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Viability of a ship-centric party?

posted May 31, 2015 17:30:03 by Matthew Hoeveler
There has not been much information released about the upcoming campaigns, but during character creation, one of my group members brought up an interesting question that I don't know the answer to:

How viable would a group of PCs that are centered around a Ship be? Something akin to the Bebop, the Falcon, or the Serenity?

Essentially, I don't want a player to spend their character creation making a pilot if vehicles (of any kind but specifically spaceships) are peripheral to the storyline? Moreover, the inverse is also true. If the group has nobody with Space, Gunnery or Vaccuum skill, is that likely to be a problem?
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ChristofferLundberg said Jun 06, 2015 17:33:26
I'd say it would be up to the GM to decide wether a ship-centric party would be viable or not. After all, the GM has the final say and can tailor any campaign to suit his or her needs.
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