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Equipment for pre Dark Symmetry eruption

posted Apr 13, 2015 20:53:48 by ChristofferLundberg
We're about to start out with the Straffargatan and Fall of Von Holle adventures real soon, but I have hit a major snag. Many of the things in the Core Book are aimed at the Second DL War era.. equipment, available iconic careers etc. I had some hopes that there would separation between the different eras in these aspects. How are you guys handling this? Let's just give an example... Some of my players have opted for the Punisher handgun. It would not technically exist when the Dark Symmetry erupts as the Cartel has not been established yet (or am I wrong?), whom are the manufacturers of that weapon. Same goes for most of Whitestar.. are they present in this era, outside of Earth? There is a lot of confusion, and I hope that there will be some form of differentiation in the upcoming revision that would help us tackle the post and pre Dark Symmetry eras (there is an example of an SR-30 rifle with an expert system.. why no stats? instead we get the SR-50, which would not exist in the pre DS era).
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AmazingOnionMan said Apr 14, 2015 13:56:17
I assume the "Dark Symmetry"-campaign will cover this?
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Sebastian Fredenberg said Apr 14, 2015 14:23:26
As we are also starting up now(created characters 2 days ago) I sort of ran into this issue as well :)
Especially since one player created a Brotherhood character. That made me try and get the timeline right and I'm not completely sure. What I thought so far is that the Brothers have preached about the coming darkness for a while - and possibly already the Cartel have been created at the time of the arrival of dark symmetry.
But it is really uncertain and it would be great if equipment and professions had an "era-availability". It exists for Cybertronic so that's fair...but some of the professions should not be available either.
I'm not that worried about equipment - (corresponding versions have likely existed in that era as well) but professions that are connected to the darkness is a bit worse (brotherhood careers, shadow walkers, doomtroopers etc)

As for Whitestar, my understanding is that they are more common in the first era when techonogly is better and space travel more available. I view Earth as more secluded in the second era, based on experience from the previous verions of the RPG and Warzone.

Edit: Now when I think of it...Cartel is created as a consequence of the dark legion war start so it should ot exist when Straffargatan is set, however...the weapons manufacturer(s) responsible for the Punisher and other Cartel weapons could still exist just under a different name. That's how I think about solving that detail :)
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ChristofferLundberg said Apr 14, 2015 18:46:18
@AmazingOnionMan: I surely hope so :)

@sfredenberg: There should definitely be some form of indication on what careers and Equipment is available in what era. For careers, I simply made this setup for my players:

Capitol - Anything goes. Even Freedom Brigades. I cannot remember if they existed in this era.
Imperial - Anything goes.
Mishima - Anything goes.
Bauhaus - Anything goes.
Cybertronic - No, does not exist.
Whitestar - No, VERY rare outside of Earth at this time. Not sure if they have been "discovered" yet.
Cartel - No, does not exist.
Brotherhood - None of the Iconic Careers exist afaik, so I decided not to allow them at this Point.

I agree on the Cartel weapons. They could simply be the Product of a Company that will eventually get bought up. But, the weapons should not really be the same as 700 years in the future (when the 2nd DL War begins, if I remember correctly).
Sebastian Fredenberg said Apr 14, 2015 19:52:35
You might be right about whitestar. I just saw them as more common in the first era, for instance - there has not been any mention of them in warzone resurection. I guess the upcoming timeline chapter will tell :)
As for the others, I believe Blood Berets and Venusian rangers where founded during the venusian crusades and in the Blood Beret case specifically to battle the legion. But there should be other, similar special forces to fill that role.
The Shadow Walkers are a bit wierd to include in the intro adventure as well as a heretic created the cult.
Nathan.Dowdell said Apr 14, 2015 22:26:09
Lack of technological progress between the Dark Symmetry Era and the Second Dark Legion War (about 1300 years) is an assumed part of the setting - after the First Dark Legion War, technology basically stands still because innovation is heavily limited by the risk of corruption.

The Dark Symmetry era covers everything from The Fall (when the Imperials reached Pluto) to the end of the First Dark Legion War. That includes the First Corporate War, Nathaniel Durand's 'Divination' address, the founding of the Brotherhood, the start of First Dark Legion War, the Venusian Crusades (and the death of Cardinal Durand I), and the decades of war against the scattered Dark Legion forces that followed Algeroth's defeat on Venus.

