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Questions About The Game

posted Feb 19, 2015 12:13:34 by ChrisBirch
Ask the team questions about the game or the Kickstarter
Founder & Publisher
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DavidEstall said Feb 19, 2015 18:48:58
Hi Chris,

I have a question, not so much about the game but more about ITV. You mentioned on the Dice & Slice video that you have to get ITV's approval on the artwork, which makes sense, but I was wondering if they have had any input into the overall design?

ChrisBirch said Feb 20, 2015 11:18:12
@David hi there, no they don't have input on the mechanics - they have to be happy that it represents the theme of Thunderbirds of course but when we showed them the game they were very happy.
Founder & Publisher
DavidEstall said Feb 20, 2015 11:38:31
Thanks Chris. Do you think there's a chance the game could make it into the toy store chains? It would be fantastic to see a hobby game on a shelf in somewhere like Toys'R'Us.
W3bOfDeath said Feb 20, 2015 11:50:02
Hey guys a have a couple of questions:

I hope this isn't a stupid question (I have fruitlessly searched for an answer for a few minutes)
When is the game set to be released?

My second question is which extra features proposed in the kickstarter made it into the game? Will we see F.A.B 1 and figures for Lady P and Parker?

Thank you!

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W3bOfDeath said Feb 24, 2015 10:24:45
Okay so I didn't know the kickstarter hadn't happened yet.

ZarinaModiphius said May 06, 2015 14:27:20
In answer to the Toys'R'Us question, due to the number of small figures in the game it may be too expensive to market in the large toy store chains but we think there that smaller toy stores may carry it. We will keep you updated on that progress as it comes.

You will see all the Tracey brothers and Lady Penelope. You will indeed see F.A.B 1 and Parker will be in the first expansion along with F.A.B 2!

PaulDobie said Jun 06, 2015 01:15:21
Can I ask, is there a reason for the lack of full character playability, it seems funny to me that a game based on five central characters and six playable characters doesn't allow all 5 characters to be played by 5 people
ChrisBirch said Jun 07, 2015 00:50:26
@PaulDobie - it's a mixture of game balance and design. 5 players and more in co-op mode will mean that it can take too long for your turn to come around in order to successfully take on missions - this can cause real problems and isn't so much fun for players as they rarely get to see a mission through. Though the game plays quickly, the design team also felt there would be too much downtime between turns for 5 or more players.
PaulDobie said Jun 07, 2015 02:39:50
@ChrisBirch Fair enough, makes sense, really excited for the game anyway. My friends and I are organising a big game night, we've got our characters selected and everything
Jim said Jan 27, 2016 03:52:16
@DavidEstall - Amazon does carry the game, and while I don't know about the distributors, but hobby game stores can order it through Southern Hobby Supply.
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