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Beta 5.0 Discussion

posted Feb 28, 2014 18:04:32 by ChrisBirch
Please post comments based on the 5.0 playtest document here thanks!
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Ssatkan said Mar 25, 2014 11:39:24
Hmm, could be a solution to both issues at once...
decim8or said May 07, 2014 02:34:30
5-1-14 Playtest Feedback.

Ran through the 5.0 test module with the group from Embers Design Studios LLC. Had a great time building the spooky\creepy environment within the crumbling tenement, everyone was seriously digging the eerieness of what was happening while the Malignant slowly watched the PC's investigate the building.

Before we even began play, two of our group noticed that the chained action of Aiming created more of a penalty than a benefit. It lowered a chance of success with hardly giving enough benefit. In theory, without aiming, you could get 4 successes on two crit rolls, creating 3 momentum against a D1 challenge. With aiming, the DC goes up one level, so the same roll result only creates 2 momentum. The increase of threat range and success range actually penalizes the shooter!

During play we right away noticed the momentum option of choosing hit location was completely broken. Head was always chosen, which usually lead to an instant kill or maybe it (the Castigator) made it to round 2. The previous rules from 2nd edition where you would roll, then you could change the location by +/- 5 points seemed to work much better at spreading the damage around.

We also found that the PCs had no trouble handing in Dark Symmetry points en masse for the extra attack d20s. Filling my Dark Symmetry pool was of little consequence in comparison to being guaranteed to hit/momentum into choosing hit location/adding damage/rerolling damage. If they were limited to only 1 they would have definetly thought about not adding the point because the payout would not have been worth it.

As the GM I also want to note the layout of the module was a bit confusing. The information was all there but it seemed to be back and forth for what should be the flow of the adventure.

All in all had a great time with the game, hope our feedback helps with improving mechanics and flow!
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