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Mutant Chronicles GM Screen

posted Jul 22, 2014 04:01:54 by Nicholas Simpson
Will there be a playtest/beta review of sorts for the GM Screen? I know that with many GM screens I find there to be a lot of important things missing or unimportant things included. It would be great, once some final rules are set down, to have some input on this. Would it be alright to go ahead and post what seems important from the current beta?
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ChrisBirch said Jul 23, 2014 09:54:01
Yes we'll be showing of the draft before it goes to print don't worry. Sure go ahead and post what you think should be on the screen here!
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Nicholas Simpson said Jul 31, 2014 18:22:02
Stuff to Put on the GM Screen:
Momentum Spends
DSP Spends (For GM and Players)
Chronicle Point Spends
List of Skills with related Attribute and whether it's general or advanced
Hit Locations Table
List of Combat Actions
Rules for Difficult Terrain, Vacuum, Suffocation, Falling
Wound Rules and Critical Table
List of Status Effects
Rules for Disease
Rules for Mental Assaults/Damage
Rules for Healing Physical and Mental
Rules for Corruption
Rules for Acquisition
List of Weapon Qualities
Basic Rules for How to use Dark Gifts/Arts of the Light

Stuff that is not needed:
Lists of weapons (this information is already listed on character sheets or monster stat blocks)
Difficulty Table (1-5 is easy to remember)
Basic Roll Resolution (Roll 2d20 to hit TN, get X number of successes. This is again simple to remember)

General Guidelines:
Anything that has a specific rule and is not frequently used is worth including as a reference.

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