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Play By Post

posted Jul 19, 2015 17:29:11 by Nicholas Simpson
Alright, so we have the finalized core rules. Who wants to have a go at doing a play by post game? I'm thinking the quick start adventure in DTRPG. Anyone want to generate a character and have a go at it? I'll pull the trigger if I get at least 3 players. Please commit to posting at least every other day.
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ChristofferLundberg said Jul 20, 2015 11:37:45
What is DTRPG?
Nathan.Dowdell said Jul 20, 2015 14:11:43
Drive-Thru RPG - it's a webstore where PDFs of RPGs are sold.
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Nicholas Simpson said Jul 20, 2015 17:54:59
So would either of you be up for doing a play by post? ;)
ChristofferLundberg said Jul 21, 2015 09:48:39
Play by post, is that on a forum? I'd be up for any game of MC since my group has proven that we cannot get together for even 2h a week :( But I need to be assured what it means to play by post.
Nicholas Simpson said Jul 21, 2015 11:54:39
Yep, it means play on a forum. I'd make a separate thread for it.
Nathan.Dowdell said Jul 21, 2015 12:02:05
I'm a little too busy at the moment, unfortunately.
Game Development - 2D20 System
System Design - Star Trek Adventures

Rules questions and playtest feedback to
ChristofferLundberg said Jul 21, 2015 18:57:18
Alright, will you GM?
ChristofferLundberg said Sep 09, 2015 08:34:15
Found any more players?
Nicholas Simpson said Sep 12, 2015 00:45:29
Nope. You're the only reply I ever got. : (
JeffSmith said Sep 13, 2015 21:30:58
I'd be down for a pbp game to get some more experience with the system, let me know when you want to start.
Mortagon said Sep 15, 2015 23:27:42
I'm in as well :)
Nicholas Simpson said Sep 16, 2015 03:28:30
Alright, that's 3 people. I'll have something set up for everyone by the end of Friday. I'm going to be running a game using the Straffar Gattan 39 adventure, so please make characters set in that period who could reasonably be working for the Luna PD.
JakeBernstein said Sep 16, 2015 16:23:16
I'd like to join too!
Nicholas Simpson said Sep 16, 2015 16:29:45
Also, if someone REALLY wants to play brotherhood or cybertronic or a doomtrooper or something, I can adjust the adventure. However, when making characters please use the 5 life point generation, no aging rules, and I am disallowing spending a life point to add a third or fourth career unless everyone does it.
Mortagon said Sep 16, 2015 22:01:16
I rolled up a Lunar P.D detective, This is my first character so please tell me if I made any mistakes.

Lt. Valery Kaczynski

Mutant chronicles character

Agility 7
• Acrobatics
• Close combat 1/0; Unarmed combat 1/0
• Stealth 2/0
Awareness 10
• Observation 5/2 (SS); Insight
• Thievery
Coordination 8
• Ranged weapons 3/1; Heavy weapons ; Gunnery
• Pilot ; Space
Intelligence 4
• Education 2/0; Linguistics ; Science
• Mechanics
• Survival 1/0; Vacuum
• Treatment 1/0; Medicine ; Psychotherapy
Mental strength 8
• Willpower 1/0; Mysticism
Personality 5
• Animal handling
• Lifestyle 2/0
• Persuade 5/1 (SS); Command
Physique 12
• Resistance 4/0 (SS)
Strength 12
• Athletics 2/0
Armor/Wounds- Head 1/4, Torso 1/9, Arms 2/6, Legs 1/7, Serious 8, Critical 5 (Armored trenchcoat, Heavy civilian shoulderpads)
Mental health 8
Melee DB 3; Ranged DB 2; Influence 1 (from Charismatic talent)
Talents: Under the radar, Sharp senses, Charismatic, Strong-armed tactics (1), Hardy, Just a scratch (1)
Traits: Under surveillance
Languages: RussoMandarin, Luna Patois
Earnings 3
Assets 0
Equipment: Fast food chain discount card, Basic well-worn clothing some of which is new, A small suburban apartment in a quiet part of town, uniform, heavy civilian shoulder pads x2, faction appropriate handgun (Iron hand autopistol), Pirhana handgun, radio, armored trench coat (couldn't find any stats so I counted it as ballistic nylon clothing), Brass knuckles (spent 3 assets after rolling), Baton (spent 1 asset after rolling), 4 reloads (lost 1 asset after rolling)
Favours: Favor from Whitestar, Senior contact in Whitestar favour, Senior law-enforcement favor, Corporation contact with Whitestar
Chronicle points: 4
Age 38

Creation rolls:

Faction roll 3
Heritage roll 6
Faction event roll 1
A senior contact in Whitestar owes you a favor
Social status roll 7
Working lower class
Environment roll 2
Education roll 1
Grew up on the streets
Adolescent event roll 14
Lost family (Lower social status by 1, gain free roll on career event 25-Helped solve a crime favour with senior member of law enforcement)
Primary career (1 LP)
Beat cop
Career event roll Contact within a corporation roll 6 Whitestar
Iconic career roll (1 LP) rolled a 1, success
Lunar PD detective
Career roll 13
Someone’s been keeping an eye on you, gain trait under surveillance

remaining lifepoints spent on Chronicle points and to gain unarmed combat
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