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Vehicle Crunch/gearhead modifications?

posted May 18, 2015 13:27:10 by Abhoth
From the art work in the vehicle section, ie the rat-rod with two mounted mini-guns I was hoping there would be vehicle customization rules and so on. Looking to do a sort of mad max style game on the plains of Mars. Any options for doing that? IE customization of vehicles etc?
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Matthew Hoeveler said Jun 23, 2015 19:46:23
That's a great idea, fwiw. Sounds like it would fit well in the freelancer guide, or perhaps capitol? Otherwise, you could kit bag something like "adding items to a vehicle you have to pay the cost of the Jeremy, +1 to integrate it for every 3 in the item's cost... Perhaps with some kind of limit based on the encumbrance of the item and the cargo capacity of the vehicle?

Just brainstorming...
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