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Questions for the designers

posted Jan 15, 2015 12:49:02 by ChrisBirch
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LeeSwift said Apr 30, 2015 17:03:14
Hey guys, I've got another question. Is there any reason why (as a plot thread) I can't cut off the water supply in the Ark?

I've done just that as a threat for the players, and they encountered some Zone Ghouls tapping the pipe that leads to their Ark. The group killed them off, but it was twilight by the time they managed it. An NPC stalker with the group noted that one of the ghouls had escaped and warned them that when night falls, they will be hunted by the ghouls. This meant that the PC's decided to leave the place, with the pipe still being cut off, and now have to retake the place.

What I'm getting at, is that the Zone Ghouls would probably retake the place and try to defend it with a decent sized force. If the group don't manage to re-establish the water supply, is there any overly harsh game effects to this (other than the group having to find their own water)?
ChrisSlater said May 02, 2015 18:19:34
If they don't have water source, they'll need to find a new source or sources. Hard to grow crops with no water, sanitation/health issues become amplified without water, not to mention everybody will be dehydrated... civilization pretty much requires clean water.

See The Last Drop on page 148 of the M:YZ book for a couple ideas like with scarcity, tensions will rise as people horde and try to profit off other people's lack of water... NPC's or PC's might drink from bad sources and require medicine or maybe they become liabilities or just straight up die.

Fun stuff.

I think you've got a cool scenario going with the Zone Ghouls coming back en force. I'd play up the dehydration taking it's toll (and the other effects) as the group waits for the attack. Then make them wait some more, and have the other stuff get worse, tensions start to boil over they have to put a boss or some other agitant down just to keep control. Then when they have their guards down... then the zone ghouls strike.

Have fun!

StéphaneIdczak said May 12, 2015 10:12:23
If you can't cut off the water supply in the Ark, just poison it with anything you want (Rot, cadaver, poison, virus, etc.) !
Or a huge attack from Helldrivers could also damage the water supply !
Sean Casey said May 19, 2015 16:49:34
Okay - this might be in here somewhere, but I'm at a loss to find it, so my apologies!

When dealing with the Jury-Rig ability, 'Scrap' is mentioned, but as far as I can tell it's purely a flavor effect (unless you specifically say something special is needed). So, a gearhead is always assumed to have the materials they need? Or do they need to be in 'the zone'? Or do they have to be carrying some sort of item called 'scrap'?
StéphaneIdczak said May 20, 2015 07:14:38
It depends on the complexity of the jury-rigged device you want to craft.
If it's a simple one, the scrap found in the zone will be enough.
I consider that a Gearhead has always his pockets full of such scrap.
It the device is a bit complicated, the GM can considers that a specific piece of scrap, or even a artifact, is needed.
For exemple it's easy to jury-rig a flamethrower, but you need booze to achieve it.
It's simple to jury-rig a cross-bow, with no special need for any specific piece of scrap.
It's more difficult to jury-rig a boat without logs of wood or plastic canisters, or to jury-rig a hot-air balloon without a large quatity of fabric.

Kostas Sakellariou said May 28, 2015 10:31:29
The M:Y0 system is a very solid system from what i have read so far, i haven't the chance to playtest it yet but i am impressed which is something surprising for me after so many years of playing rpg's. One small gripe i have is that there are no contested rolls apart from combat but its ok with me as it is something that can be houseruled easily anyway (if you want to), the system is excellent as it is.
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Jakub Koprowski said Jun 19, 2015 05:34:28
Social Conflicts:
Stunts: Extra 6 on your roll mean you sow fear or doubt in your opponent’s heart. He suffers one point of doubt (page 88) for every additional 6 you roll over and above the first one. If he is broken by doubt, he does what you want without demanding
a return favor (or getting the option to attack you, in the case of Intimidate).

So with lots of Stunts manipulated target is Broken (p. 96), and can do nothing?:) He must recover from being broken first?
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TomasFriaLigan said Jun 22, 2015 21:20:04
@koperkuba: Youäll find replies to this issue in the thread you created on the Free League forums - have a look there. :)

@Kostas Sakellariou: Glad to hear it, thanks!

@Sean Casey: StéphaneIdczak is exactly right. :)
Ink-E Mystery said Jun 24, 2015 01:20:47

First question.
Regarding skills. It says you can attempt any skill, even if you don't have a skill level in it, which I would assume a 1D6 roll, however when a player decides to have a 1 in a particular skill, they would still roll only a 1d6, so whats the point applying 1 to any skill if you can simply roll 1 anyway on an unskilled check?
I understand "specialty" skills require at least 1 point applied to them to use them, but all the generic skills still allow their use without a point applied. Am I missing something?

Second question.
Weapons on the character sheets have their own section to be listed, thus not being written in the "gear" section, does this mean a weapon(s) doesn't count against gear space?

Third question.
Big dreams, do they get listed in notes?

Thanks for your time and response.
DerekHand said Jun 24, 2015 03:47:32
Page 44, where it talks about unskilled checks, "You can always roll for a skill, even if your skill
level is zero – just roll Base Dice for the attribute, plus any Gear Dice." So you roll, you just don't get any skill dice.

Since Weapons specifically have weights associated with them I assume they'll be listed on your sheet twice: Once on the Gear list and once in the specific Weapon area.

There's a spot for "Big Dream" in the Relationships area of the sheet on the first page.
TomasFriaLigan said Jun 25, 2015 19:11:05
@Ink-E Mystery. Good answers from DerekHand. When rolling skill checks, you always roll Base Dice (equal to your attribute stat) and Skill Dice (equal to your skill level). If you don't have the skill at all, you only roll the Base Dice.
DeanLockley said Jun 27, 2015 12:24:06
1. when you fight or shoot there is a stunt ''your opponent falls to the ground or is pushed back, for example through a doorway or over a cliff''. I understand this from a roleplaying point of view, but for example if the enemy is out in the open and you just knock them to the ground prone, does this have a mechanical advantage? do they need to spend a maneuver to stand up? do you get + advantages when attacking them on the ground? seems strange to spend a stunt on this when they can just stand back up for free and have no disadvantages when on the floor.

2. page 182 zone spider has no agility attribute. However they have a move skill of 2. page 176 under monsters explains that monsters without agility cannot suffer fatigue. it also explains that if they lack the attribute that a skill is based on they cannot roll for that skill at all. wondered if the move skill was added by mistake or maybe they are supposed to have an agility attribute? seems odd to have a skill stat when i cannot be rolled for?.
MonsterZero said Jun 27, 2015 16:24:08
1. This seems to be mainly a situational stunt. It would cost them a maneuver to get up imo. I'd definitely apply a modifier to any defensive rolls for a prone character. Wouldn't let them run away until the turn after they get off the ground. Ooo, there ya go. Stop someone from fleeing.
Otherwise, this is a great stunt for dramatic effect.
"And what rough beast,
It's hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born? "
MonsterZero said Jun 27, 2015 16:46:13
Getting a 404 message for the link to blank maps, is there an alternate link?
"And what rough beast,
It's hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born? "
DerekHand said Jul 02, 2015 13:39:12
So I was looking up Aiming and saw that it gives you a +1 modification, and that ranges give you modifications as well... Are these Extra Dice or an extra successes? If it says somewhere I'm missing it.
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