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posted Aug 30, 2015 13:08:03 by Paul Smith
I see from the latest KS update for the Achtung! Cthulhu campaign that you are starting to discuss the new community site. The original description of the Modiphians site was great, with the community generating and voting on new content for each of the systems. Hopefully the new site also replaces the existing forums, providing a new place for everyone to have fun with. Some of the things that I feel would be important to have are:

1) More mods to look after the different sections. There seem to be a lot of posts either in the wrong section, or questions that go unanswered for a very long time that would be very simple for someone in the know to fix.

2) More updates from Modiphius, providing public updates on all of the projects, along with sneak peeks at future books. For example, a number of us have been buying the A!C books since Three Kings and Heroes of the Sea. We are waiting with baited breath for the next part of the Zero Point campaign and keep being told "Soon". We're also waiting with baited breath for more news on Conan, Dust, the A!C skirmish game and the A!C board game. There seems like a lot of projects ticking over that would make good community updates.

3) As a community we need a reason to keep coming back. Regular updates from the company along with more regular feedback and interactions to prevent questions going unanswered will certainly help with that. Another thing that would be good are new plot hooks, equipment, locations or npcs for each of the rpgs released every week or two. They don't have to be massive updates or additions, but a new magical tome for A!C or a new piece of equipment for Infinity would be nice, even if these are sneak peeks from future supplements.

So what do you think would be a good boost to the Modiphius community?
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ChrisBirch said Aug 30, 2015 22:02:18
Thanks Paul agreed we need more regular updates here, the line managers of each main game tend to keep an eye on the relevant pages but we'll be getting more eyes on the other pages too now.

We're restarting the MOdiphius Calling Podcasts as there's so much to talk about, and are thinking of a pdf magazine of some form with updates for all the game systems

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Paul Smith said Sep 06, 2015 17:08:29
Sounds good to me. With so many games now on the books the roadmaps must be really interesting. The magazine also sounds like a great idea. Maybe this could include some articles or ideas from the community that don't quite make the cut to full published items?
ChrisBirch said Sep 06, 2015 18:05:49
Yes we're thinking we'd include a lot of Modiphians content there, which wasn't suitable for an actual publication on it's own - a new creature, etc.
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Paul Smith said Sep 08, 2015 13:06:14
Before I go dumping more ideas in here, are you ok for me (or other people) to do so?
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ChrisBirch said Sep 08, 2015 13:33:01
of course!
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Paul Smith said Sep 08, 2015 14:07:21
Ok, so the first one takes the idea of a Mutant Chronicles timeline that was being discussed a few days ago and extends it a bit.

Without putting up lots of fluff, having living timelines for all of your gaming worlds as part of the site would allow you to effectively create a publications index that would not only help cross sell/promote releases, but would also provide a great resource for GMs looking for an up to date timeline.

For example, if we take the discussed MC one, each event covered in the books/adventures/articles/magazines would be added as a timeline event. Each point is marked with the publication(s) that cover this event you can then link these through to either your shop, or whatever free resources you have on the site. Each time an expansion comes out, community helpers could populate these through a fairly simple web form (Date, Event name, publication, page number) You could even add in key races/factions/planets/countries as additional reference points easily enough to allow for additional cross reference points.

This would allow the users the ability to see the entire timeline, a timeline filtered to products that they own, a timeline featuring factions that they are interested in or even a list of all timeline/faction event in an individual publication. Combine this with a living index of what creatures, vehicles etc. are in each book with page numbers you've created a really good resource for people looking to run a very specific campaign. Running analytics on what filters people put in would also provide you with some data on what might be a good next book ;)

These also help show where new releases fit into the universe and what each brings to the table.

It is potentially a lot of content entry, but the pay-off would hopefully be something used by most GMs as well as players looking for specific information. for the fluff crowd (e.g. me), it will be a goldmine. A bit of a bad example formatting wise, but gives you a vague idea without all the neat filtering that would be possible.
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Paul Smith said Sep 09, 2015 12:24:37
If you're going full-on personalised content for the community site, you could introduce codes into all future publications. This code could unlock access to certain elements that are book specific, such as maps, handouts, faqs, supplemental information and timeline items if you do not want too much stuff being given away for free tha relates to specific books, such as plot points.

Any download purchased through the store would automatically unlock these items for the user

If Users are able to befriend others and say they are in a campaign together, it could be good to allow a Player/GM status on some books. This could visibly identify which campaign books a GM is using to his players and filter out things he may not want the players to see? That could get complicated, but the general theory would be something like

Tim, Joe and Bob are all players in a game run by Tina; they all agree to be in her "group", which gives her some control over what they can/can't see on the site if they choose to view it in "campaign" mode. Tina decides she is running the Mountains of Madness campaign, so marks this as something her group should not see for a while and it auto filters out events from the timeline. Likewise, this could also enable people to see timeline or player related downloads that belong to books Tina owns and is explicitly using in the campaign, even though they don't currently own them themselves.

As they are part of an active A!C campaign, maybe they have a fillable character sheet show up in their sidebar, or at the very least the A!C player assets you have show up in a quick-access slot in their interface.

If the players also own the books, then they should have the ability to view the site as if they are not playing the campaign and see all the information for products they own as well
Paul Smith said Sep 09, 2015 12:25:43
Drat. that was my work G+ account!
Paul Smith said Sep 10, 2015 08:11:07
Interactive Player/GM finder would be useful too; filterable by system. This should be opt in, rather than opt-out
NickRiggs said Sep 16, 2016 07:43:14
It would be good from the main page to show the date of the latest post so we know what's new. Or some Only Show New Posts or similar function.
SteveHanson said Sep 16, 2016 15:44:36
Nick, that would make my job easier
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