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Pay for military characters

posted Jul 29, 2015 17:55:59 by Yuven
I have been reading through the investigators guide looking for how much money military characters get, but I cant for the life of me find any information about it. We have both a US paratrooper Sargeant and a British commando LT, but we dont know how much any other military character than recriuts get.

I have even tried searching for it on google :0
I thank you for any help in this matter
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ChrisBirch said Aug 30, 2015 22:11:34
I'm checking for you will post back soon
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ChrisBirch said Aug 31, 2015 11:30:59
Finding out exactly what soldiers were paid is very tricky indeed, which is why there's not more information in the Investigator's Guide than there is. Believe me, I did look! The other issue we had is the six year time frame (so things changed) and the different services all over the world paying different rates to different recruits depending on where they're from.

We simplified it down in the Investigator's Guide to this little bit in the Pay Day box on 59: "Military pay scales are very different, with the basic British infantryman earning only around fourteen shillings (approximately $3) a week, compared to his American counterpart on £3 10s (approximately $14) or more."

Obviously, officers will get more than that and higher officers can actually be quite well off (certainly in the British Forces, where they're often from titled, wealthy families). One thing you could do is to compare the basic rates of pay mentioned above to the table in that box, then rank the officers above that (so NCOs one category above, commissioned officers at least two categories above and so on).
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Paul Smith said Sep 06, 2015 20:07:40
There was an interesting thread on the BBC History site while back that had an ex serviceman explaining how much he was paid.

"I was in the infantry 1939 - 1941 and then transferred to the RASC as a clerk and because I could type 30 wpm received a pay increase of 25%. In 1944 I went back into the infantry (Devons, seconded as platoon commmander 2/7 Queens in Italy). In 1945 I was appointed, still an infantryman, as Librarian (my civilian job) No. 6 Formation College and received a pay increase of about 20%. It struck me then that the infantry were classed as unskilled labour and were not compensated for having a higher mortality rate than clerks or librarians."

He later went on to say that in 1939 he was paid 2 shillings a day.

There is also this great page of links and information on the different pay scales:

2ndww2.blogspot also has an interesting post and comment thread regarding pay scales during the war: They also have a second post about the Royal Navy Patrol Service earning an extra shilling a day as danger pay.

AllenOwen said Apr 06, 2016 20:54:36
I can tell you that my grandfather told me he was paid a princely sum of $21 a month as a Seaman 2nd class when he joined the Navy in 1936. Which was a little more that the equivalent in the Army made.
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