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Zone Expedition questions from our first session

posted Jul 20, 2015 18:54:02 by BrianKorsberg
Our tabletop group held our first M:YO session over the weekend and some questions came up regarding the zone expedition ark project that I wasn't able to find an answer to on the forum.

1. When rolling 2D6 to determine the target zone, is that the maximum distance the people are allowed to travel to a target sector, or is that the exact distance you MUST travel?

2. I assume that undertaking the Zone Expedition project, the target sector doesn't actually become "explored". The people just find what they're looking for any leave. Can someone confirm?

3. The people have to define a ruin or something that they are looking for in the target sector. When determining if the trip is successful, what if the ruin just isn't there to begin with? Is that possibility already baked into the D6 roll already?

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Fenhorn said Jul 20, 2015 19:54:12
1) The 2d6 roll is the number of sectors (in a straight line) into unexplored zone territories from your Starting Sector. The Starting Sector is the sector you pick that is an explored sector next to unexplored territory.

2) Hard one. Since this is a RPG, I (GM) would rule (regarding NPC expeditions) that if it is a sucess, then the sector is counted as explored. I would also mark sector types in those sectors that the expeditions "walked through" (or sneaked through perhaps), but those are not explored. The expedition probably had a stalker, that successfully lead the expedition through. If the expedition is lesser successful (i.e. 5) I would do the same, but instead of the target sector, I would select another sector (in the path chosen) that the expedition interacted with instead.

3) Probably answered in 2 above.

This is what I do regarding NPC expeditions. In any type of failure (anything but a 6), the target sector is still there, unexplored. Might be used later.

Regarding PC expeditions, those are nothing more than common zone crawl, perhaps with a bunch of NPC (usually workers or something), but still a zone crawl. I sometimes make the target sector into a something special. I map out a special ruins, perhaps something underground (a bomb shelter, bunker, etc.), create NPC, more than usual of artefacts and of course the goal (whatever that is, a huge load of grub or whatever the goal was). In other words, like what other games would call, Adventure.
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DerekHand said Jul 21, 2015 05:51:08
3) Not quite sure what you're asking... if the mission is successful the ruin is there, that means it was technically there to begin with since the expedition is basically rolling for the sector like you normally do, but they're doing it beforehand and the ruin is just whatever they determined instead of random. There is no "to begin with" since no sector is anything until the PCs arrive there.
TomasFriaLigan said Jul 26, 2015 19:54:36
Good replies from Fenhorn and Derekhand. Regarding #2 - technically the sectors that the expedition passes through are not explored (unless PCs are part of the expedition) - the PCs need to personally explore a sector for it to count as "explored" for them.
BrianKorsberg said Aug 03, 2015 00:20:30
Thanks for the replies.
Craig Bishell said Jan 10, 2016 07:04:27
How do you determine the size of an expedition without PCs? Seems to be needed for the first result in the table (so you can determine population loss), but I couldn't find the rules to determine.
Fenhorn said Jan 10, 2016 08:55:49
The Swedish rulebook states that an expedition is normally about 10 people. For some reason this little note is not in the English rulebook.
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McBeth said May 31, 2016 03:40:21
I have also a question about the zone expedition project. Can it be chosen at the same time then an another project at the assembly? I asked because in the book, it says that the zone expedition can only be chosen once per session as a project. So I was doubtfull about this.
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