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Mutant Year Zero as a con game

posted Feb 04, 2015 22:59:42 by ChaoticGM
Hello everyone. I am in the middle of reading the rulebook and I really like it. There is a convention coming up in march where I an slotted for a four hour game I have not decided the system for. And I am pondering Mutant of course. However I struggle a bit because a lot of its uniqueness comes from creating characters together and the links they have. Most of the cool bits wont happen unless you play a few sessions so you can have a project finished etc. Anyone experience running mutant during a con? How did you do it while transporting the unique stuff of MYT? Any tips ? Thanks!
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John Dodd said Feb 18, 2015 21:01:19
It's not hard to build a group of characters that work together as a GM, and to be honest, a con game isn't where you're going to get the things that you need to build up for (although there is some talk of longer games being run at conventions later this year, but more on that in a while), I find that when running it as a con game, either get several gamers to commit to more than one session and build things together or have one prebuilt but really intense session to get people into it.
In the end, it's not about whether you won or lost, but how you played the game...

Tell that to Magic Players...
ChaoticGM said Feb 23, 2015 10:57:50
I will propably run the Water scenario but make characters at the table. It should be quick enough to do, and 4 hours is plenty of time to run it.
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