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Which system do you use?

posted Jun 19, 2015 06:55:36 by Paul Smith
I'm contemplating starting a session with some friends. Some of them have roleplayed before, others havn't. I have been contemplating Savage Worlds as the system of choice, but was wondering what you all use as I've not played any of the systems before, let alone run a game with them?

Has anyone tried A!C with CoC 7 and if so, what changes did you need to make?
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avatar said Jul 19, 2015 20:25:42
Not with CoC.

I have played the two adventures that they put out for Trail of Cthulhu. And I have played the FATE version a bit.

I'll admit I was pretty disappointed when they chose not to put out a full Investigators/Keepers Guide for ToC.

DaveThompson said Nov 10, 2015 22:46:34
I am yet to run a game of A!C, but the intention is to use Savage Worlds as I'm more familiar with that system.
BryanGustafson said Nov 11, 2015 20:40:29
I'm using trail of cthulhu for my setting, but i don't know how to convert backgrounds from Achtung! Cthulhu to gumshoe. is their a link for resources on backgrounds and wartime drives or do i have to create the material on my own?
Chris Braun said Nov 25, 2015 00:25:45
We've used Savage Worlds in our first try of Achtung Cthulhu, as we got tired of waiting for CoC 7, and after using it, I think it was a better choice anyway. Achtung is more combat-oriented than CoC games typically are (at least the ones I've played in), which makes it a little less lethal to use Savage Worlds. The quick-and-dirty combat system of SW also propels the action better than I believe CoC would and the SW system makes the PCs a little tougher heroes, which seems necessary.
EbatbuokRafael said Dec 02, 2015 01:24:01
Savage Worlds and I can't wait to see Elder Godlike printed :) I run a game mixing Super-heroes, Time Trave (Quantum leap like, the pcs are travelling in another bodies) and the Cthulhu genre, and I was thinking of World war 2 for several plots.
Achtung ! Cthulhu will do the job. Savage Worlds will make the fun.
Coc isn't pulpy enough...
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