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Questions For Development Team

posted Nov 04, 2014 10:51:13 by ChrisBirch
If you have general questions for us please try to ask here and we'll keep the other threads focused where possible. There will be a thread for discussion of the Alpha and Beta tests as we release them.

Please be patient - we have a LOT of Infinity communities we are posting in and answering questions.
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TimMorton said Nov 04, 2014 23:55:16
I suppose my question would be when can we expect the first playtesting materials to be released? Really excited to get stuck into this!
duck21 said Nov 04, 2014 23:56:33
1) About pre-ordering main rulebook. Will it be possible to pre-order it from local game shops or it has to be done directly? I prefer getting everything from my LGS.

2) Will we be able to play as characters from combined army? Also do all morat and shasvasti work for combined army or it's possible for some individuals to go rogue?

3) Will the rpg character miniatures come with rules for the skirmish game?

Thanks. Got very high hopes for this game.
TheBearIsDriving said Nov 05, 2014 03:43:16
There has been mention that combat is going to be primarily designed on a tabletop/grid basis.

For the non-tabletop/abstract combat, will that option be as robust in terms of character rules and options?

Example: using 13th age (or other d20 clones) as a model you can play a game like 4e or Saga Starwars in an abstract way (ranges; close, short, and long, etc.) but several abilities must be re-imagined or adjusted to account for these changes (Push, pull, slide, etc. all effectively being similar, range variations become less diverse, etc.)

So when converting to the more abstract combat in 2d20, will character options retain a robust feeling?
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RaulPachecoSantander said Nov 05, 2014 08:12:08
Didn't check your system yet, so my apologies if this is a dumb question.

Will be virtues/flaw system? Will be "personality" perks, and also, it will be some kind of insanity system?

There will be some "permanent wounds system" and also, you will try to improve the Cube system in the game, maybe like the one in the Cyberpunk system?

It's been said that Aleph will be playable characters, they will have completely freedom, or will not be able to do some things (like work against Aleph itself).

And for last, it will be "sepsitor" for the EC (I assume they can be the bad guys on some campaigns).

Best Regards.
Sean Schoonmaker said Nov 05, 2014 15:32:11
OK, I have a serious question for the devs:

What will you do to ensure that your system remains simple, accessible, and keeps its action-oriented flavor, even after supplements, sourcebooks, and add ons (such as vehicles or starship rules) eventually appear for the game?
ChrisBirch said Nov 05, 2014 17:45:02
TimMorton - aiming to send out kits end of November if not before for the alpha stage

Duck21 1) Yes you can pre-order through stores, we'll be shipping at the same time, however only pre-orders through our site will get the PDF adventures. These will be later available as a PDF or print book in the spring 2) We're working on that with Corvus 3) No you will have a guide to convert to the skirmish game. If you mean the miniatures being produced that will be for Corvus to decide.

TheBearlsDriving - Actually it's based on abstract zones (for Mutant Chronicles), we will also provide tiles and maps for those who like movement based action and the optional rules for distances and movement.

Raul - Yes you'll have 'Traits' which are optional, if you play them (ie you suffer from your trait) up you'll win a Chronicle Point (that's a Mutant Chronicles term) which you can use to spend to do cool stuff. Yes bad wounds will take time and we may well have long term physical or mental scars. Re Cubes wait and see, they're super expensive remember. Aleph characters - again wait and see we're working on this but it will be fun! Sepsitor - again i'll have to come back on that.

Schoon - our plan is not to keep adding rules but to keep adding storyline and adventures, GM tools etc. You won't need several soucebooks to know all the rules, the core simple rules will be in the core book. Alternative lifepaths with new careers in the supplements yes, new equipment related to that faction yes, but the rules stay the same
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Lone_Pathfinder said Nov 06, 2014 03:17:46
Are you going to consider alien PCs?

Issues to consider: Social environments, public areas in towns and cities.
All players wanting to start as an Anathematic
Fathi_Amirmoez said Nov 06, 2014 03:54:25
If I, personally, were GM'ing for anyone wanting to make a Hungry PC, I'd give them a sharp clock to the head with the corebook.

If they're good enough role players to do a decent job of properly role playing a completely bestial creature, then their talents are being wasted by the limitations that such a role demands.
Pacer said Nov 06, 2014 09:40:52
Do you intend to have character creation rules in the first playtest pack you send out?

Will the first part of the playtest be public or will it be for a closed group?
ChrisBirch said Nov 06, 2014 13:07:43
Lone - We're discussing this with Corvus Belli, most likely Tohaa, but whether you can play Combined Army races is another matter.
- Yes there will be lots of social environments and encounters
Fathi - good answer :-)
Pacer - The first playtest will be closed as we get some key issues sorted out, no lifepath will follow later we'll be just be testing out ammends to the 2d20 system - we'll want to you to do some interactions - combat, social, skill tests etc. Lifepath will come with the development of the fluff which will take longer.
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TheBearIsDriving said Nov 07, 2014 02:22:28
FWIW, I hope at least Shas and Morats are an option. If not, it cuts out CA oriented games, and prevents playing out stories like the Dire Foes, except from the alien side.
We can forgive a man for making a useful thing as long as he does not admire it.
The only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admires it intensely.

All art is quite useless.
AJCarrington said Nov 07, 2014 11:47:31
I think that the initial focus should be on playing the "human" races/cultures. However, a later expansion that would focus on playing the CA would be really interesting. Alien cultures are just takes a lot to "get them right", in my opinion.
ChrisBirch said Nov 09, 2014 12:50:33
Kyrelification - Yes each faction will have benefits to operating within their own territories, perhaps better training or opportunities for some types of careers, access to different types of equipment. Of course yes the less combat orientated careers will be there in spades, alongside the iconic tabletop characters to keep everyone happy.
The PDF's will go out to pre-order customers as soon as they're ready.

TheBearlsDriving - my hope would be to feature other races as in a roleplaying situation there's so much more room for storytelling on both sides, deserters from the other side, etc.

AJCarrington - That's probably the way it go will for the sake of not making the core book enormous.

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Lone_Pathfinder said Nov 10, 2014 00:35:35
175 years in to the future (and with that I mean in the fictional Infinity universe), do we have:

A ) artificial gravity?
B ) FTL propulsion, other that warped space in worm-holes?

Other questions:
i) What access to pedestrians have to portable energy and at what capacity?
ii) What about vehicular transportable energy?
iii) Is Maya-net similar to the virtual web described in Snow Crash?
iv) What are the capacities of lasers?
v) What are the capabilities of space combat - considering the distances involved, why bother?
vi) Is there a sex-bot industry? B)
ChrisBirch said Nov 10, 2014 21:07:48
Lone Pathfinder we'll be able to answer that better late one - off to see the Corvus Belli team next week to discuss a lot in depth about plans for the RPG and background :-)
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