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Introduction - Say Hello!

posted Nov 02, 2014 12:10:00 by ChrisBirch
Please say hello and post your favourite faction, what do you play in the Infinity game and where you're from
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AndrewNicholson said Nov 02, 2014 12:37:28

Long time Infinity player,currently living in Hampshire UK, can't wait to get stuck into the core book when it shows up :)

Main faction is CA but i also have PAN O, Nomads,Yu Jingand starting Ariadna too :)

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MarkManlapas said Nov 02, 2014 12:52:20
Started with Nomads, now play Yu Jing, CA, and Haqqislam. Don't ask me to pick a favorite! I can say my favorite lore bits are the discovery of Bourak, the tale of William Wallace, and the Red Auction. Atlanta, Georgia.
AndrewWells said Nov 02, 2014 12:53:56
Hello there! I am a long running Infinity player of many (too many!) factions and also a long running player and GM of many RPGs. Currently living where I pretty much always have, Sheffield in the UK.
ChrisBirch said Nov 02, 2014 12:54:06
I'm in London, UK, playing Yu Jing and Pan O, just got some Ariadna now too, good reason to some more select figures now. :-)
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WilliamBalvanz said Nov 02, 2014 13:00:44
Hello, I am in the upper central United States (Illinois) and while I don't have a regular Infiniry game group currently, I am actively in the process of converting our local game store into a dealer. I am very interested in playing Combined Arms. I am a veteran role player of 30+ years and very experienced in miniatures based games, such as Inquisitor from Games Workshop, so I am very keen on watching the development of not only this franchise, but the IP as a whole.
Sam Wong said Nov 02, 2014 13:06:24
Greetings from down under!

Relatively new to the Infinity universe but I have been a role player for many years. I am thrilled to see a RPG in development as Infinity has an amazing background.

Still learning the game and have yet to settle on a faction.
SpenIyss said Nov 02, 2014 13:11:22

I'm Ed, I've been playing infinity since the end of 2011.

I'm from Leeds, Yorkshire, UK, and a pretty active member of the UK community.

I'm very excited about this project as I love the Infinity fluff and feel that this could bring more people into the Universe CB have created.
KummerWolfe said Nov 02, 2014 13:22:44
Hi, I'm from the Southeastern US ( Alabama ), and I've been playing Infinity for a short time now. I primarily play Ariadna and have just started into Haqqislam. But I've been an RP Gamer for many decades, though lately I GM more than I get to play.

I love the infinity setting, and I'm super excited to see what comes of this project!
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Psyfer said Nov 02, 2014 13:22:48
Hi everyone,

Some of you may remember me from the Infinity Forums, many moons ago. I've been playing Infinity erratically for the last 2 years or so, and I love both the system and the setting. I'm primarially a Pan-O player, but I'm branching out into Nomads.
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AmehBrutnell said Nov 02, 2014 13:31:42
Hello I'm Ameh from Surrey

I play many many RPGs and tabletops, Dark Heresy, VtM, most OwoD, pathfinder, pendragon the list goes on and on

I DM/GM/Storytell alot as well,

Oh I also LARP tresGeek
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tuktuken said Nov 02, 2014 13:41:01

I'm TukTuk, and I'm form Poland.
Army that I play is Yu-Jing, but i really like also Nomads and Aleph.

I'm LARP screenwriter, and also RPG GM for about 10 years.
Taylor said Nov 02, 2014 13:44:45
Long time Combined player - I'm really excited to see what you guys have in store!
AndyAkins said Nov 02, 2014 14:14:08
Been playing Infinity for about 2-3 years, have played Haqqislam, Aleph, and now working on PanO. Been playing RPGs for over 30 years, having started with Traveller and Top Secret, but also Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, D&D, Earthdawn, Hero, Eclipse Phase, and others. For a short period of time I was a freelancer for Steve Jackson Games - providing art for their GURPS:Traveller line and writing GURPS Traveller:Modular Cutter. But these days I'm an IT Professional working on web applications and living the good life in middle Tennessee with my wife and three (although one is away at college) kids...

Really excited about the Infinity RPG - Infinity is by far my favorite miniatures game...
Noirfatale said Nov 02, 2014 14:29:22
Hello! I am from Quebec (Canada) and I play 5 faction: Pano, Aleph, Ariadna, Combine army and Nomad. I love Infinity and role playing games, got enough rpg to rival a store. I am very hopeful and eager to play this game!
MatthewSmiley said Nov 02, 2014 14:35:12
Hello! Long time RPGer from Texas, US. I've been gaming for 20 years. Got my start with White Wolfs older Werewolf:The Apocolypse before transitioning to D&D and Shadowrun. Eventually made the leap to war games and I am currently playing Yu Jing and Military Orders. Trying to convert all of my group to Infinity. Love the rules and the minis, looking forward to expanding my Infinity love to a RPG!
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