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Question about the art

posted Sep 13, 2014 19:01:14 by Nicholas Simpson
I want to say that so far I really like the art shown for this game in the kickstarter and advertisements. I've seen that a lot of it is pulled from or based on art from the old books. I was able to look through the second edition core book and noticed that the majority of art of women is drawn in a cheesecake fashion with exaggerated anatomy. I know the men have exaggerated anatomy too, but it's not in cheesecake fashion and the men don't have big bulging sexual characteristics damn near poking holes in their clothing.

So I'd like to know if the art for the new book is going to have a better representation of women both in a less objectifying way and in a more badass way. As a note, there's one piece of art from the kickstarter featuring a monster grabbing a woman who is spilling out of her dress which it think is goofy but at least reminiscent of some 50s scifi movie.

So yeah, I'm curious about the art direction for male/female representation.
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ChrisBirch said Oct 04, 2014 17:38:05
We're going for a more modern and balanced use of men and women in the images and introducing other races here and there.
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Nicholas Simpson said Oct 05, 2014 00:48:12
Glad to hear it!
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