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posted Sep 09, 2015 21:27:44 by AndrewLawton
I bought Achtung! Cthuulhu some time ago as Pdf, Glad I did as I hate splashing out on expensive books only to find their historical context is to be frank rubbish.

Its not the setting or game I love that, its the totally botched stat tables for the vehicles with so much wrong had they been a paperbook I would have ripped the pages out and burned them.

the armour stats for example are totally out Tiger 2 has 65 front armour 120 top! The tiger 1 Is better wrong!
other tanks have totaly non-sensical armour stats the panzer 4 is given 10 armour?? IT SHOULD be closer to 45 I think.

and don't mention the G-panther with Armour 10! surly if its a Panther its got Panther armour OF 60-35-35-25!.

Its all so broken as to be useless, my suggestion get a book on WWII Afvs and simply count half the armour in MM's as the armour HP that makes more sense.
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