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Skill Focus Credits with signature skills of 4 or 5

posted Apr 02, 2015 03:58:41 by Alakhai
How works when one of my players has Focus 4 (-200) or 5 (-250) on a signature skill and want to purchase a new talent, the first one of the tree (200px) or one a step away (200px too). They are free? They are free and they gain 50px if they have Focus 5? :-P

Skill Focus Credits
Focus training with a skill represents a deep, specialised understanding of that skill. Such intense dedication makes it easier for a character to fully explore all the nuances of the skill. The cost to acquire talents is reduced by 50 for each level of focus training a character has.
For example, Mitch Hunter has Willpower Focus 1. Acquiring talents from the Willpower talent tree cost 50 fewer experience points for Mitch Hunter.
Vini, vidi, vici et fuit facilis. Alakhai
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