Quick Character application has been removed because it is confusing to users, and I need to think on how I can improve it.
Psyfer said Feb 16, 2016 10:28:02
Re: Joining the Brotherhood, the only faction that cannot join is Cybertronic (though it is rarer for Mishimen to join due to the schism). The joining in later life rules are covered in the quote below. For more on both, see page 96 of the Brotherhood book:

Many people join the Brotherhood during their adult lives, and the
entire population of Lay-Brothers is recruited in this way. Lacking
the long and arduous training of an apprenticeship, and the raw
aptitude to wield the Art, these initiates fill vital roles that do not
require mystical prowess.

At the start of any Career Phase, before rolling or choosing a
career, a character may choose to join the Brotherhood. The
character replaces his Citizen (or Under the Radar) talent with the
Book of Law talent, and the Brother talent (page 249 of the core
book). From that point on, the character is considered to be a
member of the Brotherhood, instead of a member of his original
faction. Characters with a Cybertronic heritage cannot join the
Just another Ghost in the Machine
Psyfer said Feb 16, 2016 10:36:12
Also see page 15 of the Mishima book, under Temple upbringing:

The character was raised not in a school or apprenticed to a master,
but within one of numerous temples devoted to the Seven Sages’
teachings. Such samurai tend to focus far more closely on the virtues
and ideals of existence, as espoused in those teachings, rather
than on the minutia of business. While those raised in a temple are
seldom likely to thrive in the boardroom, they are welcomed in the
courts of many daimyo as warrior-scholars, and many eventually
become Hatamoto.

At the GM’s discretion, Mishiman characters may choose Brotherhood
Apprenticeship (see page 46 of the Mutant Chronicles core book)
if they roll or pick Temple Upbringing. This is most applicable for
Mishimans that come from Mars, as the Brotherhood still has a
significant presence in Lady Mariko’s territories."
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Just another Ghost in the Machine
ChristofferLundberg said Feb 23, 2016 10:15:15
Another update:

- White Mystics now have access to the Art.
- Fixed Martial Artist number of talents depending on rolled difficulty (similar to Heretic).
- Fixed career event re-rolls that had disappeared.
- Added a prompt asking if you want to select Brotherhood Apprenticeship instead of Temple Upbringing or Taught By A Sage.
- You can now join the Brotherhood during the career phases.

Next up: Art for Bauhausers; and more.

Thanks for helping out guys, I really appreciate it!
ChristofferLundberg said Mar 03, 2016 12:24:04
A small update.

- Managed to make a real fillable PDF of the character sheet, which I've replaced the ugly fillable HTML sheet I made.

Just click on "Character Sheet" in the application selection to download the PDF.

- Added Art aspects to Bauhaus careers Etoiles Mortant, Templar and Guardian of the Order of the Staff and Hand.
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Marcin.Skupnik said Mar 04, 2016 15:54:59
Can you look into the Cybertronic adolescent event "32 - Extremely promising"?
It allows to roll twice for the first career, but the second rolled career doesn't advance the chara creation (so only the first can be chosen).

Also the Brotherhood career event "20-21 - A talent for the art" doesn't allow to choose the Mysticism talent.
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MC3 homebrewer. Check the thread!
CA-138 Deathlockdrum - when you want to put a grenade launcher on a grenade launcher, so you can launch grenades when launching grenades.
ChristofferLundberg said Mar 05, 2016 09:18:34
Will do!
ChristofferLundberg said Mar 06, 2016 17:21:49
There, both bugs fixed. Thanks for finding them!
DouglasJessup said Mar 07, 2016 11:32:09
Hi there
Seems the character generator for the 5 lifepoint option is not working
it jumps to the 1st career right away
Also on the end stage where you pick 2 points of attribute increase and increase a 0 expertise or focus skill to 1 it says you have negative points to spend but lets you spend an infinite amount
ChristofferLundberg said Mar 09, 2016 18:53:52
Yeah, solved those two a day or two ago, please try again :)
JakeBernstein said Mar 09, 2016 21:25:18
Acrobatics is getting marked as Signature for every PC I make...that's a bug for sure! :-)
ChristofferLundberg said Mar 11, 2016 07:46:18
Sounds like it, I am on it!
M1sterP1nk said Mar 12, 2016 22:01:44
Hi there,

every time I try to build a character I can not go further then eductaion and got stuck.
When I want to continue with the Event nothing happens. I tried this with Bauhaus, Imperial, and Mishima.
Only Capitol seems to work for me.

edit: just tried capitol a second time and I got also stuck at education.

I use Windows 7 and IE11 (but also tried Firefox and Chrome)
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ChristofferLundberg said Mar 14, 2016 15:09:30
Acrobatics is getting marked as Signature for every PC I make...that's a bug for sure! :-)

Solved this one just now. The Bauhaus Promotion point implementation did not come without quite a few bugs..

As for M1sterP1nk: I cannot recreate this bug. Does anybody else have these problems?
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