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About Weapons

posted Mar 20, 2015 15:19:20 by Alakhai
Tonight we will have another game, probably I my group will face a Castigator, with some reduced stats (that 3+DS7 looks too much) from the 'Bestiary for Final Beta ND v1.1.pdf'. I want to put my feelings about the last combat of the last week.

Hand Grenades / Grenades for grenade launchers.

They are VERY VERY VERY expensive, use a grenade is like launch and lost a pistol!! The "normal" frag grenade cost 6, thats like (and more) than most pistols. They are Munition, so you use it and it is lost, each one is a reload itself.

Punisher Sword. It is a clone of the "normal" sword, and it is cheaper and as less encumbrance. Maybe it isand me, but I dont want to see everyone with Pusniher Swords. They should be better (less encumbrance is a good point), but not cheaper than "generic swords".

AG-17 Panzerknacker. Why cost 12? Armour Piercing 1 working AS MUNITION make this weapon the last option for everyone, why waste a Relead for an effect that is only activated with lucky, it is better the normal momentum. I suggest to make the Quality Armour Piercing 1(not Ammo!) like in the Bolter.

Plasma Intruder/Carbine, they only "burn" when you 'let it rip' use reload? What do you shoot normally? It is strange, if they are too much owerpowered without the Ammo Quality, reduce their basic damage.
Vini, vidi, vici et fuit facilis. Alakhai
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JakeBernstein said Mar 21, 2015 04:16:45
IMO, these are all results of the abstract reload system, which may be "simple" but also makes no sense when you try to consider what's happening in the game world. The cost of grenades is probably too high, but at least that's not the result of an issue with the ammo system.

The Punisher short sword should be Armor Piercing 1 (if not 2) and be a bit MORE expensive than a normal sword, not less.

I have no intention of using the current rules for Let Rip and Ammo (Quality), and if you want to see some house rules, see your other thread.
Nicholas Simpson said Mar 21, 2015 23:04:34
Also,make sure to email these comments to modiphius.
Alakhai said Mar 21, 2015 23:20:07
I think they only read about typos, they consider the game finished.

Anyway what mail? I have only writed them about typos in the 'Contact' zone of this page.
Vini, vidi, vici et fuit facilis. Alakhai
Nicholas Simpson said Mar 21, 2015 23:43:44
I've sent them tons of feedback through the contacts page. It's up to them whether they take it or not, but it worth letting them know.
Nathan.Dowdell said Mar 29, 2015 17:17:48
We can take on board feedback other than typos, but with the limitation that we can't do anything that would require significant changes to the layout (tweaks, not sweeping edits). I've gone through a lot of feedback and made suggestions for implementing it; what gets implemented is beyond my immediate control.
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