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Questions For Development Team

posted Nov 04, 2014 10:51:13 by ChrisBirch
If you have general questions for us please try to ask here and we'll keep the other threads focused where possible. There will be a thread for discussion of the Alpha and Beta tests as we release them.

Please be patient - we have a LOT of Infinity communities we are posting in and answering questions.
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Gideon Ernesto said Oct 31, 2016 20:22:41
I second that: Crucial info.
That's obvious to everyone knowing about Infinity PanO background. That must have slipped past Gutier. He would most definitely agree if you ask him.
1/3 of the Lifeparth rolled PanO Characters will work for the Hexahedron. They need to know where is.
The HSN3 San Pietro description suggests that it is in San Pietro. Furthermore the Dunbar quote in the N3 core book on page 11 pretty much nails it down. It's not 100% but there is really not other place likely. All points to San Pietro.
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