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Help for New GM and Era specific equipment and character options-official response?

posted Jun 29, 2015 13:52:38 by Abhoth
Hi this my exposure to Mutant Chronicles and when I look through the book I am unsure what gear/equipment belongs to what Era-setting and what character options would be appropriate for pre-dark symmenty all the way up to the latest setting. Would it be possible for the creators to include what other forum users have suggested and have some options to describe how to handle different settings in the game (like the gear bonus is a good one for expert systems built into devices like smart targeting or etc but a greater risk of corruption) but some guidance from the book would be apprecaited is well? Will this make it into the book? (I am unsure what characters are allowed for what era's etc, how gear changes and how to do this as I have zero experience with this game)like maybe the different era symbols on various character options to signify where they exist as options (again suggested by another forumer).

Thank sall
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Nathan.Dowdell said Jun 29, 2015 14:18:05
It's not really something we can add to the book - we're going through finishing the last wave of error corrections and so forth, and then the book's going to print.

Rule of thumb, all gear is appropriate for the Dark Legion era. Unless it otherwise shouldn't exist (it's manufactured by someone who doesn't yet exist, like Cybertronic or the Brotherhood), assume that equivalent items exist in every era, so while a Capitolian Bolter in the Dark Symmetry era may not exist in exactly the same form (the case might look different, it might have a different model number, etc), there'll be something that fulfils the same roll.

Similar can be said for the careers - with the exception of the Brotherhood and Cybertronic careers, and the Doomtrooper, most of the careers - or something equivalent (for example, an alternative Special Forces regiment instead of Blood Berets) - will exist in some form during the earlier era. Whitestar characters exist (on Earth), but they're much rarer away from Earth in the Dark Symmetry era, so they'll require a little more explanation to justify their presence, but they're not impossible.

Basically, most things are era-neutral. This is covered in Chapter 38: Eras of Play.
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