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Career availability during character creation and Eras

posted Apr 16, 2015 10:23:43 by Sebastian Fredenberg

The thread "Equipment for pre Dark Symmetry eruption" lead me to thinking and I had some discussions with my playgroup that I want to bring up.

In general, I hope that you will label the careers to what eras they are available in. Either by using the Era-icons (3 of the apsotle symbols) or having a section related to the eras/careers what is available or not. The timeline could support this as well, so where there are doubts I hope it is clear when certain factions and careers are available as for the timeline.

Then I have a more specific question - is it possible to change faction during character creation as long as there is a good reason and the setting supports it. Some iconic careers will de facto change the faction from your original one to others - brotherhood and cartel careers come to mind so that is supported in the rules.
However - going by the setting it, the freedom brigade iconic career should be available to all - within reason - regardless birth faction. Currently this career has Capitol as a prerequisite, but non capitolians should be able to select this in hope to become a capitolian citizen - so the end effetc will lead to the character swithcing to capitol. Now we are of course free to tailor the system to our liking, and as a GM I would definitly allow a PC to go freedom brigade (if they have a good reason for it) even if they were born Bauhaus for example.

This is of course an exception to the general rule, but probably not the only one. The same question could arise when it comes to entering Cybertronic. So how do people look upon letting the players do faction changes during character generationn (again with good reasons) and how do Modiphius and the system see this?
What we are sort of looking at here is bringing the roleplaying element into the lifepath system as well.

In my group, I have some players that are more adamant in what the rules say and support, whereas I want to focus on the setting. Back to the case of freedom brigade, the rules state that you need to be capitolian born...but going by the description (especially 1st edition capitol sourcebook) anyone should be able to enter.


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ChristofferLundberg said Apr 16, 2015 18:01:38
I cannot but agree to the above points. There should be more division between the different eras, preferrably marked with the icons that they present in the books (which they also wrote were there for this sort of thing). This should apply to iconic careers as well as equipment and settings/environment text.

I totally agree on the Freedom Brigade thing. According to the original text, it is a way for foreigners to enter Capitol. Other era-bound careers include the following:

- Brotherhood. There should technically only be Missionary available during The Fall and up to Durand's divination (which is when the Brotherhood is technically formed).

- Imperial. Not sure about the Blood Berets. They could exist prior to the arrival of the Dark Symmetry, but not be specifically tailored to fight the DL at this point, and then become re-purposed when the DL arrives.

- Mishima. Shadow Walkers.. aren't they supposed to be a cult founded by a Heretic? Should be renamed to Corporate Spy or something similar as they are completely different here compared to the Shadow Walker in the old Mishima sourcebook.

- Capitol. Freedom Brigades as you mentioned.

- Cybertronic. Should not be available until after the First Dark Legion War.

- Whitestar. Should only be available in the first era if, and only if, the adventure takes places on Earth. Otherwise, they are not seen outside of Earth and should not be available (we made an exception here for a character that had a cool concept).

Michael_Romanov said May 27, 2015 21:38:21
The follwing use the old rulebook and sourcebook as source:
The Freedom Brigades the only official and legal way of non-Capitolians could enter Capitol. after they serve in the FB, anyone gets one Capitol share. You are only a Capitolian, if you posses a Capitol share!.
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