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Questions for the designers

posted Jan 15, 2015 12:49:02 by ChrisBirch
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BryanGustafson said Jan 16, 2015 02:14:54
so I'd like to use Mutant: Year Zero for a kind of "zombies are everywhere" type game. are there going to be any future books that address that kind of apocalyptic scenario?
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TomasFriaLigan said Jan 17, 2015 11:34:08

There is no expansion planned for zombies as such, although the Zone Ghouls surely have some zombie-like qualities - with a twist! :)
BryanGustafson said Jan 17, 2015 14:13:48
So if Zone Ghouls are basically Mutant: Year Zero's zombie equivalence, is there a chance to get a supplement with more info on them? And would it be in a zone book or the major humans book?
BryanGustafson said Jan 17, 2015 14:27:46
I could also use some helpful resources on designing letter-number grid maps because I'm designing new 3 zones in the USA.
Jason Durall said Jan 18, 2015 11:39:31
(I've crossposted this to the thread on

I'm missing something about the effects of permanent Rot on a mutant.

So mutants get Rot through various means (environment, pushing powers, etc.). They can lose them through rest and decontamination (bathing, etc.). Whenever mutants are going to lose temporary Rot points, roll to see if they instead become permanent.

There are 10 checkboxes for Rot points. I imagine that the permanent ones are filled up permanently, and the temp ones are erased when they're lost.

What happens to a mutant with 10 permanent Rot points? Aside from breaking the "Rot Eater" ability, it seems like there's no mechanical down-side. Does the mutant become a potential source of Rot for others? Do they die? Are they somehow weakened?

I've pored through the book several times (and done keyword searches in the .pdf) and can't find anything on the subject.
TomasFriaLigan said Jan 18, 2015 17:32:51
@jasondurall: There is no direct effect from having permanent Rot Points, but every time you take a new Rot Point, you must roll one die for every Rot Point that you have (permanent or not). That is - the more permanent Rot Points you have, the greater the risk is that you will suffer damage when taking new Rot Points.
TomasFriaLigan said Jan 18, 2015 17:37:52
@BryanGustafson: There is quite a bit on information about the Zone Ghouls in the core book, both in Chapter 13 (pages 175-176) and in Chapter 15 (The Special Zone Sector "For a Mouthful of Water", starting page 201).

Regarding maps: In the Zone map collection available from download from the Year Zero website here, there are also two versions of empty Zone maps that you can use as a template for your own creations. Here's the link:
Jason Durall said Jan 19, 2015 05:03:25
So it's possible to gain Rot points (permanent or temporary) beyond the 10 allowed on the character sheet?

That may be the source of my confusion. I had assumed that at 10 permanent Rot points, the character was "full" and couldn't earn any more.
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TomasFriaLigan said Jan 19, 2015 08:53:23
@jasondurall: Yes, theoretically there is no upper limit. However, getting more than 10 permanent Rot Points would be extremely rare - the Rot (or something else!) will probably have killed you before getting that far. :)
roastinjones said Jan 19, 2015 11:55:32
Jason - every time you gain a rot point you roll your total rot points as a base die pool with every bio hazard symbol coming up causing a point of trauma. If you've got 10 rot that means you'll probably take 2 trauma every time you are further exposed - your life expectancy just fell below that of a mayfly ;)
BryanGustafson said Jan 19, 2015 15:12:57
To rephrase the zone question i'm trying to find a real grid map to use as an initial template for designing the new zones and i wanted to find one that goes to U30 just like the modiphius zone maps.
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roastinjones said Jan 19, 2015 18:25:24
Bryan - I've got a 20 * 20 grid overlay with indexes as part of a graphics file if that's any good to you ? Its scaled to one square mile on a google earth map zoomed in to 200 yards.
BryanGustafson said Jan 19, 2015 18:48:56
roastinjones - sure. could you send it as a .kml file?
roastinjones said Jan 19, 2015 19:42:53
Bryan - I'm afraid my software is showing its age a little, is a PNG file any use to you ?
BryanGustafson said Jan 19, 2015 20:00:14
sorry can't use .png, i think I'll just look for my own maps.
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