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Vehicle Ramming Speed action

posted Mar 01, 2015 18:23:32 by JoshuaKlug
I'll be including this in my proofreading items, but thought it might be helpful to toss out here for others to provide input. In its present form, I think that the Ramming Speed action is too simplistic. I agree it is nice for keeping the game going, but it lends itself a little bit too much to a lack of realism. My biggest concern was that velocity was completely taken out of the equation. My proposal follows.

The difficulty should be based on the number of zones traveled for this action. D1 for close, D2 for medium, D3 for long. The purpose behind this is that timing at longer distances becomes more important when ramming a moving target, and the increased difficulty for distance should be sufficient to account for this and most normal obstacles.

Assuming that Impact Damage represents the mass of the vehicle, the damage should also vary based on speed traveled (2 * mass * velocity / time). A way to implement this without getting to complicated would be to modify the impact damage value, not result, by a multiplier equal to the base difficulty level of the action. The object being struck would also receive a multiplier equal to the number of zones it traveled in its previous move. This multiplier would be to the target’s impact damage unless the target was traveling in the same general direction as the attacker, in which case, the target’s soak would get the multiplier.

Finally, if struck while in a moving vehicle and damage was sustained, the target would need to make a Pilot test at the beginning of their next turn as a restricted action at a difficulty equal to the Ramming Speed action taken against it, or lose control of the vehicle.

For example, a used car pilot choses the Ramming Speed action to collide with another vehicle traveling parallel to the used car. The used car moves into Reach of the target vehicle which was at Long range. The difficulty for the action is D3, and the used car’s impact damage becomes 6+6T (2+2T*3). Because the target was traveling in the same direction, and its last move was a Standard Motion into an adjacent zone (medium range), the target vehicle’s soak is doubled. If the target's vehicle takes any damage from the Ramming Speed action, the pilot of the target vehicle would need to make a D3 Pilot test (same as the Ramming Speed action) as a restricted action at the beginning of their next turn or suffer the Out of Control repercussion.
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