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Character Creation - first impressions

posted Aug 02, 2014 20:10:12 by RobertAronsson
Ok, so I sat down with a friend of mine and decided we´d create a character from scratch. Here´s how it turned out.

The creation process:
The character was a Mishima citizen of the lowest status (roll result 1: unemployed underclass with earnings 0) who lived at an orbital location, who probably was just trying to survive from day to day (equipment: survival skill and vacuum suit), when he suddenly got a brotherhood apprenticeship (2 Lifepoints to roll on table C - result: rolled 6. Talk about "from zero to hero"!!!). Ok, so he then rolled his adolescent event 5 fanatic (obsessive - weakness). Despite now being a brotherhood character the rules stated that every character needs a (non-brotherhood) primary career first. A medical careeer, as it turned out (Career event 5 - fired). After that he passed the "Mystic" Brotherhood Iconic career difficulty test (2) with 2 more Life points. After skills and talents are bought (2 "Mystic" career turns without having to roll the difficulty test again, the character is 24 years old, I think), his best skill (Mystisism) is at Expertice 2, focus 1. Two rolls on the general Career Events Table gives "Powerful enemy" and "Big promotion".

Event tables
Ok, as an old v.1 Mutant Chronicles player I feel that the most fun part of the character generation process, IMO the adolescent and careeer event tables, felt a bit dull. Ok, it had two tables, one normal and one strange, which gives 35 possible results, 15 on the normal (+5 that redirects towards the strange event table) and 20 on the strange table, but it still feels as because every character needs to roll on the same career event table, 15 normal results will start to repeat itself too fast. I don´t fancy the idea of two-three players realizing that their characters has alot of similar background events. Also, it felt as if the events leaned too much towards negative effects. I am fully aware that weaknesses and enemies can generate good RP tools for the gamemaster and chronicle points generators, but it also takes away alot of the eagerness of rolling on the tables, hoping for minor boost in attributes, skills or talents. In short: IMO Too few rolls on event tables, too few results and too much negative effects.

Our mystic character still had a ridiculus earning of 1, despite his mystic career. What´s the idea behind this? In v.1 the earnings shifted depending on what career one was in, which feels like a better idea generally. Is there something in the character creation document that I´ve missed?

So, if our character would get the "Fired" event on his brotherhood careers (inquisitor, mystic, mortificator), then what? Is it possible in v.3 to be a former-brotherhood-now-unemployed-regular-citizen in v.3?

Ok, that´s our group's first impressions on character creation in MCRv.3.
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ChrisBirch said Aug 15, 2014 12:41:12
Thanks for the feedback,

Yes the tables for events were very rough, we actually had positive and negative events but decided to combine them at the last minute to simplify things. I'm going to expand them again to provide more variety.

Also we'll be having more specific event tables in each of the Guides to focus them more on each faction.

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KPLangers said Sep 06, 2014 11:23:18
Character creation went very well for our small group. I think the point of any RPG is that you can tailor it to suit. With this in my mind, my two players already had concepts based around the little information I'd given them. Just for info, I played MC in both earlier formats, my players have no clue as to what MC is, nor it's rich setting (perfect for me to corrupt them).

We didn't roll for opening factions, as I'd already asked them to decide. Based on this and allowing both players a little freedom in the skill expertise they received, they started with 4 Life Path points.

Having played the game before, I found character creation reminiscent of previous editions, although more streamlined and up to date with the new 2d20 system. The Life Path points offer a unique element to creation, allowing a player to influence an outcome, although there is the dilemma of holding some back to trade in for Chronicle Points or assets in the final stage.

As players completely new to the MC universe and also the 2d20 system (although experienced gamers), both players stated this was the most fun they'd had at character creation, with the random elements helping to supplement or twist their concepts.

Big thumbs up from a small, experienced group. Very much looking forward to each faction's take on adolescent and career events :) We're all looking forward to trying out the system and immersing ourself in the Dark Symm...uh MC universe
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KPLangers said Sep 11, 2014 19:26:48
Could I request some blank/editable character sheets please Chris?
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ChrisBirch said Oct 04, 2014 17:44:36
here you go - blank one:

form-fillable version!

obviously the older sheets now - we should have full 3rd edition sheets later this month
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