Broadly, aside from specifically Brotherhood and Cybertronic gear, any equipment is permissible in Dark Symmetry era games - feel free to rename them to represent different models. Using the Expert Systems rules can help add a level of technological sophistication to this gear, at a greater risk of corruption.

Characters-wise, no Cybertronic, no Brotherhood. Whitestar exist, but they're more isolated at this stage. Later in the Dark Symmetry era (end of the First Corporate War, and through the First Dark Legion War), the early forms of Mystics and Inquisitors will have come to exist, but the structure of the Brotherhood is still a work-in-progress during the times of the first two Cardinals (Nathaniel Durand and Alexander Toth). Other than Doomtroopers (who come to exist in the latter half of the era anyway), all the careers for the other factions can represent something that exists in some form - corporate special forces, for example. Shadow Walkers in the modern sense won't exist, but the Iconic Career in the rulebook can easily cover a more mundane ninja-spy type rather than the supernaturally-potent ones (the rules don't cover any supernatural abilities at this stage - that'll be in the Mishima book).

Hopefully that'll help - I've summarised my thoughts from the document I wrote last week on the matter. Not sure where it'll end up being published.
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ChristofferLundberg said Apr 15, 2015 07:50:42
Thanks Nathan, some clearance there. I had to go back to the second edition and read the "The story thus far..." chapter again. Indeed, development was halted by the Edicts of Toth, but Before that there is bound have been some advanced equipment. But a timespan of 1200 years and no development (no Mk. XLIV Plasma Carbine, for example) sounds to me a bit strange.

I have done some work this morning on some "old" weapons and gear that existed during The Fall but was mostly destroyed afterwards due to their hazardous nature. They have not been playtested :) (and yes, some are borrowed from Mutant R.Y.M.D)


Grants the wielder one bonus Momentum on their attacks. Can be used to fire independently with a Target Number of 10.

The Dark Symmetry corrupted these kinds of systems with ease, making them either unresponsive or undeciding in which targets were friend or foe. Many soldiers found themselves being fired upon by their own weapons.

Grants the wielder two bonus Momentum on their attacks. Can be used to fire independently with a Target Number of 11.

The Dark Symmetry corrupted these kinds of systems with ease, making them either unresponsive or undeciding in which targets were friend or foe. Many soldiers found themselves being fired upon by their own weapons.

Grants the wielder three bonus Momentum on their attacks. Can be used to fire independently with a Target Number of 12.

The Dark Symmetry corrupted these kinds of systems with ease, making them either unresponsive or undeciding in which targets were friend or foe. Many soldiers found themselves being fired upon by their own weapons.

With each shot, the wielder can select which type of bullets to fire. The types available are mentioned in parenthesis with this quality. The ammo is selected verbally.

Standard bullets - Regular anti-personnel bullets.
Incendiary bullets - Has the Burning 1 and Vicious 1 qualities.
Hi-Explosive bullets - Has the Spread 1 and Vicious 1 quality.
Anti-Armor bullets - Has the Armor Pierceing 1 quality.
Stun bullets - Has the Stun and Knockdown qualities.

The Dark Symmetry's influence on the Selective Ammo system made it mostly unresponsive, causing the weapon to become unusable. Very few cases have been reported where the system chose the wrong kind of ammunition.

The weapon's handle is covered with DNA sensors tuned to the owner's DNA. If another person tries to use the weapon, they will receive an electric shock causing 1+3[DS] with the quality Stun to the arm that grasped it.

DNA locks fell easily to the influence of the Dark Symmetry. The DNA locks always gave a negative reading, causing the owner of the weapon to become shocked. At times, the electric jolt was even stronger (add 1[DS] to damage per DSP spent).

The weapon has a built-in transponder that detects enemies within Close range via thermal sensors. Targets that are detected in this way are reported via wireless link to a satellite (TacSat) orbiting the planet where the strike team is located. Each member of the strike team will then know where the target is located in a Heads-Up Display in their combat helmets, giving them knowledge of enemy positions. A failsafe system in the transponder allows the system to discern between friend and foe (friends are highlighted in blue in the HUD while enemies are red). For this system to work properly, each member of the strike team needs to use both a weapon and a helmet with this quality. And of course, a TacSat satellite.

