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Infomation about the upcoming campaigns

posted Oct 13, 2014 19:40:40 by Matthew Hoeveler
I posted a question about this on the KS page, but I thought perhaps this was a good place to repeatmyself... Essentially I am pitching Mutant Chronicles as our next game once my current group finishes out a 5-year long Pathfinder campaign, and I was hoping to get some basic information about the three (four?) campaigns that are being developed for MC3e. I know that there is one per "time period" but I need more than that to pitch it to my group.

Anyone heard anything about plots, titles, or themes for them yet? I know that one of them is a remake of the Venusian Apocalypse series, but nothing of the others.
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ChrisBirch said Oct 31, 2014 18:50:15
the first 'Dark Symmetry' is set during the first Dark Legion war and is mostly an investigative style campaign in the run up to the final battle during the first war.

The second, 'Dark Legion' is set during the Second Dark Legion War and starts right at the outbreak, it's going to touch on the terrors of the battlefields more, and will be a more powerful campaign.

The third is set during the Dark Eden period, - still part of the second war but much more epic. Can't say too much about it this yet :-)
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