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"faction" weapon picks with heritage backgrounds.

posted Jun 25, 2015 12:50:09 by NiclasBergström
ow since i have not posted nor read everything here this might be answered somewhere and if so i apologise for the spam if not then i thank for any help i can get.

We are running our first mc playtest group with the v4 pdf and we found an well odity during char creation. A char with the background of criminel/chose random corp heritage then that goes into doomtrooper which clearly says "faction weapons", which weapons would those be then ? his heritage ones ? (which seems odd with the criminal heritage) or just cartel arms ones ? or any ?

This is double posted in the playstest section to and any mod can delete whichever if they want to
thank you for any answer, sorry for the spam.
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Nathan.Dowdell said Jun 25, 2015 19:47:24
Ignore the Faction requirement - just pick any two weapons and a single suit of armour (this, amongst other things, allows a Doomtrooper of corporate origins to take a Deathlockdrum)
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