These kinds of systems wreaked havoc during the rise of the Dark Symmetry. Friends were tagged as foes in the system, causing a lot of casualties due to friendly fire.



Restriction 3
Cost 5

Mostly favored by the ISC and law enforcement.

Range: C
Damage: 1+3[DS]
Mode: Burst
Enc: 5
Size: Unbalanced
Reliability: 1
Qualities: Close Quarters, DNA Lock, Selective Ammo (Standard, Incendiary, Stun)


Mk. XXXVIII Plasma Rifle 'Plasma Predator' - LYON & ATKINSON (IMPERIAL)
Restriction 3
Cost 8

Range: M
Damage: 1+6[DS]
Mode: Burst
Encumberance: 8
Size: Unwieldy
Reliability: 1
Qualities: Ammo (Burning 1, Vicious 1)


Restriction 3
Cost 10

One of the most advanced sniper rifles ever produced, the SR-30 is a combination of craftsmanship and the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. The SR-30 is outfitted with recoil absorbing dampeners, a silencer and flash suppressor that makes it very hard to spot, and an Intuitive Expert System, the '<pending>', which helps the shooter aim. The AI can even fire on its own thanks to advanced target assessment algorithms.

Range: L
Damage: 2+5[DS]
Mode: Semi-Automatic
Encumberance: 8
Size: Unwieldy
Reliability: 0
Qualities: Unforgiving 2, Intuitive Expert System

SR-40 (Prototype) - GREENING, INC. (CAPITOL)
Restriction - (not available outside testing facilities)
Cost -

The latest and greatest when it comes to long range firearms. The SR-40 is a marvel, and adds to the already advanced systems present in its predecessor, the SR-30. It comes with a SilentShot system that makes it completely silent when fired, and the newly developed Selective Ammo system that allows the user to select which kind of bullets to fire with each shot, making it extremely versatile against any kind of enemies. Since the SR-40 is a prototype, it is quite bulky. The Selective Ammo system has not yet been shrunk to a usable size, and the engineers at Greening Inc. are working around the clock to improve this, and other present systems.

Range: L
Damage: Varies with bullets
Mode: Munition
Encumberance: 10
Size: Unwieldy
Reliability: 0
Qualities: Selective Ammo (Standard, AP, Hi-Ex), Intuitive Expert System



Smart Assistant
The Smart Assistant was a revolutionary device created by an independent company called <PENDING>. It houses an Expert System (Basic or Complex). The basic version serves as a simple assistant, allowing the user access to the world wide web, notes, make calls. The complex version includes all of the basic's features, plus more advanced features including reasoning and logic, making it ideal for assisting with prototyping and research. There are variants of the Smart Assistant in all forms and shapes. The latest version even incorporates micro-versions of the same technology that makes hovercars fly, allowing the assistant to fly above the ground. Most Smart Assistants can be charged in sunlight thanks to the solar panel cover. Having a Smart Assistant grants bonus Momentum (1 for Simple, 2 for Complex) on Education, Linguistics and Sciences tests.


Disruptor (Prototype) - Lyon & Atkinson (Imperial)
A Disruptor is attached under the barrel of a weapon and fires a small particle beam at the target, nanoseconds before the weapon fires, thanks to sensors that can sense when the weapon is fired. The particle beam changes the molecular structure of the target's armor, making it less resistant to the weapon fire. Since the particle beam only can change the molecular structure in metals (something the Imperial researchers are trying to remedy), it is only effective against such kinds of armor. Ballistic nylon suits and trenchcoats are not affected by the Disruptor. The Dark Symmetry's effect on the Disruptor system mostly caused it to malfunction, but there have been reports of Disruptors blowing up (causing 2[DS] to a random bodypart with the Spread 1 quality).

Restriction - (not available outside L&A's research labs)
Cost -
Encumberance: +3 (if the weapon is 1H, it becomes Unbalanced)
Effect: Reduce the target's armor in the hit bodypart by 1[DS].
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