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Point buy system flawed...

posted Sep 20, 2015 19:45:09 by RobertAronsson
One of my players did a character with the point buy system and discovered that if he took all the most expensive choices he would have to use 13 Life Points to create that character. Thus, the point buy system is unable to give the players "enough to get exactly the role they want with two Career Phases" as is said in the core rule book, page 35.
Below is an excerpt of the text:

If your players have actual roles in mind, and you are happy to
let them choose what they want, then give each player twelve
Life points to use. This will give them enough to get exactly
the role they want with two Career Phases.

Also, it is not possible to guarantee that players who use the Point buy system, who wants their characters to have an iconic career, can get exactly what they want since there isn't a point buy option to allow them to spend Life points to guarantee that they'll get the iconic career they want, despite what the text on page 35 in the Core rule book says (unless the Point buy system allows them to simply choose whichever Iconic career they like, that is).
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RobertAronsson said Sep 23, 2015 09:49:02
I suppose that it wont pose any problems to just add one extra Life Point, but it might be worth putting in in some sort of errata or something.
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