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Non-Japanese languages used in Mishima

posted Jul 06, 2015 21:59:17 by Volontius Vortia
I'm reading through the new Mishima sourcebook and I'm trying to identify the languages that are being used other than Japanese and English.

Best I can tell, the Ki Power names for the Tattooed Man School are in Cantonese? That seems appropriate for a Triad martial art. I assume the same for Suritomo's native tongue?

Shinwa/Shenhua is Mandarin, I presume? Are there any others I missed?
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CoalhadaTM said Jul 08, 2015 03:21:25
There's also some Korean, e.g. the "Hwabyeong" adolescent event and a few NPC names.
"Tawra" - also on the adolescent events table - derives from the Indonesian "tawuran".

I think that's about it, though.
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