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posted Sep 22, 2015 08:22:31 by ChristofferLundberg
Hi folks!

We have moved the Mutant Chronicles Character Creator over to its own site. It can now be found at You'll find that the Mishima and Imperial stuff from the source books are implemented. Next up, Capitol :)
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ChristofferLundberg said Oct 13, 2015 18:33:24
I actually removed those options for the time being. I will re-add them at a later point when they feel more stable.
Shamrock said Oct 13, 2015 22:55:39
Ok, not sure if there is something I should be adding, or not, but on the Quick Character Generator: When I select Capitol and iconic career K-9 handler as the only two inputs, I get nothing. Is there another requirement that I have to select?
Be well,

ChristofferLundberg said Oct 14, 2015 11:00:12
I would suggest selecting more to assure you actually meet the requirements for a K9 Handler.
Nathan.Dowdell said Oct 14, 2015 12:35:24
Just run through a wealthy Capitolian character, and he wasn't getting the reduced Restriction and Cost on Capitol-made items he should have been.
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ChristofferLundberg said Oct 14, 2015 15:57:52
I found a bug there which is not up yet :)
ChristofferLundberg said Oct 15, 2015 05:46:05
New update:

- Added GM Companion, containing references and aids for typical GM stuff. Let me know if something vital is missing.
ChristofferLundberg said Oct 15, 2015 13:14:37
Another update:

- Added NPC Dashboard where GMs can keep track of their NPC wounds. Select from a list of pre-defined NPCs, or create a custom NPC.
- Fixed the Acquisition bug Nathan mentioned.
- Fixed some other bugs.
RobertAronsson said Oct 19, 2015 13:25:15
Hi again Christoffer. Here's some more issues I've found:

1. When I did a normal character earlier today (5 LP variant), I noticed that I got the option to pick a career event, even though I didn't check the "Allow Event Picking"-box at the start (At Education step). If Event picking isn't allowed (box checked), I suggest that this option shouldn't be choosable at all, to prevent accidental usage of this option.

2. I found that the second Career Event doesn't allow for a reroll, even though I have Life Points left.

3. When using the optional Point Buy system, it shouldn't be possible to go through steps without paying, i.e. no randomized events at all. I base this understanding on the text on p.35 about Point Buy System in Printer-friendly Core Rules:

***/... This should be
an all or nothing change – all players either generate
characters randomly or use Point Buy. .../***

Thus, all steps during Point Buy Character Creation that has an option where the player CAN pay Life Points to choose something instead of rolling SHOULD cost Life Points. When I make a Point Buy Character now, it is possible for me to simply let the generator randomly pick a Faction Event, without having to pay the Life Point cost, which goes against the above "all or nothing" core rule statement according Point Buy.

4. It is also not possible for me to pick a Faction Event, even though I've checked the "Allow Event Picking" box at the start of character generation. It is chosen randomly by the generator. I am given the option to reroll it, but not to choose faction event.

That's all for this time. Hope you're able to re-create these quirks.

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ChristofferLundberg said Oct 19, 2015 18:49:50
I interpreted the rules otherwise. Maybe I'm having a hard time understanding them :) Nowhere did I actually read that you could pick faction events. Only adolescence and career events (with the blessing of the GM). Picking of events is not tied to using the point buy system.

I think we need official clarification on this. For me, it is extremely vague how this works.
RobertAronsson said Oct 19, 2015 19:03:55
I assume that you're answering question 4 only here?
If so, well, gotta agree with you there. A bit fuzzy, trying to interpreting the rules for sure!

I found another thing when reading through the primary career rules.
There is something called "Extending Careers", where you can extend the time where you've worked in that career without having to do it as another career step. The difference is that you don't get extra benefits by doing this. Every time you choose to extend a career, your age another 1d6+1 years and get to roll/pick another career event (since it is a career event I assume that it should be possible to point buy results here also). It doesn't count against the limit of 2-4 career paths either. Here's the rulebook text:

Extending Careers
With GM approval, you may voluntarily spend 1d6+1 more years
in any career, ***rolling again for a career event for each extension.***
You do not receive any other benefits for extending the career. This
does not count as an ***additional*** career, nor does it limit the number
of careers you may have; it is simply a way to represent older, more
experienced characters who have seen more of what life has to
throw at them.
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ChristofferLundberg said Oct 22, 2015 07:05:15
Yes, I had extended careers but decided to drop them for the time being.

Nathan, can you (or anybody else you think is appropriate) clarify the problems we're discussing here?
ShadowWalker said Oct 25, 2015 17:40:51
I cannot generate Shadow Walker Cultist wih quick character method. Is it because some restriction from Mishima book - as non KS backer I have not access to it yet - or some error within this generator? I use windows 10 with Edge.
ChristofferLundberg said Nov 02, 2015 11:55:49
You probably did not get the requirements to enter the career. I'm thinking of modifying the quick character generator in some way, but I cannot break the rules of character creation. Let me think of something.
ChristofferLundberg said Nov 04, 2015 20:49:58
New update is out.

- Bug fixes.
- Layout fixes.
- Brotherhood stuff.
Nathan.Dowdell said Nov 04, 2015 22:20:04
Couple of minor issues spotted on a run-through with the brotherhood careers - one of the Brotherhood iconics doesn't show a name (can't tell which one without cross-referencing it with the book), and the Disciple primary career (the Brotherhood's equivalent to Unemployed) just sends you to the Unemployed career instead.
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