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Playtesting all call

posted Mar 24, 2015 08:28:36 by MarcLangworthy
Hi fellow Modiphians, Modiphites or whatever we're called!

I'm currently wrapping up writing for a Mutant Chronicles adventure that will be due for release in the summer. I'd just putting in some finishing touches, but have it pretty much ready for playtesting. Hopefully we have a group or two out there that will be able to assist me by unleashing this their players and reporting back with the good, bad and ugly.

My only requirement is that you are a backer of the Mutant Chronicles kickstarter at a pledge level that entitles you to the core rules.

Please pm me directly if you're interested :)

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Line Developer for Infinity/Mutant Chronicles
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Nicholas Simpson said Mar 24, 2015 13:59:14
How do we PM you? Email, or what?
MarcLangworthy said Mar 24, 2015 18:23:36
My mistake Nicholas, signature updated
Line Developer for Infinity/Mutant Chronicles
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