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Repeating Careers, Chapter 5

posted Jan 20, 2015 07:24:01 by TemoTugunDeGaunza
So I'm making a new character, using the Chapter 5 rules pdf and I get to the Primary Career part. It says that first two career phases are free, either Primary Career phase taken twice or Primary once then Iconic Career once at no extra Life Point Cost. Third and Fourth Career phase are optional and paif for with Life Points.

Okay. Cool.

Then it goes on to say that after completing a Primary Career phase you can either try a different Primary Career, attempt an Iconic Career OR repeat the previous Primary Career.

for repeating the same Primary Career as last phase, this means I get the mandatory skills, elective skills and not the attributes (already done first time took a Primary Career), signature skill choice (again, already done first time did any Primary Career), earnings (unless something made it drop below the prior earnings like an event) or equipment (already received for first time at this repeated career), right? I also get another Career Event roll for the repeated phase too, correct?

This is different to merely Extending a Primary Career which just takes one Career Phase and makes it a further 1d6+1 years longer and adds another Event roll just so the character can be older.

Also, 2nd line of questioning, I can have only one Iconic Career... Do you mean for instance that I could become a Blood Beret Iconic Career and that one Career Phase is it for me, no more Iconic Career phases even if it's the same Blood Beret IC being repeated OR does it mean I can become a Blood Beret, take another repetition of it if I have more Career Phases to spare, earning skills, talents, whatever else, again for another Career Phase, but can't also become some other Iconic Career option like Murders & Acquisitions Agent?
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ChrisBirch said Jan 24, 2015 13:20:55
Hi thanks we're resolving this in the errors reporting
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