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Unified Timeline Document

posted Jul 24, 2015 16:18:14 by Matthew Hoeveler
You know what would be really really awesome? A unified timeline document, possibly a site, that updates with new information as the additional books are published...
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ChristofferLundberg said Jul 25, 2015 16:10:22
Yes, been thinking of this as well as a map of sorts, that displays the solar system and how the factions are spread out in the different eras.
Nathan.Dowdell said Jul 26, 2015 10:46:09
I've been tempted to put locations from Luna City onto Google Earth (you can view the moon, and the Luna City map in the rulebook does show the Apollo 11 landing site)... but I really wouldn't know where to begin in terms of the map's scale.

Also, I really don't have the time.
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ChrisBirch said Aug 30, 2015 22:15:59
There will be an overall timeline in one of the books planned later on which unveils a lot more secrets :-)
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ChristofferLundberg said Sep 01, 2015 17:04:06
AWESOME Chris :)

This is one of the features that was lacking in the 1st and 2nd edition, a unified timeline (that made sense).
ChrisBirch said Sep 01, 2015 18:17:41
Well hopefully the new one in the core book goes a long way towards that :-)
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ChristofferLundberg said Sep 04, 2015 06:06:16
Definitely! You guys have done an outstanding job so far.
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