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RED PIT giving the play test more story.

posted May 05, 2015 18:21:00 by Kjetil_K
Planning on getting my players ready for the play test 14th of May. But I do like to make playtest adventures a bit bigger. The Mutant Chronicle one became extended for about 3 full evenings of gaming.
I am thinking of starting the story 3 days before the revolt. The characters have been captured but the first part I more getting the revolt going before the characters starts them self. Talking to slaves, firing them up and so forth.

Anybody else having suggestiong for making red Pit a bit bigger?
Tea and Madness
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Benn said May 08, 2015 06:25:06
If you wanted to dally in the pit for a while you could always have a subplot about gemstones being squirrelled away by one of the slaves. Perhaps he's swallowed them so he'll need rescued if the players want to get the stones. Perhaps this is all a lie.

You could have reinforcements show up or have the mass uprising lead to the less savory members of the slave pit raiding a nearby village and stirring up trouble.

just a few thoughts off the top of my head.

Everyone's welcome in the pit!

ScottOden said May 10, 2015 02:21:55
A slow build to the day of the revolt could center around factions in the pit, itself. Maybe they're divided along lines of race, with the slaves from Argos squaring off against the native Kothians, and so forth. The players conceive of the idea of a revolt and must then bring each faction to their side, be it through threats, blandishments, promises of wealth, etc. All of this must be done while Nazarus is actively scouring the Pit for signs of an insurrection. And, maybe the players will need to silence possible snitches, or help one of the factions perform a task (such as killing the head of a rival faction). If they have the bulk of the slaves with them, then perhaps the roll to see if they can provoke an uprising is actually a roll to see how many of the slaves keep their courage and their wits about them when the time comes . . .
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