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Player Companion and GM Companion apps

posted Jul 09, 2015 07:43:03 by ChristofferLundberg
Hi Chroniclers!

I hope you've all had the chance to try out the Character Creator application that I've developed for Mutant Chronicles (if you have any suggestions and/or reports, please do not hesitate to e-mail them to me directly at

Now, I am thinking this application package as three separate applications: Character Creator, Player Companion and GM Companion. But, to avoid having the Player Companion and GM Companion be more than just glorified notepads, I need your suggestions. If you have an idea of how YOU would like a Player and GM Companions to function/look, then please write your suggestions in this thread.

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JakeBernstein said Jul 12, 2015 05:18:42
I guess I need a starting point here: what is your basic vision for the Companion apps? For GMs, something that tracked NPC health is always nice, but one of the things that usually turns me off from these types of apps is the built-in dice rolling. I like rolling my own dice, so if it can at least have a "manual" mode, that'd be great. To avoid it being a glorified notepad, and assuming you have the legal rights to do so, it would be awesome to have it prepopulated with NPCs, monsters, Legion nasties, etc. Looking forward to hearing more!
ChristofferLundberg said Jul 14, 2015 20:43:35
My original vision for the GM Companion was to have it aid the GM in the following:

- Managing Dark Symmetry Points + get a list of possible spends
- Plot Generator (might come in the future)
- Managing NPC Health/Ammo Loads (want a list of NPCs, taken from the Core Book and any coming source books, but that would require a lot of work)

And for the Player Companion: (you load your character into it, after having generate one from the Character Generator)

- Managing Ammo Loads and Health
- Managing Chronicle Points + get a list of possible spends
- Make skills tests and get a list of possible Momentum spends for the skill used
- Make combat rolls (Melee/Ranged, Damage and Hit Location)
- Make Art/Dark Gift rolls (might require a lot of work to incorporate all Bleed Effects etc.)

Skill rolls, however, have proven to become extremely difficult due to many nuances from events and talents, especially after reading the Imperial and Mishima books, so this feature might just be dumb.. i.e. you specify how many dice to roll and it just shows you how many successes you get. But that feels a bit silly in my mind atm... The application kind of loses out doing it that way, making rolling real dice feel better.
JakeBernstein said Jul 16, 2015 04:32:04
Yes, absolutely. I hate virtual dice rollers. I never use them unless necessary. The rest of the features sound great though.
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