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About Burning and Incendiary

posted Apr 02, 2015 18:22:57 by Matthew Hoeveler
Continuing from Alkahai's "About ..." series of threads, how does Incendiary X interact with Burning X? My understanding is this:

* An attack from a light flamer is 1+4DSI Incendiary 2
* Assume for this that the 4DSI's roll 1, 2, 3, and 6
* Target takes 4 wounds, and Burning 2, with a duration of 1 round
* the 4 wounds are taken immediately, and Soak applies
* At the end of the round, the target has to deal with the Burning 2 condition
* Burning 2 = roll 2DSI, at a random location, +1 mental damage, no soak. DSIs rolled on this damage roll increase duration of the burning. For the sake of this, lets assume a 1 and a 6, so 1 wound, and +1 duration, so next round, the target takes Burning 2 again (unless they take an action to put out the flames)

That much I understand... what I don't follow is that Burning states that damage done by Burning is itself Incendiary. Does that mean that, in the previous example, the SECOND round, they take Burning 3 because the 1 damage taken at the end of the first round was also incendiary?
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Matthew Hoeveler said Apr 02, 2015 18:39:41
... or is it the case that the Incendiary nature of the damage from Burning X is precisely why DSIs roll in the burning damage increase the duration of the Burning effect - the same way that DSIs from an additional Flamer hit would.
Nathan.Dowdell said Apr 04, 2015 02:10:30
You've got it - the ongoing damage from Burning X, and a new application of Burning X (say, from an Incendiary X weapon) both work the same way, with each DSI prolonging the existing Burning effect by one round. While it's somewhat fiddly to explain it, it saves effort in practice - it means you're only tracking one Burning X status effect on a character, rather than several smaller fires, because additional applications of the effect just extend the duration.
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